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Ice Barrage
Members only? Yes
Level 94
Runes 6 Water
2 Blood
4 Death
Spellbook Ancient
Experience 52 + 2 for every hit done
Quest Desert Treasure
Lectern None
A player casting the Ice Barrage spell.

Ice Barrage is the second strongest spell in the game, after Miasmic Barrage. It requires a magic level of 94 and can do a maximum of 30 damage per hit (33 with certain staves), or 39 damage if wielding a special staff like the Ancient staff & using an extreme magic potion(or if you're in Castle Wars with a Castlewars bracelet on, it can hit up to 45). A successful Ice Barrage will freeze enemies for 20 seconds, however if someone is already frozen, the effect of freezing will not stack. If you freeze someone, then ice barrage again, it will appear as a small sphere with light blue stars falling from it. After someone has broken out of the freezing effect of Ice Barrage, they will be immune from being frozen for up to 4 seconds. As with all Ancient Magicks spells, the quest Desert Treasure must be completed to cast this spell.

Ice Barrage is a multiple target spell (like Ice Burst, Red chinchompas), and can hit anyone in a 3x3 grid around the person you attacked. This spell is widely used in team games such as Castle Wars, Soul Wars and Stealing Creation. Many people merely use the spell once to freeze someone, slowing them down or stopping them from reaching their target (the flag or avatar etc.)

Solus Dellagar casts Ice Barrage on Temple Knights during the Wanted! quest.

The spell has a maximum theoretical damage of 357 damage per cast due to being able to hit a 45 on someone with their team's flag, and hitting 39 on 8 other people in Castle Wars, however this is beyond extremely rare. Many people who have the ability to cast Ice Barrage may still resort to casting Ice Burst due to the very high cost of Ice Barraging. However, in Stealing Creation, runes are created very quickly and for free, so higher end spells are used whenever possible.

Ice Barrage is commonly used in Player Killing, as it is the second highest-hitting magical spell, along with Charge and the God Spells, and immobilises the target. The only spell which can hit higher than Ice Barrage is Miasmic Barrage which requires Zuriel's staff to cast.

NPCs such as the Zamorakian Solus Dellagar can also utilize this Zarosian spell, hitting up to 96 points of damage but severely draining himself after casting the spell.

Ice Barrage costs 2,340 coins per cast, or 2,112 coins per cast while wielding a water-rune supplying staff.


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