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   Appears: Generation One and Cybertron
Iacon is a city-state in on Cybertron in the Generation One and Unicron Trilogy continuity families.

Iacon is an Autobot-controlled city-state, located near the north pole of Cybertron. It is also the location of the capital city of the same name.


Places of Interest

Places of interest within Iacon:


G1 Cartoon

Dome, sweet dome.
  • Autobot Base - Iacon is depicted as a walled headquarters, reachable by an extendable bridge. Autobots needed to signal their approach before being allowed into Iacon. Lining the path to Iacon were a series of lamp-post like structures -- the basis for Soundwave's Cybertron-based alt-form.
  • The Ark's launch bay

Marvel Comics

Dreamwave Comics

  • The Border Regions
  • The Central Spaceport
  • The High Council Pavillions
  • The Grand Oratory
  • The Chamber of the Ancients
  • The Vaults
  • The Decagon
  • The Stellar Galleries
  • The Oracle Tank
  • The Energon Pools
  • Iacon East
  • Access Shaft 0-5 (sub-surface)
  • Quadrant Epsilon
  • Shockwave's Tower
  • Sub-orbital District
  • The Forum of Enightenment (destroyed)
  • Planetary Engine Vents (sub-surface)
  • Virtue's Forum


Generation One

Marvel Comics continuity

(Marvel UK issues italicised).

Iacon functioned as the heart of Autobot territory on Cybertron, and appears to have been the base of the Council of Autobot Elders prior to the departure of Optimus Prime and his comrades from the planet. It was termed "greatest of the city-states" for the Autobots on Cybertron.

Without Prime's leadership, the Autobot war effort fell further and further into disarray -- but Iacon's defences remained steady. The Decepticons, led by Trannis succeeding Megatron, besieged the city and continued to attempt its capture for many thousands of years. Eventually, being in control of the remainder of Cybertron, Trannis decided it simply was not worth capturing Iacon intact and ordered his troops to level the city, which they did to such an extent that by the time Optimus Prime returned briefly to Cybertron, the city was completely in ruins.

Still, the Autobots maintained a presence in Iacon, if only from small resistance bases in its ruins. Autobase itself was located within these ruins at one point, and the Wreckers operated from this base conducting strikes and raids on Decepticon holdings on a continuing basis.

Animated Continuity

Iacon was the last Autobot safehaven on Cybertron. It was a large, domed fortress colored gold. It was the site of the Ark's launch for a search of new energy sources. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1

Dreamwave comics continuity

Iacon was the capital of Cybertron and the headquarters of the Autobots. After Optronix became Prime, he ordered an evacuation of Cybertron. However, Megatron ordered a Planetary Engine vent to activate, destroying the Forum of Enlightenment. Optimus Prime went down beneath the wreckage, in an attempt to leave him isolated and vulnerable. Shockwave then led an assault on Iacon, with Jazz and Prowl leading the defense. During the assault, Starscream believed he killed Megatron, and activated the mecha-forming process, intending to destroy Iacon, the Autobots, and Shockwave, the only real threat to his leadership. After seeing the devastation that was Iacon, the Autobots agreed to Prime's evacuation order, but Optimus reversed the order and ordered the Autobots to dig in. The War Within

IDW comics continuity

Iacon was the capital of Cybertron and the base of the Senate, and where most Senators spent their time, rather than with their constituents. When the Great War began with the Battle of Kaon, Sentinel Prime's Autobots were trying to contact Iacon for reinforcements. After Sentinel Prime's body was dropped in front of them, Prowl instead requested an evacuation to Iacon. Megatron Origin

Beast Era

After the Great Upgrade, Iacon was paved over and replaced with Cybertropolis. Megatron led Optimus Primal to believe that clues to the locations of the lost sparks could be located in Iacon's ruins, so Primal and Nightscream went searching there. Sparkwar Part 2: The Search

Note: When the maximals visit Iacon's ruins, everyone who speaks the city's name incorrectly pronounces it a "Iocon. This isn't the first time this kind of error has been made

Unicron Trilogy

Cybertron cartoon

Iacon has become the capital of Cybertron, apparently replacing Cyber City or Central City due to the effects of the Unicron Singularity.


Generation One

I can see my house from here.
  • Primus (2006)
Iacon is one of two distiguishable cities molded into the surface of Primus' planet mode. It features many major landmarks as depicted in the Dreamwave comics and DK's Transformers Ultimate Guide, such as the Stellar Galleries, the Decagon, the Chamber of the Ancients, and the Tower of Pion.
The other city is the Decepticon fortress Kolkular, which, similar to the depiction on the Cybertron map in the Ultimate Guide, is placed on the opposite end of the toy from Iacon. The War Within comics also describe Iacon being built on the surface above buried planetary engines that could conceivably maneuver Cybertron through space; likewise, the toy places Iacon directly over Primus' shoulder cannon shafts. Both of these details, however, are likely a coincidence.


  • Cybertron Primus (Supreme, 2006)
Yep, it was still there when the toy was released months later in the Cybertron toyline.

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