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Hyper-Communications Cartel
Organizational information
Led by

Po Nudo

Primary role(s)

Communications service for the Confederacy of Independent Systems

Chronological and political information
Date dissolved

19 BBY


Rise of the Empire era


Confederacy of Independent Systems

The Hyper-Communications Cartel was a faction of the CIS, established by the Confederacy of Independent Systems to manage its private HoloNet channels.


Supported primarily by the InterGalactic Banking Clan and Techno Union, who operated private HoloNet alternatives prior to the Clone Wars, the Cartel broadcast Confederacy propaganda and anti-Republic news on its signal, presumably under the CIS Shadowfeed label.

After Po Nudo brought Ando and its loyal systems into the Confederacy fold, he was rewarded with control of the Cartel. The Cartel was responsible for the creation of the Skytop Station listening post during the war.

The fate of the Cartel after the establishment of the Empire is not clear, but it's most likely the organization was folded into the Imperial Holovision.


  • The Clone Wars: Prelude


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