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Final Fantasy VI Boss
Ice Dragon
Japanese フリーズドラゴン
Romaji Furīzu Doragon
SNES Name Ice Dragon
PS Name Ice Drgn
GBA Name Ice Dragon
First Encounter
Second Encounter

The Ice Dragon is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is one of the Eight Dragons. Its element is Ice, and as such, is weak against Fire. Its attacks include Northern Cross, which inflicts the Freeze status on the party, but has a low Hit Rate, and Absolute Zero, which does major Ice-elemental damage to the entire party. Terra and others should use Fira, or, if they know it, Firaga (Terra learns it naturally, the spell is also taught by the Phoenix and Valigarmanda Espers). Shadow should throw Flametongues as well.

In the Dragons' Den, the Ice Dragon returns as a boss, but like the other seven dragons, the battle is made more difficult with special conditions. Rather than fighting just one, the Ice Dragon employs the same battle tactic as the Vector Lythos in Kefka's Tower, in that it is accompanied by three other exact copies.

All four Ice Dragons have the same stats and attacks. If the player attempts to strike them all with a spell however, the character casting the spell will be struck by three consecutive physical attacks. The Ice Dragons can all use Blizzaga, Cold Dust, Snowstorm, Avalanche, and Freeze, just to name a few.

The Ice Dragons should be attacked one at a time so as not to make them counter. However, if Vanish is cast on the party, then their physicals will miss when multi-target-hitting spells are used. Besides this, the same strategy that applies to the encounter in the Snowfields should be employed here. Defeating the Ice Dragons destroys the Seal of Ice, and also gives the player Setzer's most powerful weapon, the Final Trump.

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