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Imperial Senate Guard
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Senate Guard


c. 2 BBY

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The Imperial Senate Guard were high class soldiers within the Galactic Empire. They were the Empire's version of the Senate Guard and were charged with protecting the Imperial Senate.



By 2 BBY, members wore armor identical to the Royal Guard and Shadow Guard, albeit blue in color. They wielded powerful cortosis staffs, similar in function to the Shadow Guards' lightsaber pikes. Though they still functioned as bodyguards (and possibly enforcers) of the Imperial Senators, they chiefly served the Emperor's will, and the probable elimination of the Senate Guard Committee was likely a move made by Palpatine to ensure that the guards would be capable of disposing of traitorus Senators, as well as keeping the opposition in line. Galen Marek would fight many Senate Guards during his part in the formation of the Rebel Alliance. They also were equipped with energy shields to protect them against Force users.


During the search for General Rahm Kota, Marek was discovered by Imperial agents on Cloud City. After fighting through a number of Stormtroopers, he came across at least 13 Imperial Senate Guards which he managed to dispatch.

More Senate Guards appeared on the Death Star I during Marek's mission to rescue Kota and Rebel Alliance founders Bail Organa, Garm Bel Iblis, and Mon Mothma. They fought alongside the Royal Guards and a shadow guard to aid Emperor Palpatine in his fight against Marek. However, all of these guards perished in the fight against Marek.

Starkiller fighting two Imperial Senate Guards on Cloud City.

Their fate following the dissoulution of the Imperial Senate is unknown, wheter they were still kept as guards and dark adepts or merged with the Royal and Shadow Guards.

Behind the scenes

The Imperial Senate Guard does not feature in the PS2 and Wii versions of the game and its role is instead given to the Imperial Senate Sentinel.


  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game  (PS3, X-box and PC versions only)



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