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The exterior peaks of the Ice Cavern
"A natural cavern overrun with everlasting ice."
—Book in Alexandria Library

The Ice Cavern is a location on the Mist Continent in Final Fantasy IX.



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Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, and Steiner travel through the Ice Cavern to reach the top of the Mist Continent. Along the way, Vivi uses his magic to melt the ice. However, after a point, a spell puts the party to sleep. Zidane wakes up and has to face Black Waltz No. 1, an enhanced Black Mage who cast the spell. After defeating him, Zidane wakes up the rest of the party, unaware that Zorn and Thorn are spying on them from an icy upper ledge. At the top of the cave, Zidane informs Garnet that she can't go wandering around as a princess. Zidane gives her a new identity, "Dagger," and teaches her how to act casually, much to Steiner's dismay.


Monster formations

Later in the game

After the mist disappears from the Mist Continent after defeating SoulCage at the Iifa tree, the ice in the cavern begins to melt, if you try to go in a villager from Dali will prevent you from entering. Alternatively if the player tries to get in from the base of the cavern a moogle will block the entrance.

Later, in disk four, a root, apparently from an earthquake, has sealed both entrances.

Musical Themes

"Ice Caverns"
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The theme that plays in the Ice Caverns is called "Ice Caverns"


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