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Commander Zilyana, an Icyene.

The Icyene were a race of winged beings that had inhabited the Hallowed Lands in the Fourth Age and followed Saradomin. They ruled the region which is now known as Morytania, from the city of Hallowvale. The Icyene Queen Efaritay ruled the city, though much of her life has been lost and has become little more than a fairytale.

During the God Wars, they were driven to extinction, although rumours say that Lord Drakan kept some of the Icyene and they served him as Vyrewatch, and the legends do state that Queen Efaritay herself was forced to kneel at the feet of Drakan. There is a fairly popular theory that Safalaan is an Icyene, and this should be revealed in the last part of the Myreque quest series. If it proves to be untrue, then Commander Zilyana, who resides in God Wars Dungeon, is the only known living Icyene. It is also said that they also forged the Godsword blade, and defend it in the dungeon. At least some of the more powerful Icyene were capable of using magic offensively, and with great power, as Zilyana was able to fire extremely rapid magical attacks, hitting up to thirty points of damage.

When the Saradomin sword is examined, it reads; "The incredible blade of an Icyene."


  • It is possible that the Icyene are somehow related to the real world Iceni, who were a pre-Roman tribe in eastern Britain. Other than their name, the only thing that slightly mimics the Iceni is the fact that Commander Zilyana is the only known Icyene and Boudica (another female military leader) is a commonly known Iceni.
  • The Icyene is a playable unit in the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor, being a flying level 5 Saradomin unit with 40 strength, a movement speed of 8 and an attack range of 1-3, costing 800 mana.

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