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This article is about a subdivision of the Imperial Senate Guard. You may be looking for the Imperial Sentinels.
Imperial Senate Sentinels
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Jedi Temple, Coruscant[1]

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Rise of the Empire era[1]


Galactic Empire[1]

"The Emperor has decreed a quarantine! Stop and prepare to be detained."
―An Imperial Senate Sentinel to Galen Marek

The Imperial Senate Sentinels were a subdivision of the Imperial Senate Guard who served Emperor Palpatine. They were charged with protecting the Jedi Temple on Coruscant from looters and specially trained to kill Jedi. In 2 BBY, they were encountered by the Sith apprentice Galen Marek.



The Sentinels were a subdivision of the Imperial Senate Guard[2] and dressed similarly to the Royal Guards, but their armor and robes were gray and white rather than red, and their helmets resembled those of late Clone Wars-era Senate Guards. They wielded powerful force pikes that could effectively block a Jedi's lightsaber, which aided them greatly in their work. They had robotic voices[1] and were thought to be cyborgs.[2]


The Sentinels were handpicked by Palpatine to guard the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Once there, they watched over the ruins and protected them from looters and those who sought to plunder the secrets of the Jedi Order. Their true purpose, however, was to wait for any returning Jedi, and those that came would be attacked and killed. In 2 BBY, Darth Vader's Sith apprentice Galen Marek came to the Jedi Temple to further his training, whereupon he was attacked by a number of Imperial Senate Sentinels. Despite putting up a valiant fight, many of the Sentinels were killed in the struggle.[1]

Behind the scenes

The Imperial Senate Sentinels made their first appearance in the second trip to the Jedi Temple in the Playstation 2 and Nintendo Wii versions of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game. In the game, they were only referred to as "Imperial Sentinels," not to be confused with the Imperial Sentinels who guarded Palpatine's Citadel on Byss. They were given a proper name and revealed to be a sect of the Imperial Senate Guard in the 2009 RPG supplement Galaxy at War.


  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game  (PS2, PSP and Wii versions only)


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