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A Samurai using Purifying Breeze, an Iaido ability

Iaido, also known as Draw Out, is a command ability from Final Fantasy Tactics. It is used by the Samurai.

Draw Out gives the Samurai access to several skills, each named after one of the game's Katanas. To use the skill, the Samurai must have not only learned it (at standard expenditure of JP), but have a copy of that katana in his inventory (not equipped). The Samurai then invokes the spirit of the katana (without charge time), which generally deals damage to all enemies nearby, though one (the Murasame) heals allies instead, and a second (Kiyomori) bestows them with Protect and Shell. The downside of the skill is that, occasionally, the katana used from inventory may break, resulting in the player having to buy a new one. This can be especially bad for very rare Katanas, such as the Masamune. Iado skills calculate using the character's Magic Attack value, making this skill a decent second choice for most magic-based classes.

Marquis Elmdore uses a command ability called Sword Spirit, which has the exact same set of skills as Iaido, including the broken-sword drawback.

Iaido Techniques

For the complete list of Iaido Techniques, see Iaido.

Each Iaido Technique is different from the rest. When Iaido are used, a special attack name is shown, that is different from the katana's name. The Iaido hit rate is 100%.


Iaidō is a Japanese martial art associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard.

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