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The Hydrans are a tripedal civilization who evolved on a planet with a methane-filled atmosphere. As such, the race evolved to breathe in such an environment that can be damaging, if not fatal, to other oxygen-breathing races.


They possess three sets of organs namely legs, arms and eyes. Their skin is known to be tough and leathery. Similar to the triple sets of organs; the race sports three genders namely male, female and matriarchal. Children born to parents are born in triplets; one of each gender though these are all cared for by the matriarchal gender. In Hydran society, it is the males who take command as well as technical positions while females take worker, pilot and soldier professions. Though this is the case, there are some females who take command positions and some had been known to even rise to the Hydran throne. This is not the case with the matriarchal gender though as they are non-sentient and thus only useful for breeding as well as caring for the young.

The Hydrans were known to have a pantheon of gods though the 'power' of these deities varied depending on which political party is dominant in Hydran society at the time. Each household, starship, squadron and fleet possess their own god or gods.


The Hydran government is a monarchy and comes in the form of the Hydran Kingdom which is headed by the Hydran Royal Family. They also possessed a strong Civil Service which runs day to day government affairs.

Their military was known to make heavy use of fighter based tactics against their enemies that would deploy from Hellbore equipped carrier vessels.


At one point in their history, the Hydran people were conquered by the Klingon Empire and the Lyran Star Empire. They were held as a client state for fifty years by both oppressors. During that time, Hydran merchant guilds formed the "Lost Colonies" which became a safe haven for refugees of their kind. They spent that time developing their technology and building their resources in order to retake their colonies.

(TOS video game: Starfleet Command II)


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Hydrans were a non-humanoid species. Their government was the Hydran Kingdom. (Star Fleet Battles, RIS Bouteina: "Humans, Romulans and Space-Beasts")


Hydrans were notable to breathe methane, which could be uncomfortable or lethal for most Federation species. They had three arms, legs and eyes, as well as a tough, leathery skin. They had three sexes: male, female and matriarchal, only two of which are sentient. All births resulted in multiples of 3 (at least one of each sex) who are taken care of by the Matriarchals. (TOS games: Starfleet Command (game), Starfleet Command Volume II: Empires at War)


Males tended to dominate command-level positions, as well as science and engineering, while females tend to form up most of the worker classes, as well as marines and fighter pilots. Some females could hold command positions (usually within fighter squadrons), or even the throne. Matriarchals were non-sentient and were homemakers.

Their culture was deeply religious and their religion bordered on animism, as each household, starship, squadron and fleet possessed a god or a set of gods. Some gods were of a higher order, but what gods were put in the public limelight were decided by what groups came to power. Even with Hydran religion, the Hydrans were similar in disposition to the Federation concerning diplomacy and exploration so that, when they weren't at war, they were out there exploring the galaxy for scientific purposes.

Hydrans tended to favor sending fighters as a first line and then let the mothership close in on the target. (TOS games: Starfleet Command (game), Starfleet Command Volume II: Empires at War)

Hydran warships usually came in three flavors: fusion beam-armed carriers for close combat, hellbore cannon-armed ships for long-ranged combat and orbital bombardment and, finally, command cruisers as well as explorers with mixed weaponry. Also, Hydrans were among the first to develop ablative armor and Hydran ships were usually built to last a long time, if not for combat. They also designed their ships for continuous operation under maximum evacuation capacity. Its shipbuilding culture was also marked by a never-ending desire of greater MEC per unit of mass. (RIS Bouteina: "Fury of the Prison Ships")

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Thrull is a planet in the Generation One continuity family.
Madman's Paradise

Thrull was the planet that Galvatron ended up on after being thrown out of Unicron's body. It orbits the red giant star, Hydran.


The Transformers cartoon

Spending such a long time buried in one of Thrull's pools of lava plasma severely damaged Galvatron's mind, driving him stark-raving mad.

After learning his location from Unicron's databanks and collecting some Energon cubes from their fellow Decepticons, Cyclonus and Scourge went to rescue their master from his imprisonment. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1 After violently attacking his own troops for attempting to steal him away from his "kingdom of desolation", Galvatron left Thrull, but not before he could destroy the planet for no reason at all while cackling wildly. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2

Galvatron's pretty crazy.


  • Dreamwave produced a poster of Galvatron emerging from his lava bath where the planet was misspelled "Thrall".
  • Unless Rodimus Prime can throw other Transformers much, much faster than the speed of light, Thrull and Hydran must be very close to Cybertron in cosmic terms. Maybe that's what Stan Bush meant by "You've got The Touch".

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