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Production information

Trilon Inc


Modified Aggressor assault fighter

Technical specifications

20 meters[1]

Maximum acceleration

2,500 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

220 km/h[1]

Engine unit(s)

KDY Galaxy-15 ion engine (1)

Hyperdrive rating

Class 2.0

Power plant

Quadex power cores (3)[1]



Navigation system



8 (prisoners)

Cargo capacity

465 kilograms


1 week

Other systems
  • Magnetic attachment mandibles
  • S-foil actuator
  • Stasis tube (1)
  • Assault fighter
  • Bounty hunting vessel

Rebellion era



Known owner(s)




"You want me to describe the inside of IG-2000? It's cold and metal and a little bit of evil. Just like its pilot."
Dash Rendar

The IG-2000 was the starship designed and used by the bounty hunting assassin droid IG-88. It was produced on the foundry world Mechis III.



IG-2000 schematics.

The vessel was 20 meters long and had been specially designed for combat. While its mass was significantly greater than most starfighters, this was because the majority of the interior space was devoted to engines and weapon systems.

She was fitted with a single KDY Galaxy-15 ion engine that was stolen from a decommissioned Nebulon-B frigate, and drew its power from three Quadex power cores. These gave the IG-2000 an impressive sublight speed that matched even Boba Fett's highly customized Slave I.

In the event of a power overload, the engine cowling had eight bleed-off vents that would direct discharges away from the power core. A pair of extensible vanes enhanced the maneuverability of the ship. In normal flight, they were pulled flush with the hull, but in the event of combat they were extended out. The vanes contained several ailerons that assisted in atmospheric maneuvers and braking.

Because IG-88 had no reason to fear the gravitational effects of sudden maneuvers, the ship’s inertial compensators were often disabled, this allowed the droid to perform such extreme aerobatics that would otherwise kill an organic pilot.


Weapons-wise, the ship boasted two laser cannons, an ion cannon that was mounted below the cockpit, and two tractor beam projectors that were contained in the forward mandibles. Typically, IG-88 used the ion cannon to disable enemy ships, then used the tractor beams to maneuver the ship to the airlock, where four assault drones were kept and used as advance scouts for boarding actions in case his targets were not so willing to surrender. IG-2000 also contained sophisticated computer and communications equipment that allowed IG-88 to use his programming skills to attempt to slice enemy ship systems remotely in order to weaken them before battle.

Located in the middle of the ship was the prisoner hold. This was the only area of the ship that contained any life support systems. The IG-2000 had room for up to eight captives and featured a single stasis tube for keeping any critically injured captives alive. The hold also contained a small med bay that was equipped with an old FX-7 medical droid.



One IG-2000 was used to kill Olag Greck in a space battle over Indobok during IG-88's mission to Hosk Station. Another was blasted down on Ord Mantell, which then served as that IG-88's hideout.

The final IG-2000 met its demise shortly before the Battle of Endor over the planet of Tatooine. IG-88C, in an attempt to steal Boba Fett's carbonite-imprisoned Han Solo, used a decoy IG-2000 to distract Fett, while the real IG-2000 would emerge from hyperspace to launch a surprise attack.

The plan ultimately failed as Boba Fett saw through the ploy and narrowly missed being ensnared in IG-88's trap. In the ensuing battle, the Slave I was able to outmaneuver the IG-2000, capture the ship with his tractor beam, and launch a wave of concussion missiles, destroying the IG-2000 and IG-88C.



Notes and references

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