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"Three headed monster. Can fly, despite its massive body. The 3 heads have the same mind."

Hydras are arguably the toughest monsters in Final Fantasy Tactics. Their trio of heads are capable of dishing out trios of devastating attacks, and they can also fly. Hydras have an enormous amount of HP, with beasts at higher levels rivaling the stamina of some of the Lucavi. The best way to defeat them is with strong Double Sword Attacks, or using Ice and Wind elemental magic, which is their weakness. Thankfully, physical attacks will always connect on the Hydra class because of their nonexistent evasion score.


  • Rank I: Hydra (Hyudra)

Take out Hydras before they get next to your more fragile units, who could be knocked out with one dose of Tri-Attack.

  • Rank II: Greater Hydra (Hydra)

Greater Hydras can kill nearly any unit without fail from afar with the Tri-Flame Attack. It might help to equip Fire-absorbing armor on your front-line fighters before approaching this beast.

  • Rank III: Tiamat

Tiamats, quite simply, are nightmares. The first ones you meet will likely have over 600 HP. Tri-Breath can decimate half your forces in one spew. You almost certainly want to get rid of these monsters right away, although taking the risk of an Entice can yield an unstoppable party member.


Monster Move Jump Phy. Evasion Rate Move in Water? Common Poach Rare Poach
Hydra 4 4 0 No Blood Sword Scorpion Tail
Greater Hydra 4 4 0 No Septie'me Rubber Suit
Tiamat 4 4 0 No Wyrmweave Silk Whale Whisker


Ability Description Hydra Greater Hydra Tiamat Range Effect Vertical
Tri-Attack 3 heads attack independently. Yes Yes No 1 3 adjacent panels ?
Tri-Flame Each of the 3 heads attack by summoning fire spirit. No Yes Yes 4 2 0
Tri-Thunder Each of the 3 heads attack by summoning thunder spirit. No No* Yes 4 2 0
Tri-Breath 3 heads attack enemy with various breath. No* No Yes 2 (Four directions) 2 (Three directions) ?
Dark Whisper Each of the 3 heads attack by summoning spirit of darkness. May cause instant Death or Sleep status. No No No* 4 2 0

* Abilities can be learned by this race when a unit with the "Monster Skill" Support Ability is nearby.

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