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Ice giants are a type of giant often found in icy areas. They have a relatively high Hitpoints level and use slashing attacks that hit a maximum of 7 damage. Ice giants always drop Big bones and are weak against fire spells (magic). Many players seek these monsters for experience and for charms. Ice giants were the third monster to ever hold the title of Strongest Monster in RuneScape.



Safe Spot

The safespot

There is a safe spot to range attack Ice giants in the Asgarnian Ice Caves.

This same spot works for distance attacks. Ice warriors however, can enter and can interrupt players when they're attacking the giants.


Ice giants can be trained on in the dungeon south of Port Sarim very well, not terribly far from the bank, but there are only 3 of them that spawn there. There is also a good place in White Wolf Mountain, containing 4 Ice giants, and a large amount of safe spots made of 2 dead trees and 3 ladders. The nearest bank is accessed by Gnome glider on top of this mountain, or in Catherby. To get to the place you need to mine the rock slide to the north of the glider (requires level 50 Mining), take the southern ladder in place with Ice Warriors, travel through the tunnel to the south and climb up the ladder. The eastern half of the area is multi-combat. This place is very good for training. This spot is also an excellent P2P Ranged training spot for higher levelled rangers, as there are numerous safe spots to range Ice Giants.


100% Drop

Weapons and armour



Charms (Pay-to-play)

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


52 - 55%

14 - 16%

12 - 14%

2 - 3%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 2,967 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)

  • Please note that there has been 3 recorded drops without charms out of 2054 kills

Seeds (members only)



  • It is interesting to note that although ice giants do not have any visible bones, they still drop big bones. This comes all the way back from RuneScape Classic when the ice giants looked like large people with blue beards.
  • Ice giant ribs, which differs from the usual big bones dropped by Ice Giants, are rare drops used in the second part of the Rag and Bone Man quest. This bone cannot be buried.
  • When the Ice Giants walk, icicles appear on the ground.
  • They have 2 beating organs inside of them.
  • Ice Giants seem to "tap" one of their feet when standing still.
  • Before each attack ( yours or its own ) the icicles around its feet rise up.
  • When an Ice giant is killed, it melts down and the icicles disappear, also the Moss giant "melts" down too.

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