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Who she works for

More discussion about her purpose and allegiances at Bram/Theories.

Pierre Chang

  • We know Pierre didn't die during the incident in 1977 as he was still alive 3 years later for the Dharma videos. We know Pierre is armed with knowledge of the future. We know Dharma does get destroyed on the island. Sometime after 1980 Pierre escapes the island and doesn't die in the purge. He is the one who is assembling Ilana's group. That is why Bram told Miles that he could tell Miles about his father. If Miles had agreed not to go to the island for Widmore he would have been brought to Pierre and probably gone to the island on Ajira 316.

Dharma Initiative

  • Ilana was sent by the off island contingent of Dharma. She asked Frank about a riddle similar to how Kelvin asked Desmond. Ilana represents Dharma...which is in direct opposition to all of the main players: Ben, Charles, Eloise, Richard etc. Dharma, the DeGoots and Alvar Hanso want the island back just as much as Ben & Widmore do. They will factor in next season. Kelvin is proof that Dharma still has operatives after the purge.
    • The off island DHARMA contingent is led by The Economist.
    • Unlikely- the Dharma Initiative has had no known allegiance to Richard or Jacob, and she seems to know/ work for both. Furthermore, the Dharma has always been in direct opposition to the works of Richard and Jacob, so her being asked by Jacob to do a favor, and with references to a previous relationship between Ilana and Jabob suggests that she may be working for an entirely unknown power.
  • Is that "Ja and silent Bob"?

Eloise Hawking

  • Ilana is working for Eloise Hawking as a proxy to replicate Oceanic 815. She is a proxy for either Edward Mars(the Marshal) or Ana Lucia, since she is escorting a prisoner (like the Marshal) and is a female in law enforcement like Ana Lucia.
    • The second criteria was that an additional person, Christian Shepard was to be proxied by the late John Locke. Looking for other correspondances between Ajira and Oceanic passengers seems like a bit of a goose chase: no attention was ever paid by Hawking, Linus, or anyone else to ensuring that there was a dog on the flight, or an unpublished novel manuscript. There aren't enough Ajira passengers to go around in any event. This was just what Hawking had to tell everyone to get the proper people back to the island. Having already lived the events, she knew exactly who needed to be on Ajira 316.
    • Ilana does not work for Eloise per se, but Eloise, believing that fate must play out in the context of the coming "war," provides info about Flight 316 to the Shadow of the Statue group, enabling their passage to the Island (and allowing Ilana to fulfill the proxy Marshal role).
    • Knowning that Sayid needed to be forced back to the island, Eloise got Ilana to bring Sayid to the Island. She did so knowing that he would be one of the ones who would flash back to 1977 and with his knowledge of WMDs, help detonate Jughead after Faraday's untimely demise.

Native Islander

  • Ilana represents a secret society or cult that has preserved knowledge about the Island over time and seeks to take it over. This society could be unconnected or even opposed to Widmore, the Others, and/or DHARMA.
    • This society or cult is run by The Economist, hence Ben's desire to kill off him and his associates. The Economist is therefore not Widmore, as Ben has led Sayid and the viewers to believe.
    • Ilana and Bram work for or are part of a group of descendants of the crew of the Black Rock who exited or were banished from the Island at some point in the past. This group has retained secret knowledge of the island and seeks to take it back. They are opposed to both Widmore and The Others.
    • Ilana and Bram are working with the same purpose as Locke: To kill Jacob and his clan and regain control of the Island that they presumably once lost. Locke may have been appointed by other interests on the Island as "leader", but Ilana and Bram are or will be his true guides. They may have been sent to the Island to play the "Richard" to Locke's "Jacob" (or "Ben".)
    • Ilana is clearly under the command of Jacob. So it is unlikely that she is in a separate group when she seems to know Richard Alpert and Jacob very well. While her an her men are preparing the crate for transport - they must be aware that it contains Locke's dead body - the "other" Locke is standing at the beach, yet Ilana and her men do not 'spill' their secret until they arrive at the broken statue to the shock of Richard and the others assembled there. This suggests a premeditated plan of Jacob (including his death?) and will put 'Locke' in a hot seat the moment he emerges from the broken statue again.

Working for Benjamin Linus

  • Her and Ben not knowing each other is a ruse - the other facts fit in well with this. Ben killed Caesar because he was asserting himself as leader and he wanted his people (Ilana and Bram) to take control while he's gone. He would also have used her as a last resort to get Sayid onto the island.
  • She lied to Sayid when she told him that she was hired by the family of Peter Avellino to bring him to justice ("He's Our You"). She was working for Ben to get Sayid back to the island, and for other unknown purposes.
  • She was in fact, unknowingly, hired by Ben to make sure Sayid made it on Ajira 316. Ben knew that Sayid had killed Avellino. Ben also had the means to hire Ilana. This explains why Sayid was on Ajira Flight 316, and that their 'reunion' was much more than chance.


  • When she is seen in the hospital with Jacob, she has bandages on her face. She is a character we've seen before, but now has a new face (and a new actress playing her).
  • She could be related to Mikhail Bakunin or Ivan Andropov.I don't think her being in a Russian hospital is mere coincidence. An she also had her eyes injured just as Mikhail.In fact, we know that she was working for Jacob and if she was connected with Andropov, it means that Ben in working against Jacob. That could be an explanation why he never saw him and a proof that the orders Ben received were always given by Jacob's Nemesis posing as Jacob, who obviously inhabited the Cabin.
  • She could be the daughter of Mikhail Bakunin and Beatrice Klugh, if the two were in fact lovers. It would explain her knowledge of the island if she grew up there as a child and why she speaks Russian, which both Mikhail and Klugh spoke.
  • Please could we have no more "automatic gainsaying of whatever the other person says" as to whether the above poster is an idiot or not.
  • Don't tell them what they can't do.
    • I don't need you to protect me, Charlie!

Naomi Dorrit connection

  • She is Naomi's sister who Naomi says "Tell my sister I love her" as she dies. If they were working for opposite sides there would be tension.
  • In one of Miles' first two appearances he says "(Naomi) doesn't have a sister. That's what we're supposed to say if we get caught and have a gun to our heads."

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