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Final Fantasy XII Enemy
Imperial Pilot
From left: Imperial Pilot, Imperial Gunner, Judge, and Imperial Beastmaster.
Japanese 帝国軍突撃兵
Romaji Teikoku-gun Totsugeki-hei
Bestiary Location The Archadian Empire
LP Awarded 1

The Imperial Pilot is an Imperial Army/Imperial Elite-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII. They can be found in Archadian military complexes throughout the game.


Bestiary Entry

Note: All "Imperial Elite" soldiers share one bestiary entry.

Genus: Archadian Empire
Class: Imperial Elite


Page 1: The Judges

"A special order of knights under the Imperial Archadian Ministry of Law. With the spread of Archadian influence came a rise in crime and regional conflicts. To reduce the amount of time required by the judicial process, a military court was established, this being the origin of the Order of Judges."

Page 2: Imperial Elite

"Name given to a highly trained group of soldiers who have undergone the most rigorous selection procedures to become the pride of the Imperial army. Elites are separated into three divisions by role: gunners, being marksmen trained in the use of rifles; pilots, being combat airship pilots; and beastmasters, being those who train the mighty mastiff dogs that fight alongside Imperial soldiers. Those who make it past the selection process go to the Imperial military school known as the 'Akademy,' there to learn the specialist skills of their allocated division."

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"Lemme describe an Imp pilot for ya, Artoo—lotsa guts wrapped up in a little skill with no brain."
Cade Skywalker to R2-D2

TIE pilots served in the Imperial Navy by piloting the various TIE series starfighters.

At the height of the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Navy had countless Academy graduates and clones at its disposal. During the time of the Imperial Remnant and the reign of a reborn Emperor Palpatine, the Empire was forced to be conservative with the lives of the TIE pilots due to their decreasing numbers, and unmanned TIE/D automated starfighters were used as support craft for living pilots.

They were referred to as "bucketheads" by Rebel pilots, due to their bulky, fully enclosed helmets. Within the Imperial forces they were often referred to as "coffin jockeys", due to the high mortality rate of those manning the vulnerable TIE fighters.[1]



A TIE pilot.

They represented the elite of the Imperial Navy, having undergone grueling physical and psychological conditioning to achieve their ranks. An elite corps, only 10 percent of TIE pilots successfully navigated the intense training and testing of the Imperial Navy. The rest were reassigned throughout the Navy as combat gunners, crewmen, and other personnel.

Drawing from the graduates of Imperial academies, the fleet conditioned their best prospects to be fanatically loyal to the Emperor and willing to sacrifice their lives to complete their assigned missions. To ingrain the concept of placing mission and Empire above self, TIE pilots' names were replaced with identification numbers (such as DS-61-2) and were subjected to continual reminders of their craft's lack of integrated life-support system and combat deflector shields.

TIE pilots on duty were deliberately kept emotionally unstable, in a constant state of insecurity and hunter's anxiety. This was believed to let them fight more efficiently, although it frequently caused trouble in their interpersonal relationships.[2]


A TIE pilot in the cockpit of a TIE/ln starfighter.

To a TIE pilot, the success of a mission eclipsed personal safety and even the safety of fellow wingmen. Imperial tactics and command-control procedures for TIE squadrons were based on the assumption that most of the pilots were new and inexperienced. They were generally not allowed to use a vehicle more than once, though this practice declined as the number of available ships began to decrease[3]. As a result of these early measures they developed little or no attachment to a particular craft as their Rebel counterparts did. This mindset helped to enforce the pilots' view of themselves as a part of the Imperial war machine.

They regarded themselves as expendable and were trained to regard their vehicles as the most expressive instrument of the Galactic Empire. As a result, TIE pilots were loyal and willing to die for Emperor Palpatine. Their primary missions were to attack Rebel and pirate ships, defend space stations, convoys, and planetary garrisons. They were also used to escort TIE/sa Bombers on planetary assaults. Much of a TIE pilot's time was spent in a TIE cockpit on patrol duty.

Uniform and equipment

Close view of TIE pilot life support chest piece.
"You want to survive, you got to think like the Imperial bucketheads."
Rebel pilot Krane

TIE pilots were equipped with black uniforms, a black helmet, and a life support chest piece with breather tubes to provide necessary gases.

The helmet design was reminiscent of stormtrooper armor, with a few notable distinctions. The shell was bulkier, possibly due to reinforced padding or internal pilot-to-ship communications equipment. Additional modifications enabled the pilot to survive in the cockpit's vacuum. Breather tubes extended from the helmet to the front of the chest plate, where controls for the suit's portable life support system were located. The actual supply of oxygen was built into the rectangular back plate of the armor.

Because the odds of surviving a crash were slim, TIE pilots were rarely equipped with emergency rations or supplies. Some carried a personal sidearm for reasons which may have been ceremonial. These did show some use however, when opposing forces would attack TIE pilots before they could take off.

Notable TIE pilots

Notable TIE pilots included Biggs Darklighter, who defected to the Rebel Alliance and 181st Imperial Fighter Group member Baron Soontir Fel, who defected to the New Republic. These men were Academy graduates and officers in the Navy. Another notable pilot was Maarek Stele, who was also a Prophet of the Dark Side. Civé Rashon was one of the rare examples of a woman who had become a TIE pilot and, even rarer, a squadron leader. Lieutenant Commander Villian Dance was a TIE pilot stationed aboard the Death Star I around 0 BBY, he was in command of a squadron designated Alpha Squadron.[3]

Behind the scenes

Biggs Darklighter's transparent face plate on a Rebel mission.

In Star Wars Empire: Darklighter, Biggs is shown wearing TIE pilot gear with a feature the editors point out is not canon: a clear face plate sealing the helmet in addition to the black face plate. Because the black face plate seals off the helmet, an additional clear face plate does not serve any logical purpose for the Empire's pilots.

This was added only so that the artist could identify the characters and allow them to express facial emotions. It is possible that the black face plate could flip up. However, this is unlikely due to the fact that flipping it up while in flight would prove fatal to the pilot.

White Armor

Darth Vader giving orders to a white armored TIE Pilot.

In Star Wars Droids 8: Star Wars According to the Droids, Book III, which recounts the story of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope as witnessed by R2-D2 and C-3PO, TIE pilots are seen wearing white armor that bears a closer resemblance to the armor worn by Snowtroopers.


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Non-canon appearances

  • Star Wars Infinities: A New Hope
  • Tag & Bink Are Dead
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga


Notes and references

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Alliance Pilot
Freelance Pilot
Imperial Pilot



Many claim that the Empire's greatest strength is its ready supply of talented and ruthless pilots. The Imperial Pilot serves the Emperor, battling Rebels, pirates, and others who threaten Imperial rule. An Imperial Pilot is expected to become proficient with the Empire's signature craft: the TIE Fighter. Advanced pilots gain the right to fly TIE variants, including the deadly TIE Interceptor and experimental TIE Aggressor. The Imperial training program requires Imperial Pilots to master proven Imperial Navy tactics and become well-versed in the use of special navi-computer programs that enhance starfighter performance.

Imperial Pilots are devoted to winning the Galactic Civil War. They undertake some of the most dangerous missions in the galaxy and continually exterminate Rebel forces wherever they are found.

Being an Imperial Pilot means dedicating your life to the Imperial Navy. By joining the navy, you are gifted with access to Imperial ships and abilities. Imperial Pilots are expendable in theory and are therefore fitted with slightly less compulsions to bring back their ships in one piece.

A character must be a member of the Galactic Empire faction. Neutral and Rebel-aligned characters cannot become Imperial Pilots.

You will need 12,570,000 Starship Experience to master this profession. However, this number in reality is much lower, as many skill boxes (including the 7.5 million XP Master box) are granted to you for completing missions without regard for XP levels.

Getting Started

In order to become an Imperial Pilot, you must first report to an Imperial Pilot Recruiter. With him you will be asked to join the Emperor's Grand Navy. If accepted you are given a choice of a squadron and you are enrolled as an officer in the Navy.

Which trainer you initially visit determines the Imperial squadron you join. Different squadrons have different missions to accomplish on the way to Ace, though all three squadrons require the same missions for Ace Pilot. The three squadrons, and their initial trainers, are:

To initially sign up for the Imperial Navy you must talk to the recruiter:

  • Commander Landau (-5516,4403) Theed, Naboo
  • You can also speak to Lt. Barn Sinkko or Hakasha Sireen to join the Navy or The Imperial Pilot Coordinator who stands at the steps of the Bestine Capitol Building.

To Master the Imperial Pilot tree you must talk to the Master Trainer:

  • Grand Admiral Niall Declann (-5526, 4618), Theed, Naboo

Starship Certifications

Name Combat Role Granted At Notes
Light TIE Fighter (Training ship) Light Fighter Novice Imperial Navy Pilot Granted by trainer. Equipped with "Prototype" Ship Components. No Booster. Can now be upgraded.
Light TIE Fighter Light Fighter Novice Imperial Navy Pilot n/a
TIE Fighter Fighter Imperial Technology 1 n/a
TIE/In Fighter Medium Fighter Imperial Technology 2 n/a
TIE Interceptor Interceptor Imperial Technology 3 n/a
TIE Bomber Bomber Imperial Technology 3 n/a
Imperial Guard TIE Interceptor Interceptor Imperial Technology 4 Quest Reward
TIE Aggressor Heavy Fighter Imperial Technology 4 The Empire's multi-player ship. Features an aft-mounted turret controlled by a gunner.
TIE Advanced Interceptor Imperial Technology 4 n/a
Eta-2 Actis Interceptor Interceptor Imperial Technology 4 Quest reward
TIE Oppressor Heavy Bomber Imperial Ace Pilot n/a
VT49 Decimator Multipassenger Ship Imperial Ace Pilot This ship has top and bottom turrets and two slots for ordnance. Note: This is the POB ship for Imperials.
YE-4 Gunship Multipassenger Gunship Imperial Ace Pilot Has more turrets than the VT49 (should be 6), but less mass. Note: This is the POB ship awarded to Imperials for completing the Rebel Space Slayer Collection.

Imperial Pilot Commands

As you advance in your chosen profession, you will gain access to special commands that you can execute during combat. All commands are skill based; meaning that the more levels of ability (Pilot Special Tactics skill modifier) the pilot has, the more easily the command can be executed successfully.

With most abilities, there is a period of time that must elapse before the pilot can use another one. This is shorter for simpler commands, and longer for more complicated ones. The tactical training that Imperial pilots receive is second-to-none. As Imperial Pilots advance, they will learn new performance-enhancing commands and gain the ability to call in support craft for aid.

Name Command Description Granted At
Pump Reactor /pumpreactor Pushes the reactor in order to get extra power for speed or systems use. If unsuccessful, the whole ship will shut down. Basic Training
Emergency Weapons /eweapons Shuts down shield regeneration in order to improve capacitor recharge. If unsuccessful, the whole ship will shut down. Imperial Regular
Bomber Strike 1 /bstrike1 Calls NPC ships to attack your current target. Special Forces
Nebula Blast /nblast If issued while in a nebula, triggers an area-effect explosion. Your success level affects how much damage you take yourself. Special Forces
Bomber Strike 2 /bstrike2 Identical to the Bomber Strike 1 command, except the pilot's career growth has granted him access to a larger strike force. Elite TIE Guard
Bomber Strike 3 /bstrike3 Identical to the Bomber Strike 2 command, except the pilot's career growth has granted him access to an even larger strike force. Imperial Ace Pilot

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