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Ian Tyson was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. He was the First Officer aboard the USS Pioneer, serving from 2387 onwards. He is known for giving no one a "second chance" and is a lot less by-the-book than most Starfleet officers. He speaks with an Estuary English accent. (Star Trek: Pioneer (PNR))




Kathryn Janeway

After his promotion to Lt. Commander in 2385, Tyson became the personal assistant of Admiral Janeway. The admiral was very pleased with his work and when he applied for the position of First Officer on the USS Pioneer, Janeway immediately insisted he get the post.


After Commander Sonak's disappearance, he was transported from Earth by the USS Christopher Pike to Beta Frontier where he then transferred to the USS Pioneer.

Service Jacket

Awards and Commendations

Memorable Quotes

"What if… we get thousands of hamsters, get them to run around in little wheels and hook them up to the shields."
— Tyson making the suggestion about how to increase shield strength.


Using photomanipulation, Commander Tyson is portrayed by David Tennant (who also plays The Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who). He is 35 as of 2387.

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