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The Imp spell.

Imp (カッパー, Kappā) is a status ailment in the game Final Fantasy VI, which transforms a character into an Imp, a green, furry creature with a pointy nose. The Battle Power of Imped characters is reduced to zero, their base Vigor is used to determine attack damage, and their defense is determined by the character's base as well. Also, Imps cannot use special abilities except for the Imp Spell, which transforms the character back into a human. Imps can also be cured by using a Green Cherry, and the White Cape protects against Imp. There are some monsters who automatically perform critical hits if Imped.

Imped characters can make full use of the Imp Equipment, which increase their stats significantly. These are the only pieces of equipment which give the Imp stat boosts.

Imp can be extremely useful when used on enemies, as it is capable of affecting certain bosses, such as Number 024. As most bosses will not be able to remove the imp status, they are effectively powerless for the entire fight.

The Imp spell can be learned from Cait Sith at a x5 rate, or at a x1 rate from the Tortoise Shield, Saucer, or Reed Cloak. Celes can learn it naturally at level 13.

Game Element Type Effect
Imp Magic Cures or inflicts Imp.
Imp Glare Enemy Attack Inflicts Imp.
Imp Song Enemy Attack Same as Imp.
Imp Touch Enemy Attack Same as Imp.
Pal Maker Enemy Attack Same as Imp.
Tail Enemy Attack Same as Imp. Only used by Poppers.

Other Appearances


Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Imp status card will cancel the effects of all the selected job cards. This can be overrun by the Chemist job card.


The Imp's appearance is most likely inspired by the "kappa", or water demon of Japanese mythology. The Japanese name itself is "Kappa".

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