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Hylo Visz
Biographical information

3,659 BBY (Rumored)[1]

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Hair color

Black and red[1]

Eye color


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Chronological and political information

Old Republic era[1]

"In retrospect, this outcome was inevitable, and would have come sooner were it not for some of the Republic's less savory allies."
―Gnost-Dural, referring to Visz's influence on the Treaty of Coruscant — (audio)Listen (file info)

Hylo Visz was a female Mirialan who lived during the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire. In the last decade of the war, Visz gained galactic renown as a smuggler famed for leading the attack that broke the Mandalorian blockade of the Hydian Way.

The Hydian Way blockade had become a major issue for the already over-stretched and weakened Republic, as it effectively cut the Core Worlds off from the Outer Rim Territories and Colonies, which supplied the Republic's center with vital resources and supplies. Seeing an opportunity for profit in the skyrocketing price of much-needed goods, Visz organized an assault on the Mandalorian blockade in order to deliver freighters filled with raw materials to the Core. Her plan was successful, and following the battle she was rewarded for her efforts and recognized as a hero within the Republic. It was later rumored that she was killed after an attempted double-cross of the Hutts.

Visz's victory allowed the Republic to survive and continue its war against the Sith; however, it also led the Empire to adopt more desperate and aggressive tactics, such as the Sacking of Coruscant. As such, her success would play a major role in the conclusion of the war, the Treaty of Coruscant.




Breaking the blockade

"With the Republic willing to pay any price for raw goods, Hylo's plan was simple: break the Mandalorian blockade."
―Jedi Master Gnost-Dural — (audio)Listen (file info)
Hylo Visz during the battle against the blockade.

Hylo Visz was a Mirialan smuggler living during the Great Galactic War. Two decades into the conflict, the Mandalorian warrior clans forged an alliance with the resurgent Sith Empire against the Galactic Republic. The alliance led to the Mandalorians staging a blockade of the Hydian Way, a major hyperspace lane. The Hydian had once connected the Core Worlds of the Republic with the Colonies region and distant Outer Rim Territories, however the blockade prevented the flow of goods and military wares, greatly hindering the Republic war effort. The galactic economy was also severely burdened by the conflict, as raw materials from the outer reaches of the galaxy were prevented from reaching worlds closer to the Core.[1]

As under provided and under protected Republic worlds on the Outer Rim began to fall to the Sith, starvation ravaged the lower levels of the Republic's capital world of Coruscant. By 3,660 BBY, prices for raw goods had risen dramatically, and the Republic was willing to pay in order to survive. Visz saw the crisis as an opportunity for profit for herself and her smuggling companions, and so devised a plan to break the blockade and deliver much needed goods to the Core.[1]

Visz and her fellow smugglers loaded large freighters with raw materials from across the Outer Rim and directed them towards the Mandalorian blockade. When the freighters were less than a parsec away from the Mandalorian forces, they halted. Because the Mandalorians were distracted by the freighters, they did not expect the surprise attack orchestrated by Visz. She and many other smugglers in small vessels and starfighters emerged from hyperspace and engaged the Mandalorian cruisers in a large space battle. Although the smuggling ships had the element of surprise and the advantage of speed, Visz's small militia was still outmatched. Fortunately for Visz, Republic Strategic Information Systems received information of the battle and dispatched starfighters from nearby star systems to aid the Mirialan and her band. With the addition of the Republic reinforcements to the battle, the Mandalorians were soon defeated.[1]

Visz was rumored dead in the year following her success against the Mandalorians.

Hero of the Republic

"The blockade broken, Hylo Visz brought freighters full of raw goods into Coruscant, and walked away with more wealth than she had ever imagined."
―Jedi Master Gnost-Dural — (audio)Listen (file info)

Following the battle, Visz brought freighters filled with raw materials to Coruscant, where she was greeted by cheering crowds. The Mirialan was generously paid for her goods and left Coruscant as an incredibly wealthy woman. Although a medal ceremony was organized in her honor, Visz, who had accomplished her objective, neglected to attend. It was later rumored that Visz was killed the following year, after attempting to double-cross the Hutts.[1]

Her actions were remembered heroically by the Republic, as she granted the war effort against the Sith Empire a much needed reprieve. As a result of the breaking of the blockade, the Republic was able to continue its fight for seven more years, at which point the Sacking of Coruscant forced an uneasy peace. The sacking and subsequent Treaty of Coruscant were later partially attributed to Visz's success, as the Empire's failed plan to freeze the Hydian Way led them to adopt more risky and desperate strategies. During the Cold War that followed the Treaty of Coruscant, the Mandalorian's blockade of the Hydian Way and Hylo Visz's success against it was recounted by Kel Dor Jedi Master Gnost-Dural in the the Jedi Archives on Tython.[1]

Personality and traits

"It was at this critical hour that a Mirialan smuggler named Hylo Visz recognized an extraordinary business opportunity for her and her partners."
―Gnost-Dural — (audio)Listen (file info)
Visz and members of the smuggling band that broke the blockade.

As a smuggler, Hylo Visz was an opportunist, taking an occupation which relied heavily on the current state of galactic affairs. She exhibited her opportunistic nature during the blockade of the Hydian Way, by taking what was seen a crisis by most as a chance for her own personal gain. Although the Mirialan fought for the Republic, she was merely interested in the wealth that would be granted to her when she arrived on Coruscant with the much needed goods she carried. Visz was also the apparent leader of a band of smugglers during the Great Galactic War. This band was organized by Visz in order to create a diversion for the Mandalorian armada, as well as take part in the main assault on the Mandalorian vessels. She viewed the crisis on the Rimma as a business opportunity not only for herself, but her comrades as well.[1]

Aside from the monetary reward for her success in the Hydian Way, Visz apparently was unconcerned with other forms of compensation. Even after being hailed as a hero by the starving people of Coruscant, she decided not to attend a medal ceremony held to honor her victory and her contribution to the Republic war effort. She instead collected her earnings and ventured far from the galactic capital, apparently retreating from her fame.[1]

Behind the scenes

Hylo Visz was created for the upcoming LucasArts massively multiplayer online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Old Republic is a follow-up to the highly successful Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series.[2] The character was elaborated upon in the second installment of the Galactic Timeline, an in-universe account of the events surrounding the Great Galactic War available on the Star Wars: The Old Republic website. The timeline is narrated by Jedi Master Gnost-Dural, whose voice is provided by actor Lance Henriksen.[2]


  • Timeline 1: Treaty of Coruscant (First pictured)
  • Timeline 2: The Mandalorian Blockade is Broken (First identified as Hylo Visz)

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