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The Iconians were an ancient and advanced civilization that ruled a small empire from their homeworld, Iconia, in the Beta Quadrant.

The ascendancy of the Iconian race began thousands of years ago when their race made use of the Dream Gem to develop their Gateway technology. (TNG novel: The Devil's Heart) What was unknown to many was that the Q Continuum had a certain fondness for the race and provided them the means to create gateways with the most casual piece of their technology in order for them to reach other worlds in the galaxy. (VOY short story: "In the Queue") Using this technology, they formed the Iconian Empire which was spread across space. During the deployment of the network, they discovered the existence of a race of beings that dwelled within the Bajoran wormhole. Out of respect for these entities, the Iconians did not deploy any gateways within ten light years of the wormhole or those worlds that the entities watched over. (DS9 short story: "Horn and Ivory")

The philosopher Senega, however, warned her people that this disparity of technology between their race and others would become a source of conflict. Her words were proven true when suspicion and fear motivated other species to unite against the Iconian Empire who they gave the nickname "Demons of Air and Darkness" due to their gateways. During the last days of the Iconian Empire, a group used the Gem to activate the gateway network and take the remnants of their races to other worlds in order to survive. Thus, Iconian settlements were formed on the planets of DiWahn, Ikkabar and Dynassia. One of the last of the survivors was Kanda Jiak who sought to take the Gem to safety but after entering the gateway, he was instead transported to the planet Vulcan where he died and the stone passed to the Vulcan race. Around 200,000 years ago the Iconians were supposedly wiped out following an orbital bombardment of Iconia. (TNG novel: The Devil's Heart)

Despite using the their technology for benevolent purposes, the other races fear motivated them to attack the Iconians which meant that the gateways was the source of the downfall of their civilization. Whilst their home world was destroyed, the species had actually remained in existence and secretly lived in remote corners of the galaxy. (VOY short story: "In the Queue") History later recorded that the Iconians were a race of brutal conquerors. Amongst the Iconians themselves, it was believed that one of the things that doomed their civilization was that their gateway technology meant they could no longer actually travel and thus they had lost sight of the journey in their desire to reach their destination. (DS9 short story: "Horn and Ivory") It was known that no other race had achieved the same level of greatness of the Iconian Empire and in fact in over two hundred thousand years, no other civilization had come close to recreating the transportation system of the Iconians. (VOY short story: "In the Queue")

Though the Iconians were believed to had been extinct, the survivors who moved to various remote colonies had in fact survived and continued to live for thousands of years. A number of Iconians were able to escape to outposts on Ikkabar, DiWahn, and Dynassia. The climate on Ikkabar proved too unstable to sustain a population, and all but one of the Ikkabar died out. The DiWahn and Dynassian climates were more suited for settlement, and the descendants of the Iconians survived on both worlds.(TNG novel: The Devil's Heart) One of the last strongholds of the Iconians remained in the Alpha Quadrant but had been reduced to a primitive state and it was at this location where the Master Resonator keys were left behind. A faction of the race retained the use of their technology and had left known space in order to be on their own in order to pursue new interests and not to be bothered by other species. They, however, formed a group called the Sentries that were charged with watching over the gateway network. Whilst they retained the use of the technology, these descendants of the Iconians were largely ignorant of their heritage or the workings of their equipment. (TNG short story: "The Other Side")

In 2365, the planet Iconia was discovered by the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) who destroyed the gateway on the world as well as disputed the characterization of the species as being Demons of Air and Darkness. (TNG episode: "Contagion") The Iconians also possessed territory in the Gamma Quadrant, such as Vandros IV and its surrounding territory. (DS9 episode: "To the Death")

During the Gateway crisis of 2376, the Petraw species masqueraded as the Iconians and activated the gateway network as part of a demonstration in order to sell the technology to the highest bidder. This led to a number of disasters such as the dumping of Theta radiation by a Malon freighter which threatened the Europa Nova colony that was accomplished through a gateway linking the world to the Delta Quadrant. It was only the effort of Captain Picard who met with the Sentries did he find a means of shutting down the system by locating the thirteen resonator keys and deactivating the network. (TNG short story: "The Other Side")

Both variants of Smyt were Iconian. (NF novel: Cold Wars)

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The Iconians were an ancient and highly advanced civilization, decended from the Guardians, that was destroyed approximately 200,000 years ago by orbital bombardment of their homeworld, Iconia. Ancient texts called the Iconians "Demons of Air and Darkness", who were said to have the ability to appear at will on far-flung planets without the use of starships. In the 24th century, it was discovered that the Iconians used a network of gateways that made this instantaneous transport possible. Through the gateways, Iconian influence spread at least as far as the Gamma Quadrant, and probably further.


Around 20,000 years ago, the Iconians went to war with the Iccobar. Despite being technologically advanced, the Iconians could not keep the Iccobar parasites from spreading throughout the galaxy and conquering worlds, and therefore, went on a notably violent campaign to disinfect the Iccobar and trap the survivors and their armies in a powerful transporter buffer on Holocovia IV. This campaign was led by Puto, who would then go on to fight the Iccobar again in the 24th Century.

The attacks on Iconia were the result of the Grey Confederacy, the mortal enemies of the Iconians. Even after the orbital bombardment of their homeworld, some Iconians survived, and their few descendants were still alive in the 24th century. One, named Rayven, displayed significant telepathic abilities. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: "Enemy Unknown, Parts I-III") Survivors fled and became galactic refugees throughout the Alpha Quadrant. Having been almost wiped out by the Grey Confederacy and the Iccobar, the Iconians were few and scattered. They attempted unsuccessfully to rebuild their race, and over time, lost their god-like abilities. The Iconians (now the Idryll) became a secondary race, and almost slaves, to the Attrexians.

All over the galaxy, remnants of the Iconians remain, in temples, murals, and the Iconian stargates.

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