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Hyperion Publishing was founded in 1991 and publishes general-interest fiction and nonfiction books. The company is owned by Disney, which also owns ABC and Touchstone Television.

As of May 2006, Hyperion has published 4 Lost tie-ins:

  • Ellen Archer is the president & publisher of Hyperion Books.



  • Hyperion is a titan in Greek mythology. [1]
  • Hyperion is a science fiction novel by Dan Simmons. [2]
  • Hyperion also publishes the Myst series of novels, spin-offs of the original game and its mythology.
  • In the Kingdom Hearts series of Disney video games, one of the preset spaceships is referred to as "Hyperion", an obvious nod to the publishing company.

In The Lost Experience

Robert S. Miller is the president of Disney's publishing arm, Hyperion Books. He was named to the post on April 4, 2001.

Hanso Foundation 9 May 2006 Letter to Hyperion Publishing

On May 9, a letter was sent from Hugh McIntyre to Robert Miller, threatening Hyperion Books with legal action. This day also showed, in relation to the game, newspaper adverts from the Foundation warning people not to believe Bad Twin, and to visit for true answers.

May 9, 2006

Mr. Robert Miller
President, Hyperion Books
500 S. Buena Vista
Burbank, CA 91030

Dear Mr. Miller,

On behalf of the Alvar Hanso and the Board of Directors of the Hanso Foundation, I am writing today to demand that Hyperion Books immediately cease selling Gary Troup’s “Bad Twin,” a publication rife with inaccuracies and false accusations about the Hanso Foundation and its reputable partners. We are outraged that Hyperion Books published ‘Bad Twin’ without affording us the courtesy of redressing the scandalous information littered throughout the book. Our pristine reputation has been sullied; therefore we are forced to reallocate money from socio-scientific studies to vigorously defend the lifelong work of our beloved Founder, Alvar Hanso.

Is it your standard business practice to publish malicious untruths which damage the credibility of an organization that exist solely to benefit the human race by providing technological solutions to the most pressing problems of our time? How unfortunate is it indeed that we must now spend precious time and resources defending our work and reputation against the moral sewer known as “Bad Twin.”

The Hanso Foundation is considering all options at its disposal, including legal recourse. I look forward to your timely response.

Hugh McIntyre
Director, Communications
Hanso Foundation

On May 25, 2006, a letter from Miller was printed in a half-page ad in the American newspaper "USA Today". In it, he vigorously defends author Gary Troup's allegations against The Hanso Foundation in his company's recently published book Bad Twin:

"The book the Hanso Foundation doesn't want you to read".

Dear Loyal Readers,

Since we were founded in 1991, Hyperion has published thousands of titles from hundreds of respected authors. Hyperion stands behind each and every one of these books with pride. We do not take accusations of libel lightly and certainly not when they mask an attempt to censor one of our authors.

The Hanso Foundation has lashed out at Gary Troup's book "Bad Twin." Before publication, this meticulously researched book was carefully vetted by our legal and research departments. All of Mr. Troup's claims about the Hanso Foundation have been verified as true.

Having failed to stop publication in the courts, the Hanso Foundation is now waging a PR campaign in your newspapers, offering no evidence to back up their wild claims of inaccuracy. If you want the truth, unfettered by Hanso Foundation propaganda, we encourage you to read "Bad Twin." The truth is in there in black and white.

Thank you and good reading,

Robert S. Miller

Hyperion Books

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