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Final Fantasy

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Immobilize, also known as Don't Move or Bound, is a recurring status effect. This status prevents the affected character from moving, meaning they can be easily targeted by enemies. They can still perform actions though.




Final Fantasy XI

Bound is a status effect that prohibits movement. There are any number of abilities that could result in a player or creature becoming bound, but the most direct manner of getting caught would be the Black Magic spell Bind or a Ranger's Shadowbind. Generally speaking, bind does not prohibit movement for very long, and while the creature cannot move, he can be moved by various effects with knock-back. Even being moved in this manner does not break the status effect, though.

Final Fantasy XII

"The character's feet are rooted to the ground, preventing movement. Remove with a Remedy. (Requires the proper license.)"

Immobilize is a status effect caused by the Time Magick of the same name. While immobilized, a character cannot move, and can only input commands. It requires the Time Magick 1 License in order to be used.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Immobilize is available for the Red Mage and Time Mage Job classes.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Immobilize is a status that can only be inflicted with Balthier's Hamstring ability. The spell Immobilizega is used by Raz and inflicts Immobilize on all foes in range.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Known as Immobilize in the PSP port, and Don't Move in the original version, it is caused by the Time/Space Magic of the same name. It costs 10 MP. It has a speed of 34 and costs 100 JP to learn. Mustadio and Balthier's Leg Shot ability inflicts the status as well.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

This status is called Immobilize in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and lasts until after the afflicted unit has taken three turns. It can be inflicted by an Archer's Aim: Legs, a Ninja's Wood Veil, and an Elementalist's Heavy Dust. Cid can also Immobilize with the Bind A-ability in his Job, Judgemaster.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Aside from the skills in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (with the exception of Bind), Immobilize can also be caused by a Ranger's Mirror Bandage (though it requires a Bandage) and a Geomancer's Life's Embrace.

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City of Heroes

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Immobilize is a Status Effect. An enemy under the affects of an immobilize power is unable to move, but can still attack. Immobilize does not shut off toggle powers.

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