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Ice Cold Nuka-Cola
effects: Immediate:
+2 Rad
+20 Hit Points
+1 Bottle cap
addiction: none
weight: 1
value: 20
base id: 40DCB

Ice-Cold Nuka Cola is a variant of Nuka-Cola created by placing a bottle of the standard soda in a Pristine Nuka-Cola Machine. It gives you 20 HP and 2 Rads, twice the health gain of Nuka-Cola.

The machine can be bought for your Megaton House or Tenpenny Tower Suite. It comes stocked with 8 Ice-Cold Nuka-Colas, and can be restocked by you throughout the game.



  • An Ice Cold Nuka-Cola can be obtained by taking Sierra Petrovita's Nuka-Cola tour.
  • There are several more in the shack's Nuka-Cola fridge, but they can only be stolen.


  • Consuming a bottle of an Ice Cold Nuka-Cola provides a single Cap, just like any other Nuka-Cola Product.
  • If your Nuka-Cola is ice cold, you can't trade it to Zip in Little Lamplight.
  • It appears that Ice Cold Nuka-Cola never gets warm. It will stay chilled in your inventory indefinitely.
  • Nuka-Cola can't be chilled by conventional means, thus why the ordinary fridges throughout the wastes do not hold any in their inventory. Assuming the ordinary fridges still work to begin with.
  • Ice Cold Nuka-Colas cannot be used for Quantum Chemist perk, so do not put them in your vending machine if you plan to utilize this perk.
  • If you simply put Nuka-Colas in the Nuka-Cola vending machine, they will not become ice-cold. You have to choose the message "add all the Nuka-Colas you're carrying to make them ice cold".


Ice Cold Nuka-Cola only appears in Fallout 3.

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