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Imp artwork from Final Fantasy II by Yoshitaka Amano

Imps (インプ Inpu) are recurring enemies within the Final Fantasy series. They are usually shown as a winged, pointy-featured creature with a tail. They are usually related to devilish ideas. Imp was the early, original title for the Goblin species, however, all more recent translations keep the two enemies apart. Imps are commonly recolored variations of Gremlins and other times, Gargoyles.




Final Fantasy II

Main article: Imp (Final Fantasy II)

The first appearance of the Imp is in Final Fantasy II. A gray creature with purple wings, he appears in the earlier stages of the game and can be fought near Mysidia and in the Tower of Mysidia. The Pit Fiend is a stronger, fire-based variant. Green with orange wings, it can be fought in Mysidia later in the game after obtaining Ultima and in the Jade Passage.

Final Fantasy IV

Main article: Imp (Final Fantasy IV)

The Imp of Final Fantasy IV, originally titled "Fiend", and later "Mini Satana", was only titled "Imp" in the Nintendo DS release of the game. However, the earlier sprite of the creature copied Final Fantasy II's Imp design but with an orange body and gray-blue wings. Fought in the Feymarch, it is a relatively tough foe. The Gremlin is a difficult creature to find, fought in the Tower of Zot. The variation features a green base with orange wings.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Main article: Imp (The After Years)

The Imp is only encountered in Kain's Challenge Dungeon, and are only moderately difficult to defeat.

Final Fantasy V

Main article: Imp (Final Fantasy V)

The Great Forest of Moore is home to the Imp of Final Fantasy V. With its back to the enemy, peering over its shoulder, the Imp has a purple base and green wings. The Jackanapes, a green and pink variant, can be fought in the basement of Walse Castle and is a tough enemy for the part of the game. The Oiseaurare is a red and purple-winged pallete-swap fought in the Island Shrine.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

An Imp from Crisis Core
Main article: Imp (Crisis Core)

The Imp of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- takes a turn from the usual appearance of the recurring fiend. It is a red, frog-like creature with purple spikes. Its recolors keep similar titles to other recolors from other games, however.

Final Fantasy VIII

Main article: Imp (Final Fantasy VIII)

Final Fantasy VIII uses a modeled version similar to the Imp of Final Fantasy V. The majority of the model is purple in color but red is used at points and yellow is used on its head. Fought various times in the game, although most notably in Esthar City, the Imp starts off using high level elemental spells until it starts to fly once an amount of health has been depleted. Once this has happened, the Imp will cast Quake, Tornado and Meteor instead.

Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Cave Imp

The only type of imp from Final Fantasy IX, the Cave Imp is fought in the Ice Cavern. The blue, dancing enemy wields a knife in its right hand and can put enemies to sleep using its Sleeping Juice ability. This edition has a different look from the other imps of the series and wears a coat and hat. Its eyes are not visible, covered by its hat, and a long tongue falls from its mouth.

Final Fantasy X

Main article: Imp (Final Fantasy X)

The Imp is both a fiend type and a fiend in Final Fantasy X. The four winged Imps are all lightning based except Vidatu of the Monster Arena who casts Ultima and Holy on the party.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Imps of Final Fantasy X-2 have a recurring weakness to the fire element. The exception is the Elder Zurvan, though it is still not immune to the other elements as its brethren are.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Imp (Final Fantasy XI)

Final Fantasy XII

Imp, as seen in the bestiary
Main article: Imp (Final Fantasy XII)

The Imp fiend is a class of Gargoyle in Final Fantasy XII. They can be fought in Sochen Cave Palace, are weak against ice based attacks and use thunder based attacks.

Final Fantasy XIII

Imps are also regular enemies in Final Fantasy XIII. They look like a cross between the Imps in Final Fantasy II and the Goblin enemies (which were formerly named Imps), having bat-like appendages.

Vagrant Story

Imp, as seen in Vagrant Story
Main article: Imp (Vagrant Story)

Imps are gray bat like creatures with red on the inside on their wings and ears, their claws, and their eyes. They can be fought in the Keep and are a stronger variation of the Gargoyle. The Gargoyle is a gray, stone creature with blue eyes; they can be fought in the Undercity.

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