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Imps are a type of demon added in Final Fantasy XI Treasures of Aht Urhgan. They are notorious for their family-wide True Sight trait, which allows them to find and attack invisible players, as well as for their low Hit points. The latter causes them to be a frequent target for groups at higher levels.


A diminutive species of demon, frequently sighted in the Near East in recent times. Though skilled in the use of elemental and dark magic, these natural-born cowards are not considered a threat when encountered alone. They do, however, carry a horn, from which they produce a deafening noise of a scale completely out of proportion to their tiny bodies, warning their allies and startling enemy forces. In the time of the Great War, Imps were given the roles of scouts and messengers in the Shadow Lord's armies, and are thus well known to veteran soldiers even on the continent of Quon.

Imps are among the few enemy types that can have part of them broken. In the case of Imps a horn which is used in two of their special attacks can be broken under certain conditions, granting them access to the only damaging Weapon skill in their arsenal: Frenetic Rip.



Special Attacks

  • Abrasive Tantara: Area of effect Amnesia.
  • Deafening Tantara: Area of Effect Silence.
  • Frenetic Rip: Three hit attack. Can only be used after the horn is broken. (Can be learned by Blue Mage.)
  • Grating Tantara: Area of effect Amnesia and damage. Only used by Notorious Monsters.
  • Stifiling Tantara: Area of Effect Silence and damage. Only used by Notorious Monsters.

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