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Final Fantasy XII Enemy
Imperial Beastmaster
From left: Imperial Pilot, Imperial Gunner, Judge, and Imperial Beastmaster.
Minimum Stats
Level Evade%
49 6
3,458 999
Power Defense
68 29
M. Pwr M. Def
29 35
Vitality Speed
45 22
1,307 266
Maximum Stats
Level Evade%
50 7
3,698 999
Power Defense
71 29
M. Pwr M. Def
31 36
Vitality Speed
47 24
1,582 448
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - - -
Wind Earth Dark Holy
- - - -
Japanese 帝国軍操獣士
Romaji Teikoku-gun Sōjūshi
Location Sky Fortress Bahamut
Bestiary Location The Archadian Empire
LP Awarded 1
Common Steal Potion
Uncommon Steal Hi-Potion
Rare Steal Ether
Common Drop N/A
Uncommon Drop Phoenix Down
Rare Drop Hi-Potion
Very Rare Drop Reflectga Mote
Monograph Drop {{{Monograph}}}
Canopic Jar Drop {{{Canopic}}}
Common Poach Pebble
Rare Poach Pebble
Attacks Regular attack, Lunge, Wild Charge
Abilities Blindga, Toxify
Innate abilities Piercing Magic, Half MP Cost
Immune to Petrify, Stop, Reverse, Disable, Lure
Other Information Has 50% Protect, Shell

The Imperial Beastmaster is an Imperial Army/Imperial Elite-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII. It can be found in Archadian military complexes.


Bestiary Entry

Note: All "Imperial Elite" soldiers share one bestiary entry.

Genus: Archadian Empire
Class: Imperial Elite


Page 1: The Judges

"A special order of knights under the Imperial Archadian Ministry of Law. With the spread of Archadian influence came a rise in crime and regional conflicts. To reduce the amount of time required by the judicial process, a military court was established, this being the origin of the Order of Judges."

Page 2: Imperial Elite

"Name given to a highly trained group of soldiers who have undergone the most rigorous selection procedures to become the pride of the Imperial army. Elites are separated into three divisions by role: gunners, being marksmen trained in the use of rifles; pilots, being combat airship pilots; and beastmasters, being those who train the mighty mastiff dogs that fight alongside Imperial soldiers. Those who make it past the selection process go to the Imperial military school known as the 'Akademy,' there to learn the specialist skills of their allocated division."

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