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A hypergate.

Hypergates were a form of faster-than-light transportation used by the ancient Gree civilization.

It seems that Hypergate technology was also present in Alderaan, where a group of rebels used an old hypergate to travel between a remnant of an Alderaanian temple and the bridge of the War Frigate Another Chance.


A network of devices that created Hyperspace wormholes, hypergates used an unknown technology to circumvent mass shadows, allowing near-instant travel throughout the Gree Enclave, and to other hypergates. Resembling nothing more than a free-standing doorway, hypergates were used to travel between points as close as neighboring cities or as far as distant planets

As Gree society declined, their ability and willingness to duplicate their technology atrophied. The secret of building hypergate technology was known only to Gree masters, who operated their remaining constructor devices. Operation of the hypergates was limited to the gatemasters, but none had been activated since centuries before the Galactic Civil War.

A major hub of the hypergate system was the Grand Hypergate on Asation, but due to the Asation gatemaster's inability to use it, it was essentially little more than a historical monument.

As yet, it is unknown whether or how the hypergates were related to the Infinity Gates built by the Kwa.

Behind the scenes

The hypergates are strongly reminiscent of other fixed-terminus long-distance transport methods like the "stargates" of Buck Rogers and the Stargate franchise, or the Iconian gateways of Star Trek: The Next Generation, all of which predated the debut of the Gree.


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