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Final Fantasy II Boss
Ice Gigas
Japanese アイスギガース
Romaji Aisugigāsu
NES Name Ice Gigas
NES DSOP Name W.Giant
PS Name Ice Gigas
GBA Name Ice Gigas
PSP Name Ice Gigas

The Ice Gigas is a monster from Final Fantasy II. It serves as one of the bosses in the Tower of Mysidia, guarding the spell Ultima. Firion and his allies must defeat it on their way up the tower. He later appears as a random encounter in Pandaemonium's secret room.


The Ice Gigas may have a few higher stats than his cousin, the Fire Gigas, but the Fire-type weapons you should have picked up on the second and third floors of the dungeon will definitely give you the edge in this encounter. Equip them on your fighters, and cast Blink and Protect on your party. The Ice Gigas has the same fight plan as the last Gigas, so expect a lot of physical blows, punctuated by a few Blizzard 16 and Boulders 9 spells. Despite maybe taking a bit longer than the last fight, the Ice Gigas should not pose too much of a threat.

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