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Iceworld (later the Nosferatu II) was a trading colony for space travelers that was located on the dark side of the planet Svartos and was, in truth, a vast spacecraft. Honeycombed with warrens and high chambers of ice, some with walkways, the spires of Iceworld reached far above the surface of the planet. It had a control room. Iceworld was a tourist attraction mecca and home of the Dragon, a bio-mechanoid who guarded the dragonfire. In reality, was Iceworld had been a vast spacecraft which had taken Kane, a criminal, from his homeworld of Proamon to Svartos.

Iceworld was also home of Ace once a time storm had transported her from Perivale on Earth in 1987 the planet. She worked there as a waitress at a café. Iceworld was the stopping-point of the small-time criminal, Sabalom Glitz. At that time, Kane controlled, and had built a small private army in Iceworld.

When Glitz first appeared, he was on Earth in the year 2,000,000, implying that he came from there and this was the same era that in which Iceworld existed.

With the dragonfire acquired and Iceworld revealed as a ship, Iceworld lift off on Savartos. Kane was confronted by the Doctor about the futility of his plans of vengeance against his (now-extinct) people. After Kane committed suicide and his original ship, the Nosferatu already destroyed by Kane, Glitz took possession of it and renamed it the Nosferatu II, along with Melanie Bush, the Doctor's former companion who decided to stay with him to help manage Glitz's affairs and to keep his honest. (DW: Dragonfire)

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File:Iceworld strip banner.jpg

Archie Goodwin


Al Williamson

Publication information

Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Publication date

October 4 - November 14, 1982

Reprinted in
General information

Rebellion era



Part of

Star Wars comic strip

Preceded by

The Power Gem

Followed by

Revenge of the Jedi

Iceworld is a comic strip written by Archie Goodwin and illustrated by Al Williamson. It was published by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate. It was later republished in Classic Star Wars 12 and 13 then collected in Classic Star Wars Volume 2: The Rebel Storm. It is also available on's webstrips section of Hyperspace.


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