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Final Fantasy

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The Ice Cave.
The Ice Cave, as seen on the World Map.

The Ice Cave, also known as Ice Cavern and Cavern of Ice, is a location from the original Final Fantasy. It is located north of Mount Gulg, and is accessible only by canoe.

The Ice Cave contains many cracked tiles that break when the player sets foot on them. This results in the player being dropped to the next lowest floor. While this is often an annoyance, dropping down a level via a cracked tile is the only way to reach the Levistone. This is because the Levistone itself is surrounded by cracked tiles and is impossible to reach directly from the floor it lies on.


The Warriors of Light travel to the Ice Cave to locate the Levistone, which will enable them to raise the airship from the desert. To get the stone, however, they must defeat the Evil Eye.


Item Location
Clothes B3
Flame Sword B3
Ice Armor B4
Mythril Gloves B4
10,000 gil B1
Ice Shield B1
Sleeping Bag B1
9,500 gil B1
Levistone B3


Battle Background.


The background theme that plays inside the Ice Cave is "Matoya's Cave".



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Guild Wars

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The Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
Entrance to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon
The trapdoor leading to the dungeons.

The Asgarnian Ice Dungeon is a moderately large dungeon in Asgarnia. It is found south of Port Sarim and north of Mudskipper Point (fairy ring AIQ), under a trapdoor. This dungeon is particularly dangerous to low level players, as every monster within it is aggressive. The dungeon is also crucial to The Knight's Sword quest as this is the only location in RuneScape that contains Blurite rocks, allowing players to mine blurite ore.



When walking, go to Port Sarim and head south from the Port Sarim Jail, past a grove of willow trees. Go up the small hill and you will arrive at the trapdoor.

For faster transportation, players can use:

Notable Features

  • Blurite - Blurite is an ore and this dungeon is its only location. Blurite is needed for The Knight's Sword and Defender of Varrock quests. Members can also make blurite crossbow and bolts. There are aggressive level 53 Ice Giants and level 57 Ice Warriors guarding the rocks. For low level players, it may be advisable to take only a pickaxe and perhaps lots of food when attempting to mine the ore.
  • Skeletal wyverns (members only) - The level 140 skeletal wyverns are slayer assignments requiring a Slayer level of 72. An elemental shield (or similar defence, such as a Dragonfire shield) is necessary to avoid taking heavy damage from them. They can drop Granite legs as well as the coveted Draconic visages. Slaying a skeletal wyvern is a one of the requirements for the Falador Achievement Diary hard tasks.

Tour of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon

A screenshot from the icy area.
A map of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.

Descend down the trapdoor to appear in a chamber by the bottom of the ladder. Walk west a ways and you will see many level 6 Muggers. They often drop rope, so they are one of the few sources of free rope for players on tight budgets.

If players head north, they will find themselves in a large room full of level 26 Pirates. This room has a few respawn points of coins (no more than 5 coins each spot). There are several chests here; most are empty but some occasionally contain a pot or a few coins.

There are two paths that lead east. A few Hobgoblins, include several level 28s and one level 42, wander around here. Regardless of the path you take, you will end up in the same place, at the heart of the ice caves. This is where the dungeon becomes dangerous, especially for lower-level players, because of the large number of Ice warriors patrolling the area.

Near the eastern wall of the central cavern are a few Ice giants. The giants are popular to kill, as they drop Big bones as well as Mithril and Black items. It can be troublesome to try to attack the giants, as the aggressive, quick ice warriors often will attack first. It can be done, however, by using run, dodging around obstacles in cavern (which can hinder the warriors), and hugging the eastern wall (where fewer warriors go).

The pirates' area of the cave.

It is recommended to bring plenty of food with you when training on ice giants or ice warriors. Using prayer can be useful, as there is an altar a bit north-west of the entrance to the dungeon.

Once the ice warriors and ice giants become tolerant, they can be maged or ranged easily from quite a few safe spots. Fire spells work well against all of them.

The Blurite rocks are found at the easterns and southern edges of this cavern.

The entrance to the chamber containing the Skeletal Wyverns is in the south of the central ice cavern. This chamber can be entered only by members. It is a very dangerous place, because of the wyverns, and players should be thoroughly prepared against the monsters before entering the chamber. The area directly in front of the entrance to the chamber is a safe spot from the Ice warriors and Ice giants. This is a good place to rest up and wait for the blurite to respawn, or perform a teleport without being interrupted.



Listen to audio.
Woe of the Wyvern (link)
Woe of the Wyvern, the soundtrack played in the Wyvern Chamber.


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