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Ignatius Vulcan
Ignatius Vulcan
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? None
Location North-east of the Sorcerer's Tower
Sells items? Firemaking cape
Skill requirement? Firemaking
Quest requirement? None
Gender Male
Examine The Master of Fire!
Notable features Wears the Firemaking cape.
A detailed image of Ignatius Vulcan

Ignatius Vulcan is a non-player character who wanders around in the forest north-east of the Sorcerer's Tower making fires. He claims that he neglected his combat skills, Mining, and questing, in order to become the master of Firemaking. He has such skill in Firemaking that whenever he sets a fire, no ashes remain.

In Issue 37 of the Postbag from the Hedge (released November 2008), he reveals he is friends with Blaze Sharpeye, a pyromaniac:

I gave a pile (of cursed magic logs) to my good friend Blaze, who used them to light a beacon, Before he could put the fire out, the smoke had formed into the shape of the King Black Dragon! Varrock was thrown into a complete state of panic, and poor Blaze had his wages docked.
— Ignatius Vulcan, Postbag from the Hedge 37[1]

For players with level 99 in Firemaking, Ignatius sells the Firemaking cape for 99,000 coins. He appears to be only skillcape seller who has his cape trimmed, but he does not elaborate what his other level 99 skill is. With his cape, Ignatius appears to be wearing an orange armour, which is currently unavailable in-game.

The name "Ignatius" almost certainly comes from the Latin word ignis, which means fire. It is also the origin of such English words as ignite[2]. Similarly, the name "Vulcan" comes from the Latin word vulcānus, who is the Roman god of fire and metalworking, the original Greek name being Hephaestus. It is the origin of words such as volcano[3].

Ignatius's Hot Deals

Main article: Ignatius's Hot Deals

Ignatius sells tinderboxes, unlit torches, bronze hatchets, as well as the Firemaking cape for those who have level 99 Firemaking.


  • His examine text describes him as the Master of Fire, although he calls himself the Master of Flame.
  • He was introduced into the game at the same time as "Capes of Achievement" (now known as Capes of Accomplishment) update[4], as Jagex could not find another NPC who was appropriately associated with Firemaking to sell the skillcape.
  • After a hidden update, he now has his own shop Ignatius's Hot Deals.


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