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A squad of Imperial Army troopers.

Imperial Army troopers were the standard infantry of the Imperial Army, and the most common soldiers of the Galactic Empire on most subject worlds, aside from stormtroopers. Following the Empire's post-Endor fragmentation, their numbers were maintained by periodic conscription from among subject populations.

The uniforms of these troopers were similar in cut to those of an Imperial Navy Crewman. Battle-dress was for the most part the same, although green fatigues were known to be worn on occasion. Army troopers sometimes wore plasteel combat armor on their upper bodies, which was akin in design to that worn by snowtroopers. Standard armament included blaster rifles and grenades.

Whereas the elite Stormtrooper Corps—which was separate from the Imperial Army—was employed for boarding actions and strategically important attacks, Imperial Army troopers were used to keep the peace on subject worlds, or to take planets that were not strategically important to the Empire. They were also the branch of the military that was usually responsible for operating terrestrial vehicles, such as the AT-AT.

Some participated in an attack against a group of smugglers in the Whistler's Whirlpool on Trogan in 9 ABY.



Imperial Army soldiers were equipped with a blaster rifle and three concussion grenades. Senior troopers were issued blaster pistols. Army trooper helmets were equipped with several anti-flash-blinding lenses, a night vision viewplate, and an attached comlink. Some units were also issued camouflage jackets.



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