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Artwork of the Iifa Tree

The Iifa Tree (イーファの樹 Īfa no ki lit. Tree of Eva), read as iifa Tree and sometimes mistaken as the Lifa tree, was planted long ago by Garland as a gigantic soul filter, filtering the souls of Gaia. The souls are drawn towards the tree and intercepted by the SoulCage. The mist that covers the Mist Continent is a by-product of this filtering system, and the mist is pumped from the tree to the Mist Continent through the roots. This mist is used by workers in Dali to manufacture Black Mages.

The dwarves of Conde Petie refer to the Iifa Tree as the Sanctuary, because after going through a ceremony, not unlike being married, the happy couple journeys to the Iifa Tree to inscribe their names.



Zidane and his friends are lead to the Iifa Tree by Eiko in order to find Kuja. Eiko dispels the barrier surrounding the tree created by Carbuncle, and the entire group proceeds to enter the Tree's trunk through a maze of roots. They find a platform which allows for descent into Iifa's depths, where the mist breeds powerful monsters and the interior of the tree glows a blinding green. After riding a leaf-like protrusion even farther down the tree, Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, and Eiko marvel at the seemingly endless green pools below the harp-like structure of Iifa's base.

After Zidane examines the area with more scrutiny, the Iifa tree begins to shake, and SoulCage, Iifa's master, challenges the party. Despite SoulCage's assurances of his own victory, he is defeated, and his demise triggers the disappearance of Mist from the Mist Continent.

Shortly after, the area surrounding the Iifa Tree is the stage of a battle between Alexandria's army and Kuja. The battle ends with Kuja taking control of Bahamut and the Alexandrian forces being destroyed by the Dragon King.

On Disc 4, after the events on Terra, the party discover that the entire planet is now covered by thick mist, and Iifa roots protruding everywhere, cutting off several locations to the player, such as the North and South Gates, Esto Gaza, Observatory Mountain, Oeilvert, Pinnacle Rocks, Fossil Roo and the Desert Palace. However, at this stage in the game, these locations are no longer needed in the plot or in side-quests (any involving these areas should be finished on Disc 3, before the journey to Terra), but any treasures missed will no longer be available. Also, certain shops will be closed, like the Esto Gaza shop, which means that certain items such as the Zorlin Shape will be unavailable.

The portal to the game's penultimate dungeon, Memoria can be found late in the story, hovering above the Iifa tree. A battle ensues with a swarm of Silver Dragons when the Invincible attempts to enter this portal and the party fights a Nova Dragon.


Iifa's fecund depths

Monster Formations


On the roots

Inside the tree

Battle with Kuja

Surrounding Area

Musical Themes

"Iifa Tree"
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The theme of the Iifa Tree is called "Iifa Tree".


  • The Iifa Tree is referenced in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a trade accessory. It may also be referenced during the ending sequence, when Zidane flips from a tree and disappears, although this is probably a reference to Zidane's monkey-like tail and his agile abilities.
  • The theme song for the Iifa Tree on Final Fantasy IX is based on the Moon theme from Final Fantasy IV.

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