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Imperial Commando 2
Publication information

Del Rey


Rise of the Empire era

Preceded by

Imperial Commando: 501st

Imperial Commando 2 is an upcoming novel following Imperial Commando: 501st as a continuation of the Republic Commando series.[1]

Plot summary

In this followup to "Imperial Commando: 501st" the Clone Wars are over, and the Republic commandos now wear the white armor of the stormtroopers in service to the Galactic Empire. But not all those commandos are loyal to the Emperor, turning the fight against the rebels into a war between clone brothers! The newly-fledged Empire is strengthening its foothold on Mandalore, but Kal Skirata's clan of clone deserters and fugitive Jedi face a new threat as an older, more insidious enemy emerges from decades in hiding. The Death Watch is back. The loathed Mandalorian hardliners - the brutal nationalist faction that murdered Jango Fett's parents - are now on the Imperial payroll, threatening to bring civil war to the Mandalore sector. As Clan Skirata prepares to settle old scores, knowing they may lose the battle, Imperial commandos Darman and Niner arrive on a covert mission that will put them on a collision course with their former brothers. Their task: to hunt down and kill eccentric Jedi Master Djinn Altis, an unlikely ally of Clan Skirata. But Darman has plans of his own that he hasn't even revealed to Niner. He's come looking for his son, Kad. The galaxy is a dangerous place for a kid who's half-Force user, half clone, and Darman's set on getting Kad out of the reach of both the Emperor and the last of the Jedi any way he can - even if that means taking on the man he's always called father.[2]

Behind the scenes

The novel was originally to be written by Karen Traviss, who penned the previous novels.[3] However, Traviss withdrew from the project over various issues, including continuity changes introduced by The Clone Wars TV series.[4]

Notes and references

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