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The Hybrid

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The Hybrid



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Dofus talk is a strange flavour of the English language, mixing Dofus jargon (item and monster names...), Internet slang, MMORPG slang and abbreviations.

  • Internet & RPG slang can be found on the Wikipedia (list).
  • For the Dofus interface commands, see the Command page.
  • For Dofus-specific abbreviations, see below.

Some of the more Dofus related terms are summarised below.



Aie !

A term that indicates that you are ready for a battle. You can do this by clicking on your character and selecting "Slap", but some people might type it instead. Typed variations might include "Aie" "aie" "i" "a" "pie" "! eiA" or anything similar.


Term used to indicate the levelling of a character. For example "/g I dinged!"


Refers mostly to the distribution of status points and spell points (based on the status points) on builds to exploit a more versatile build but with a less massive power compare to a pure build.


Nerf is slang for making a character or item less powerful, in order to promote game balance, or fairness. See also Wikipedia:Nerf (computer gaming)


Pass is used to tell someone to pass their turn because they are usually no help.


Here's a list of abbreviations commonly used in Dofus talk.

(Please do not include self-evident abbreviations like "char" for "character" or "dung" for "dungeon" - except for specific Dofus words)

Acronyms & Abbreviations
Aggro Aggressive. See the Aggro page
ATM at the moment
AoE Area of effect
B> Buying
cc close combat
DP Dragon Pig/Dragon Pig Dungeon
DT Dark Treechnid/Dragoturkey
DC Disconnected
F2P Free-To-Play
FoE Fate of Ecaflip
GM Game Master, Guild Master
MOD/O Moderator
HoT Heads or Tails
k kama
kk 1,000 kamas
LC Lord Crow/Legendary Crackler
LoS Line of sight
mk million kamas
nvm Never mind
omw On My Way
paddy paddock
P2P Pay-To-Play
PC Price check or Plain Crackler
Perc Perceptor
PoC Punch of the Crackler
R> Recruiting
S> Selling
Scara Scaraleaf
SO Soft Oak
Soft Oak Dungeon
SoI Sword of Iop (Iop Spell)
SoJ Shovel of Judgement (Enutrof Spell)
svp s'il vous plait, French for Please
tnl To Next Level
tot Minotot
W/C Wrong Channel
WC Gobball War Chief
Wrong Channel
WoS Word of Sacrifice (Eniripsa Spell)
Gobs Any Gobball
Chall Challenge

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Grew up in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Always loved wrestling, and had a passion for it. Despite being quite small in size, he was determined to be a champion and a wrestler. He signed with GTWF, then MEW, then went back to the GTWF. He is currently working in both ACW and ACW: LVCW.

The Complete Biography Of Hybrid


Early life

Born on July 20 1983, Mike Park was born in Ottawa, Ontario. His father Robert was a wrestler for an Indy federation that has been disbanded. His mother Nikki was a stay-at-home mother who raised Mike Park in their apartment in downtown Ottawa. At the age of fifteen, Mike's father was killed in the ring after winning his only match. This event was what inspired Mike Park to begin training to follow in his father's footsteps. Hence why he took up his first ring name 'Soul Breaker' to pay homage to his father whose ring name was 'Soul Keeper'.


At the age of seventeen, Mike Park began training at a local gym and was tutored by the gym owner, who just so happened to be a former wrestler and friend of Mike's father. Once while training, Mike accidentally botched an aerial move and ended up breaking his neck. This had him sidelined for about three years. However, once he was clear to begin training, Mike took up wrestling again with a more focused attitude.

Searching for Federations

In 2004, Mike had finished his training and had developed his own unique style, which blended High Flying, power, and mixed martial arts. With these corresponding moves in his arsenal, he often contemplated changing his ring name to Hybrid, due to the fact he was a Hybrid wrestler. Upon having all this talent, Mike set off to find his first federation that would take him in and sign him to a contract. Many turned him down, except for one. And surprisingly, it was the major federation in the world.


On July 1 2006, Mike Park was signed to a six-month contract with the Gametalk Wrestling Federation. With the ring-name Soul Breaker, Mike Park was set to make an impact within the federation. In his first match against a reckless rookie, Redmann, Mike Park showed heart and determination. Despite losing his first match, he did go way over with the fans. And thereby set the stage for one of his biggest rivalries of his life, which is still ongoing.

First Faction

On July 14 2006, Mike Park had formed a faction with the likes of four newcomers, Daron The Affliction, Axel Stone, Brock Lock Two, and Johnny Jaguar, who went on to be called Johnny Nailz. The group lasted for only about three weeks when a scuffle broke out amongst its members. It died during a six-man tag team match against GTWF veterans; Justin Hunt, Accident, and The Xecutioner. Mike and Johnny would never truly be friends after that. They would however be involved in several conflicts which ranged from Tag-Team Matches to even title matches. However, more often that not, Mike Park would come out victorious proving to be the better of the two.

The Birth of The Omega

One day during training, Mike Park had requested that one of his trainers let him try something out. There was a move that Mike had been wanting to try out for some time. Since his regular finisher 'The Annihilation' was easily botched or avoidable, he needed a move that could serve as a backup or even take some spot light away from some of the Main Eventer's in the fed, seeing as Mike was only a mid-carder at the time. Upon trying out his new move, which can only be described as a Double Underhook flip facebuster, Mike discovered just how deadly it was. After using it at a few house shows the fan reaction to the new move was off the charts and therefore he used it on a regular basis, making it his main finishing move.

Main Event Wrestling

The upcoming fed Main Event Wrestling had taken a liking to Soul Breaker (who was now known as Hybrid) and his style of wrestling. MEW GM Greg Grateland noticed that Mike's contract with GTWF would be expiring soon, and asked him if he wouldn't mind giving MEW a shot. Mike accepted, and told GTWF management that he would be leaving. During his final match in GTWF for that time being, Mike Park fought close to fifty other men in what can only be known as the most deadly match in history. The Lockdown chamber clamed many victims and shortened careers. After suffering major injuries, Mike Park had no choice but to join MEW two months later than expected.

Main Eventing Main Event Wrestling

After only two matches in MEW, Hybrid had taken the fed by storm, captivating audiences worldwide and also being in the Main Event in his third match. After winning the match cleanly, Mike Park was then assaulted by GTWF member, Johnny Nailz. After the assault there was an announcement for MEW's first Pay-Per-View, Genesis. It was going to be Hybrid versus Johnny Nailz in a hardcore match. With only revenge on his mind, Hybrid destroyed Johnny Nailz and also hit one of his biggest moves of all time... The Omega off of a ladder. With Johnny taken care of, Hybrid looked toward the title scene.

First Title

At MEW's second ever Pay-Per-View Ground Zero, Hybrid was set to face off against Su'Preme Ali for the United States Championship. The match was a thirty minute Iron Man Match. After just barely winning, Mike Park had finally won a singles title. This would be the first in a long list of titles that Mike would win.

The Biggest Night of His Life

December 24 2006, MEW had just underwent serious management changes, after being stripped of his US title, Hybrid was placed in a 25-man gauntlet for the new major title of MEW, The Universal Championship. After giving it all he had, Mike Park had won the biggest title of his life after going through 24 other men, some major veterans. Hybrid would become the first Universal champion and would eventually lose the title to Fate.


MEW would yet again go under new management when Tim Kamen would take over MEW. Mike and Tim never got along, and during an emotional time for the fed, Mike lashed out at Tim only to have Tim's wife Lilly get involved. Mike would yet again PWN her, and therefore Tim would fire Hybrid from MEW and would also place him on many blacklists as well as many other e-fed websites for people to avoid. Despite making false accusations against Hybrid, no one really bought into it. Without Hybrid, MEW slowly died. We are also unaware of the conflict between Hybrid and Tim has ceased.

Rejoining GTWF

Hybrid would rejoin the Gametalk Wrestling Federation just in time for the annual League. The knowledge and moves that Mike had learned in MEW would play to be quite useful as Hybrid would finish second overall for the entire league. Narrowly losing, but making an impact nevertheless.

Rejoining MEW

Tim Kamen was fired from MEW by the new owner Chris Phoenix. The set the stage for Hybrid's return, even though it was only for a short period of time. Hybrid was immediately handed one half of the vacant MEW tag titles. Later on he would defeat Sam Madison for the New Age championship. With his final match approaching, and wanting to only work for GTWF, this set the stage for the final match in MEW history.

Hall of Fame

For a special stipulation, if Hybrid were to defeat Bad Boy Tony and win the Global Championship, then he would become the first ever inductee for the MEW Hall of Fame. Hybrid won, and not only became a Hall of Famer, but the only Grand Slam Champion in MEW history. Hybrid then went on to only work for the GTWF.

The Apocalypse

Hybrid would have a long outstanding feud with The Apocalypse. He would prove to be Hybrid's biggest rival in his entire history as a wrestler. Their feud would escalate heavily and nearly had both men killing themselves in a Three Stages of Hell match for the GTWF Intercontinental championship. Hybrid would win the title, and would soon change his ring name back to Soul Breaker. He is also currently still champion. At GTWF Wrestle Mania Six, Soul Breaker and The Apocalypse ended their year-long feud in a Hell in Cell match, where Hybrid would come out victorious...

Late GTWF Days

Mike Park would become the runner-up in the 2007 GTWF Royal Rumble, nearly earning a shot at the GTU at GTWF Wrestle Mania VI. Mike Park would enter at #21 and would then be eliminated by Cruze after having the Omega countered into a slam. Mike Park, would go on to Wrestle Mania to defeat his long-time rival in a Hell in a Cell Match, that being, the most intense match in his career. After hitting the Annihilation off a ladder, on the top of the cage, and through a burning ring... it is a mircale he is even still alive.

Other Federations

Mike Park had joined other federations located on the G-fed network. His earliest federation on the g-fed network was Genocide Wrestling, where Mike was getting a taste of what g-fed was all about. Some say he never really tried in GW, and therefore never showed off his true abilties. He would then work for the LEWA and would have a solid run.

Lightning Extreme Wrestling Assocation

Mike Park would take the LEWA by storm, winning a triple threat match against Chris Raynge and Johnny Nailz to capture the Total Action Divison Championship. At the time of working in the LEWA, Mike was also currently still IC champion in the GTWF, however, Mike would lose that title to Ryan Rage. His attention was then completely focused on the LEWA, where he would eventually vacate the TAD title due to injury, but would then return and would capture the LEWA Liberty Heavyweight championship! He is currently the longest-ever title holder for that belt. That was, until he brought the title to Total Annihilation Wrestling after losing a match to Jason Blade. After being annoyed by the LEWA's antics and unprofessional manner, Mike Park would leave for another federation, ACW.

Augusta Championship Wrestling

Mike Park would join ACW after leaving the LEWA. He would join both ACW networks in LVCW and the tegular ACW brand. Mike would impress the staff on both brands, and would be ranked #1 on the power twenty on LVCW, three times out of four. The other time, he was ranked second overall. Mike Park also took ACW by storm, as he got pushed right into Main Event-level matches against stars such as Fongule and Princeton Pike. Mike is also currently an LVCW tag-team champion with Roger Stevens.

Present Day

Mike Park is currently dating or is said to soon to be engaged to former MEW women's champion, May Tain. May Tain, who is best described as a combionation of Carmen Electra, Summer Glau and Velvet Sky. Mike is also a father and is going on twenty-four years old.

Stats and Figures

GTWF Record: 21-13-4 MEW Record: 15-3-0 GW Record: 1-1-0 LEWA Record: 16-4-0 PWR-1 Record: 1-0-0 FCW Record: 5-1-0 LVCW Record: 4-0-0 ACW Record: 1-1 Overall Record: 61-25-8 (Some federations / events not listed)

Total Title Matches: 27

Former Names: Soul Breaker, Soul Breaker X, Hybrid, Mike Park

Longest Match: GTWF Wrestle Mania VI - Hell in a Cell - versus Apocalypse - 73:21

Past Factions and Tag-Teams: Ultimate Killing Machines, The Anarchists, The New Mark of Excellence, The Ultimate Vending Machines, Generation Next, Soulless Entities

Former Rivals: Johnny Nailz, The Apocalypse, Chris Phoenix

Pay-Per-Views Headlined: Ground Zero, The Fight Before Christmas, Global Genocide, Rage in a Cage, Day of Reckoning, Heart & Soul VI

Past Honors: Runner-up in GTWF League 07, Winner of the Universal Gauntlet Match, MEW Match Writer of the Year, MEW Owner, FCW Owner, Final Five in Royal Rumble 06, Runner-up in GTWF Royal Rumble 07

Inspirations: Chris Benoit, Robert Park, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, AJ Styles, Ultimate Warrior, KENTA, Finlay, Johnny Perfect, Rick Astin, Dan McMahon, Kurt Angle

Years Pro: Two

Entrance Themes: Headstrong by Trapt, Superstar by Saliva, Victim by Eighteen Visions, My Plague by Slipknot, I am Hated by Slipknot, What I've Done by Linkin Park

Past Titles

10x GTWF Vanguard Champion (Won via Hardcore rule in effect)

1x GTWF Intercontinental Champion - Beat: Apocalypse; Predecessor: Ryan Rage

1x MEW US Champion - Beat: Su'Preme Ali; Predecessor: Title was then defunct

1x MEW Universal Champion - Beat: Everyone in the fed; Predecessor: Fate

1x MEW Tag-Team Champion - Beat: Was given one half of vacant titles upon return; Predecessors: XXX and Jake Moltres

1x MEW New Age Champion - Beat: Sam Madison; Predecessor: Vacated Title

1x MEW Global Champion - Beat: Bad Boy Tony; Predecessor: Vacated

1x FCW Melee Champion - Beat: Wade Merchant; Predecessor: Dominick Damage

1x LEWA Total Action Division - Beat: Chris Range; Predecessor: Vacated Title

1x LEWA Liberty Heavyweight Champion - Beat: Shawn Mazein, Wildthing, Ace Static ; Predecessor: Brought title to TAW

1x LVCW Tag-Team Champion - Won a Battle Royal ; Predecessor: None yet

Memorable Matches =

Hybrid vs. Johnny Perfect vs. Devin Reilly vs. Muse - GTWF Wrestle Mania V - Money in the Bank Safe Match (Loss)

Hybrid vs. Johnny Nailz - MEW Presents: Genesis - No Holds Barred (Won)

Hybrid vs. Su'Preme Ali - MEW Presents: Ground Zero - 30 Minute Ironman Match - United States Championship (Won)

25-man Gauntlet for the MEW Universal Championship (Won)

Hybrid vs. Fate vs. Chris Phoenix - Global Genocide - Universal Title - (Loss)

Hybrid vs. The Xecutioner - GTWF League 07 Round One Match (Won)

Hybrid vs. Johnny Nailz - GTWF League 07 Round Three Match - Rusty Nailz Match (Won)

Hybrid vs. Noish vs. Kalvain vs. Jay Smith - 60 Min Ironman Battle Royal - GTU (Runner-up)

Hybrid vs. The Apocalypse - Heart and Soul VI - Three Stages of Hell - IC Title (Won)

GTWF Royal Rumble 07 (Runner-up)

Hybrid vs. The Apocalypse - Hell in a Cell (Won)

Signature Moves

Three Souls - Three DDT's in a row ; Mike's different and almost controversial way to pay tribute to Eddie Guerrero

The Omega - The Flip Pedigree. Arguably the single greatest move and deadliest in the world. Only two men have ever kicked out of this move.

The Annihilation - The Shooting Star Press Senton Bomb #2 ; Mike's very rare and best aerial move in his arsenal

Copyright 2007 GTWF INC, All Rights Reserved

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This is the Hybrid disambiguation page.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

A Combat pure is a player who works primarily on certain battle skills, focusing much of their attention to make those skills stronger. Combat pures fall into four categories: Warriors, Mages, Archers, and Hybrids.



Combat pures mainly train combat skills and are usually made for Player Killing (Known as PKing), possibly with a money making skill such as Woodcutting as well. The purpose of having a combat pure is to be specialised in one or two combat skills, thus being very good at a low combat level. Defence and Prayer are normally sacrificed when being a combat pure, as they add to combat level. Both skills are arguably less useful than Strength in player-killing, although both have their uses.

The overall goal of a "pure" is to be highly specialised in a particular style of combat,dealing more damage than those of a similar combat level. A variety of combat skill combinations is considered favourable for different tasks.

Some quick tips:

  • To avoid training Defence, do not fight in a defensive or controlled style. Always double check the attack style you are using. Doing so prevents unwanted levels being gained. Note that it may help to use weapons with similar styles.
  • To avoid training Hitpoints on a melee pure, you can complete the Vampire Slayer Quest to earn 4825 Attack experience. Magic levels can be gained without Hitpoints by using Alchemy, Teleportation and Curses. The best way to train any skill without gaining Hitpoints experience is playing Soul Wars. You can exchange the points won from each successful game for experience in a single combat stat, except Summoning, unlike pest control you do not have to be level 40 but the higher level you are the more experience gained in that level. To avoid Hitpoints gain entirely in Pest Control, you have to rebuild smashed barricades and doors, and avoid fighting the Pests as much as possible. Most people wouldn't mind training hitpoints for pures since having low defence and only 10 hitpoints will make you easily killed in 1 hit.
  • To avoid training Prayer, do not bury bones and do not complete the Restless Ghost quest, however, doing so will prevent you from going into Morytania.

Combat pures vary with their combat class (Ranger, Mage, or Warrior), so they are discussed below.

Advantages of Defence

There are many reasons why one would be interested in getting Defence levels while being a Pure, one of which is to wear better armour which may give better statistic bonuses. Another reason why one might get defence levels is to get hit damage less often, or to simply not be a pure any more. However, this involves sacrificing combat stats and also hitpoints. Both rune gauntlets and berserker shield gives the wearer strength bonuses (requires 40 and 45 defence respectively) so some players think it is worthwhile to get defence up to level 45.

Using Prayer

Although Prayer does contribute to the combat level at a lower rate, it has a few advantages. In addition to 5, 10 or 15% stat boosts, at level 25, you will save an additional item when Protect Item is active (and only one item, if the player is "skulled" for using the Abyss or attacking another player, which still gives them a chance to save their most valuable item in your pack). However if one decided to include Prayer, he should realise that it will increase combat level.

  • At level 31, players can access the Monastery which contains an altar to recharge Prayer to two above your base Prayer level. This will not allow you to use Prayers above your base Prayer level (i.e. using the altar at 41 Prayer will not give access to Protect from Melee)
  • At level 37, you gain the Protect from Magic Prayer, very useful when you are wearing Armour with a low Mage Defence bonus.
  • At level 40, you can use the Protect from Missiles prayer which defends against damage from all forms of ranged attacks (excluding Mage).
  • At level 43, the last of the protection Prayers, Protect from Melee, is usable, which protects you from melee attacks. This is a popular choice among pures to compensate for lack of Defence .

Protection Prayers are often looked down upon because player killers tend to think it drags out the fun; many will run if confronted with this. Of course this could also be viewed in light of the fact that those players who are against these prayers often have not taken the time to train prayer to these levels, or are trying to manipulate you into giving up an advantage you may have.

For P2P players, 52 Prayer unlocks Smite. When this prayer is active, 1 Prayer point is removed from your opponent's prayer for every 4 damage inflicted on them. You can use smite to win your opponent's "protected" item, assuming you defeat them. During intense and hectic situations, you may be forced to make a choice to eat food or drink a Prayer Potion when nearing death. If your foe does not renew their prayer points when depleted and dies, they will lose the item that would normally have been protected.

In addition, two prayers have been added for members that have completed the Knight Waves Training Grounds mini-quest. The first prayer is Chivalry, at level 60 prayer, this increases your Defence by 20%, your Strength by 18%, and your Attack by 15%. The second, and highest levelled prayer of all, is Piety, at level 70 prayer, which increases your defence by 25%, your strength by 23%, and your attack by 20%. These have been replaced by the Ancient Curses though, which require only 28 defence to get.


Attack 1

Recommended equipment: Obsidian Maul, Berserker Necklace, Berserker Ring, Regen Bracelet, Monk Robes, Obsidian Cape, iron full helm or Bearhead.

These pures are players that have a lot of funds and a lot of time. They stay at 1, 5, 10, 16, 20 Attack, (mostly 1 attack) and 60+ strength for the Obsidian Maul. Some combine range or magic with this to make a deadly but costly combat combo (balance wise). Some also have 1-13-31-43-52 prayer. Pures with 1 attack can not get climbing boots due to the fact that the Death Plateau quest has to be completed to obtain them, this quest gives out attack experience points.

Defence 1

Recommended equipment: Abyssal whip, Saradomin sword, Godsword, or dragon scimitar, amulet of fury , unholy book, bearhead, iron platebody, black d'hide chaps, climbing boots, fire cape, berserker ring, adamant gloves, regen bracelet (has more accuracy than adamant gloves and combat bracelet)

These pures were created with pking in mind. A lot of people with defence did not pk in their best equipment unless they have a very large amount of money. With this in mind players created pures so that they could hit high at low combat so that they could destroy an opponent with rune and under armour. The structure of a pure (high attack, strength and hitpoints with low defence) gives a player a better chance of killing an enemy before he runs away, which was fairly common in the Wilderness. This line of thought carries into Bounty Hunter, since an opponent running for the exit has more chance of being killed by someone with high attack and strength than someone who has moderate attack, defence and strength. Low defence keeps the combat level down, so pures can more often than not kill a main account of the same level. Having a pure with high attack and strength creates a powerful account which makes up for its lack of defence. Even though you can hit accurately with high damage, you also receive a lot of damage in return, essentially creating a double edged sword. This is the most popular form of pure among RuneScape players and the type most people think of when talking about pures. Pure attack and strength has the benefit to quickly eliminate your opponent which limits the damage you receive.

Sometimes players got tricked into using a butterfly net or a spear in a Duel in the Duel Arena, and it doesn't matter which attack style they choose, it will get them defence experience. This was used to trick random 1 defence pures into their biggest fear, level 2 defence.

Defence 5

Recommended equipment: Melee weapon of choice, Tyras Helm,amulet of fury, steel defender,regen bracelet, black d'hide chaps,unholy book, climbing boots, berserker ring,fire cape

Some players get 5 defence because of the Tyras helm, and because it only levels them up 1-2 levels. Some also choose to get 5 defence, because they may have got 2 defence by accident.

Defence 10

Recommended equipment: Melee weapon of choice, Slayer helmet, bearhead or black full helm, black platebody, black d'hide chaps, regen bracelet (Cannot get rune gloves on 10 defence), amulet of fury, black defender or unholy book, climbing boots, fire cape, berserker ring

Some players get 10 defence to wear black armour and combat robes or druidic mage robes while only gaining 1 or 2 combat levels. These pures aren't very common, while most of pures are choosing 1 or 20 defence. The total strength bonus of a "black pure" is 27, 29 with an amulet of strength

Defence 13

Recommended equipment: Melee weapon of choice, Slayer helmet, bearhead or black full helm, black platebody, black d'hide chaps, rune gloves, amulet of fury, black defender or unholy book, climbing boots, fire cape, berserker ring

Some Players choose to get 13 defence in order to wear rune gloves. The quest Nature Spirit rewards 2,000 defence exp, which will get a pure from 1-13 defence. These pures aren't very common, while most of pures are choosing 1 or 20 defence.

Defence 20

Recommended equipment: Melee weapon of choice, Bearhead or Initiate Sallet, initiate platebody, Black Dragon Hide Chaps, Rune Gloves, Amulet of Fury, Mithril Defender, Climbing Boots, Fire Cape, Berserker Ring

Some players choose to get their Defence to a level of 20 so as to be able to wear Initiate Armour. It's done to have a greater Prayer bonus which will help in keeping one's Prayer level up for longer periods of time and for the better Defence against Magic provided. The only time this pure wears full Initiate Armour is when relying on Prayer. The total strength bonus of an initiate pure is 28. 30 with Amulet of Strength.

Defence 30

Recommended equipment: Melee weapon of choice, Proselyte Armour, Rune gloves, Amulet of fury, Adamant defender, Climbing boots, Fire cape, Berserker ring.

Some Initiate pures get 30 defence (to wear Proselyte Armour as it provides better prayer and defence bonus and they can use turmoil with prayer 95 if they have done all quests to get defence 30) when their strength reaches a high level. They normally get 60 or 70/75 attack for Dragon scimitar or Abyssal whip/Godsword, then 70 to 99 strength. The total strength bonus a proselyte pure gets from the outfit above is 30. 32 with Amulet of Strength. Its recommend to get 95 pray as the bonus of strength is alot higher when activated. A f2p type of 30 defence pure is also and addy pure. They specialise in strength and are devastating to range/2hers and pure strs. They usually lvl about 60-75 having 40attack, 65+strength and 30defence.

Defence 40-45

Recommended equipment: Melee weapon of choice, Fighter torso, Rune platelegs, Berserker helm, Berserker ring, Rune defender, Barrows gloves, Amulet of fury, Fire cape, Rune boots, Void Knight equipment

Other players choose to get 40 defence or 45 for a greater selection of armour and the tremendous increase in strength given by the proper berserker pure outfit (see above). Those who get 40 defence have access to Rune armour, Dragonhide armour, Splitbark armour and the Fighter torso (which has a greater defence against slash attacks than rune platebody but has lower Defence against stab and crush attacks). Those who gain 5 more defence levels can wear the Berserker Helm. The other 'perk' that comes with 45 Defence is access to lunar magics and the vengeance spell plus the ability to wield Dragon and Barrows Gloves from the quest Recipe for Disaster. To achieve Barrows Gloves this pure would have to gain a total of 176 quest points and get all their Defence experience directly from quests. The quests a typical zerker pure will get defence from are The Fremennik trials, Dragon slayer, Monkey Madness (accept the strength and hitpoints xp to get the lowest amount of defence xp, although the quest was since updated to allow players to refuse the experience), and Hero's Quest, for Barrows gloves. Some of the newer berserker pures choose to refuse the experience from Monkey Madness in order to be able to do the quests Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf, for the powerful Hand Cannon weapon, and Defender of Varrock ,which leads to The Temple at Senntisten, to access the Ancient Curses. The Ancient Curses are an immediate advantage in a fight between two berserker pures, as the Sap Mage or Leech Magic prayers prevent the use ot the Vengeance spell by the opponent.The total Strength bonus of a Zerker pure is +44, so a Dragon Scimitar, for example, would have +110 strength.

Defence 50

Recommended equipment: Saradomin Sword/Godsword, Granite legs, fighter torso, Climbing boots, Berserker helm, Berserker ring, Barrows gloves, Amulet of fury, Fire cape

Although uncommon, level 50 defence pures as they are known are being created. Many players view this as odd but it is not truly so. There a few advantages of 50 defence. One of them being able to better range tank as a hybrid. Another one includes fighting rangers with the granite legs. Another main advantage is that having an Attack level of 75, a Defence of 50, a Prayer level of 52, and a Strength level of 99 allows the player to max out at combat level 100. One bonus to 50 defence is that having a factor of 100 increases the extra defence though this is not 100% confirmed yet. An added bonus is the ability to use the Battle robes from Fist of Guthix.

Defence 70

Recommended equipment: Melee weapon of choice, Barrows equipment set of choice, Barrows gloves, amulet of fury, fire cape or strength cape, berserker ring

A Barrows pure (which isn't considered by some players to be a true pure) is a player killer with and Attack and Defence level of 70. Most player killers who choose to raise their defence levels to this extent do it to wear a powerful set of armours known as Barrows.

Defence tends to be the more neglected of the three melee stats, so the standard for a Melee tank is simply set by the relative levels. A level 75 wearing Torag The Corrupted's set of barrows equipment is considered a tank, due to a very high defence level relative to other level 75 players, but a level 100 wearing Verac is not considered a tank (unless they have 99 defence), due to the fact that 70 defence becomes significantly more common among similarly levelled players. Typically, these tanks are not the most effective variant, due to the fact that they are likely forced into a lower strength or attack level in order to maintain a lower combat.

Defence 75

Recommended equipment: Abyssal Whip, charged dragonfire shield, Neitiznot or Torags helm, Torag armour.

These are created for a mage melee tank or range defence tank combo or plain tank. 75 is for the Dragonfire shield.

All Balanced

Having an all balanced account gives the player opportunity to withstand the attacks of pures with their defence but limits the damage ratio to those of pures with higher attack and strength.


Defence 1

Recommended equipment: Magic staff of choice, mage's book, Wizard hat, wizard robe top, leather chaps, wizard boots, adamant gloves, god cape, seers ring

A description often used for a Player killer that routinely fights using the Magic skill. Pure mages can hit for lots of damage at a low level, ideally killing their target before it has a chance to run, but at higher levels, the power of Magic is greatly weakened.

In P2P, low-level (30-40's) PKing with Magic is highly discouraged with the large population of Range Pures and improved dragonhide armour that weaken the accuracy of magic spells immensely. The use of mystic is rare due to the fact that it needs 20 defence, and is an expensive loss if the player dies. However, in more recent times, the strategy of using prayer to enhance the accuracy of magic spells have become more common and favoured, because the player does not risk any expensive types of magic robes. Runes are very expensive and magic is considered better for teleporting, smelting and enchanting than for fighting. Magic will only do good for fighting between level 5 and 30; mainly for pking.

The Mage Pure has no use for low level prayer - even protect item will not save runes, though it may be worth it to save a battlestaff or a piece of member's mage armour.

Also, mage pures tend to die more often than other pures, mainly because of their low hitpoints level, which is often due to training with curse and alchemy (otherwise noncombat) spells, whereas other pures tend to have a higher hitpoints level and are able to take more hits before needing to eat.

Defence 20-25

Recommended equipment: Staff of choice, Mage's Book, Mystic Robes Set or Infinity Hat (no gloves), Combat Bracelet, God Cape, Seers' Ring

Some players choose to get their Defence to a level of 20 so as to be able to wear Mystic robes for a much larger Magic attack bonus which helps while spellcasting. Also, you can opt to get 25 Defence for Infinity Robes.

Defence 50

Recommended equipment: Staff of choice, Mage's Book, Battle Robes, Combat Bracelet, God Cape, Seers' Ring

A rare type of mage pure, usually berserker pures that mistakenly get more than 45 defence will bump it up to 50. The benefit of 50 defence allows them to wear Battle robes. These robes provide a much higher bonus opposed to the Mystic Robes/Infinity Robes. However the Infinity Hat surpasses the Battle Robe hood.

Another benefit of the combat robes is that if the full set is equipped, there is a good chance that the robes will supply any Mind, Chaos, Death or Blood runes when casting a combat spell.

Defence 70

Recommended equipment: Staff of choice, Mage's Book, Ahrim's Set, Combat Bracelet, God Cape, Seer's Ring

Although not commonly seen, a Mage Tank will often have a very high Magic level, along with 70 Defence to utilise Ahrim's Robes. These tanks are extremely rare, and are often easily taken down by a Damage Range Tank.


Defence 1

A term often used for any PKer that routinely fights using the Ranged skill generally considered a ranged pure.

Since Defence is only required to wear the body section of the leather armour and the coif rewards from Fist of Guthix, a level 20 ranger can upgrade to Studded Chaps and a Coif, and a level 40 with no defence can wear Green Dragonhide Vambraces and Green Dragonhide Chaps, a Coif and a basic Leather Body. Another common item is the Iron Chainbody, due to its defence bonus with no range attack negative.

For P2P rangers, it is advised to wear the highest-level Dragonhide that is available for the player's range level. The Magic Shortbow is a must for PKing, as it has a special attack unlike other bows and with the use of rune arrows, medium to high level rangers prove quite deadly. Rangers succeed most in the high level 30's to the low level 40's.

With the addition of the Dark Bow and Rune Crossbow, rangers at higher combat levels have a much higher chance of defeating other players in armour, compared to the Magic Shortbow.

The Range Pure has no use for low level prayer, except to protect a crossbow or dark bow - protect item will not save arrows. Another prayer sometimes used is the protect prayers, but is not advised since it is not needed at a pure low level

There is another type of range pure that involves a player not getting hitpoints at all. To use this type of pure a player must level ranged using either cannon, exp lamp, archery minigame at the ranging guild and/or soul wars. This type of pure involves using a dark bow to kill the target in one hit, 25 prayer recommended for using protect item in case of death. A pure with 43 prayer, 10 hitpoints, and 60 ranged will come out to be level 37, capable of hitting 27 damage per dark bow special arrow, that's a total of 54 damage in one hit, it is capable of taking out most people around level 35-45 in one hit. Unfortunately, your only form of defence is using protect from melee, however it is possible to get 50 magic to access the snare spell in order to disable the target allowing you to get 2, maybe 3 shots in at once. Getting 50 magic will not affect your combat level unless you get to 60 magic. This method is very effective however, it does not prevent other players from killing you. This type of pure can only be used for roughly 3000 kills before it becomes obsolete, as every time you hit you gain hitpoints experience, and soon, it will become too high level to pk effectively. However, you can get to 71 range and 10 hp, along with 50 magic at level 43, allowing you to pk very effectively, this type of pure lasts almost double the last one's kill count, assuming that you do not kill any monsters. An even better idea is to get hitpoints instead of prayer.

Defence 40-70

The second most common tank variant is a Tank Ranger. By far the most commonly seen form of a Tank Ranger is a player wearing a Black Dragonhide body with Rune Platelegs, a Rune Full Helmet, and a Rune Kiteshield, often with a Rune Crossbow as the weapon of choice. However, these tanks are often described as "wannabe tanks" due to the fact that they generally do not have a very high defence bonus. Generally, the most effective Tank Ranger is a setup in which the Rune Helm is replaced with a Torag's Helm, the Rune Platelegs replaced with Torag's platelegs, and a superior shield such as a Granite shield, Crystal Shield or Obsidian shield in place of the Rune Kiteshield.

Another type of Tank Ranger utilises armour such as Karil's for the phenomenal magic defence, and uses a very powerful weapon such as a Dark Bow or Karil's Crossbow. Due to the low melee defence of Karil's armour, this tank doesn't excel against meleers, and as such, many also have the gear for regular Tank Ranging.

Defence Pure or Tank

An Example of a Defence Pure

Although extremely rare, a true Defence Pure is a character who solely trains Defence, whilst purposefully not gaining experience in the 2 melee stats. These types of pures can be useful for tanking, a method groups use to tackle powerful monsters. It is possible to gain 60 defence while not exceeding 30 combat; if the account is purely defence, it is possible to achieve level 99 defence at the lowest, level 27 combat. However, Defence Pures are not very effective, as they have a max hit of 1 and hit many 0's due to the lack of attack and strength levels. A popular way of killing the opponent is to use an iron dagger (p++) to slowly whittle their health down. They then switch to a red topaz machete, which has the highest attack bonus of weapons requiring 1 attack. For non members, the highest attack bonus is shared with Silverlight and the Blurite sword. Another is, with 75 defence and the all-powerful Dragonfire Shield, using the shield to hit 17+. Training an account to 60 defence takes a good deal of patience gaining a maximum of 4 experience per attack, while not consistently administering damage. The more common reason for a Defence Pure is to show off one's opulence, such as equipping the account with Dragon chainmail, Dragon Legs or Plateskirt, and a Dragon full helmet of some sort. A good way to train defence pures is to kill men in Edgeville, in the house just north of the bank. Soul Wars is the notable way of training Defence as one could go from level 40-99 in about a month as Zeal points give massive experience. One effective way for defence pures to pk is in groups, with each pure wielding a dragonfire shield and choosing one target to attack. The combined fire blasts can easily knock out players with 50 combat, whilst those with 50 combat cannot hit the pures through their high leveled armour.

Another way a defence pure or tank will train defence without training Strength or Attack is by sacrificing some of their combat level to the skill Summoning. they will get the lowest level Summoning as they possibly can but try to get a familiar that gives bonus Defence experience. a popular familiar is the Bronze Minotaur, which can hit higher than a defence pure or tank can.

However, if a notable amount of combat levels are gained from Summoning, usually the Defence pure is instead considered a Summoning tank, even though possessing separate intents.


A hybrid is a term usually used for combat pures. A hybrid works on multiple skills. The most common hybrid is ranged/magic. It is difficult to use, but it should be possible to have equal primary statistics in two or even three classes of combat or at least a working ability in one or two other combat classes. Usually it is best to work on only 2 different combat types, rather than working on 3. Otherwise your combat will be high and your combat skill level will not be the best it can be.

Carrying two or three different sets of equipment would leave a hybrid with a lot to lose and very little space for food, but enable you to stand in two or three points of the Combat Triangle.

  • Armoured warrior is weak against Mage (if you have no other choice, take off your armour and charge the mage if you are willing to take a risk.)
  • Mages are weak against Rangers, as range armour is better defensively against magic than mage gear is against arrows.
  • Ranger is generally weak against Warrior (use bind to stop the warrior approaching if mage-range hybrid, and make good use of obstructions such as forest, fences, or higher ground).

At the very least, the Mage or Ranger should carry a backup weapon and train attack and strength to do worthwhile damage with it, better than hitting with their staff or bow when out of ammunition. A slashing weapon, such as a scimitar, was also needed to enter areas protected by a web.

  • Ranged/Mage: At low levels, Ranged/Magic hybrids can deal speedy damage and then finish their targets off with a powerful spell. At higher levels, Magic is merely used to bind other players, and to attack melee fighters in metal armour.
  • Melee/Ranged: Uses dragonhide chaps/vambs. The player switches from the bow when the opponent is low on hitpoints to a powerful melee weapon. Weapons used include Granite maul, TzHaar-Ket-Om (Obsidian Maul), Rune 2h Sword, or a Dragon Dagger.
  • Any/Mage: Enables teleport spells, bind, and combat spells, and increases resistance to Magic.
  • Any/Melee: Gives a backup combat method when out of runes or arrows, and good for kills that aren't worth wasting non-renewable items on.
  • Mage/Melee: An increasingly popular strategy among lower levels is to Ice Blitz an enemy from a distance, and then perform a dragon dagger special on the person/monster. This prevents the enemy from escaping, while allowing the player to inflict damage a few seconds before the enemy reaches the person. These pures can often be spotted in F2P wearing magical robes, and a fast weapon, such as a rune scimitar, or a DD(P++), and possibly a shield. This makes a good combination for F2P. They start by opening a Melee attack, then binding the foe as he or she tries to run. They may use a power spell as a finisher, which can be very effective. These Hybrids, however, are very uncommon, and can easily be taken down by a Pure Ranger.
  • Any/Prayer: Prayer allows the use of protect item, smite, which lowers one's prayer, and prayers to boost attack, strength, defence, ranged, and magic accuracy.
  • Melee/Melee: First uses a simple fast weapon like a Rune scimitar, then takes out a much stronger weapon like Rune 2h sword or Rune Battleaxe to perform a much stronger attack at the same speed. But then its as slow as weapon chosen.
  • Ranged/Ranged: Similar to melee/melee, as the person uses a fast weapon such as a Magic shortbow, then takes out a much stronger ranged weapon such as a Dark bow or Rune c'bow.

Hybrids are the most feared types of pures as they can do damage in many different ways. In f2p the best possible hybrid for low level crater is melee/ranged. It is highly recommended to tank and get your attack and strength up. The tactics: Range/2h and Range/G Maul:Bring a strength potion and drink it then attack your target with the 2h and immediately switch to your bow and start attacking. Once the opponent's health is extremely low they should be ready to eat. The next time your character pulls the arrow back on the bow click your 2h and then the person your attacking which normally leads to a KO (knockout). Range and G Mauling is the same thing except when you switched to your maul you must click then click the special bar on the attack screen. Ranged/Mage- Against warriors use your bind spell (or ice spell if you have Ancients) and then start to range and then go to your spell book and get ready to cast your highest damage inflicting spell. When your target has almost no hp your target will probably eat the same time you shoot. Keep casting a high damage spell and your target will probably be overwhelmed and die. Melee/Mage- Against warriors, attack using a fast hitting weapon and finish off with a high strength weapon. If your target decides to run, you should already be ready to cast bind on him. You may also cast a fire blast as a finisher. In free to play the max hit for your best spell Fire blast is 16. It may be helpful to know that using one form of combat (e.g., ranged with a shortbow on rapid), then after a few shots switching to a weapon of a completely different combat style (e.g. rune scimitar), it is possible to bypass protection prayers, as the opponent will often not be able to switch the prayer in time to protect against that quick strike. This however, has the irritating side effect of sometimes generating criticism.

Another type of combat pure involves counting your combat level right. Using the soul wars minigame, dwarf cannon, curses, high alching, and exp lamps, you can get to level 37 with 90 strength, 50 magic, 60 range,43 prayer and 10 hitpoints. This provides a very, very good pking combination and allows you to hit a maximum of 27 per arrow when using dragon arrows with dark bow special, allows you to cast snare to stop your opponent for 10 seconds, lets you use obsidian maul with outstanding results and lets you protect item should you die. Unfortunately, like the 10 hitpoint range pure, levels hitpoints when you decide to go player killing. Fortunately, it lets you pk level 80s at level 60, and gives you a decent chance against other pures.

Account Types

Please note that these are only selected account types and stats, as there are many other different accounts that have different stats.

Obsidian Initiate Ranged Tank
Combat level
1 80
31 1
1 53.57 53
1 24.32 24
1 24.32 24
Combat level
20 85
52 1
70 87.67 87
80 71.75 71
94 78.57 78
Combat level
99 99
70 1
70 103.75 103
99 106.35 106
99 106.35 106
Rune Barrows Hybrid
Combat level
40 99
52 1
70 96.17 96
99 89.35 89
99 89.35 89
Combat level
70 99
52 1
70 103.67 103
99 96.85 96
99 96.85 96
Combat level
1 99
52 1
70 86.42 86
99 79.6 79
99 79.6 79
Mage F2P Mystic Mage Tank
Combat level
1 20
1 1
1 5.9 5
1 5.57 5
59 33.85 33
Combat level
20 40
1 1
1 15.65 15
1 15.32 15
60 44.25 44
Combat level
70 65
1 1
1 34.4 34
1 34.07 34
94 79.57 79
Berserker Pure 1 Defence Pure Defence Pure
Combat level
45 99
52 1
60 94.17 94
99 90.6 90
99 90.6 90
Combat level
1 99
52 1
60 83.17 83
99 79.6 79
99 79.6 79
Combat level
99 99
1 1
1 50.15 50
1 49.82 49
1 49.82 49
Prayer Pure Attack Pure Mid-level Hybrid F2P
Combat level
1 10
99 1
1 15.65 15
1 15.32 15
1 15.32 15
Combat level
1 99
1 1
99 57.5 57
1 25.32 25
1 25.32 25
Combat level
1 66
31 1
40 55.92 55
73 55.92 55
73 55.92 55
Skiller Strength Pure Low-level Hybrid F2P
Combat level
1 10
1 1
1 3.4 3
1 3.07 3
1 3.07 3
Combat level
1 99
1 1
40 70.17 70
1 25.32 25
1 25.32 25
Combat level
1 32
1 1
30 27.75 27
40 27.75 27
40 27.75 27
High-level Warrior High-level Ranger High-level Mage
Combat level
75 99
70 1
75 108.8 108
99 100.35 100
99 100.35 100
Combat level
85 99
70 1
60 97 97
99 102.85 102
99 102.85 102
Combat level
85 99
70 1
60 97 97
99 102.85 102
94 100.57 100
Summoning Pure Prayer/Summoning Hybrid
Combat level
1 10
1 99
1 15.65 15
1 15.32 15
1 15.32 15


Combat level
1 10
99 99
1 27.9 27
1 27.57 27
1 27.57 27


Black Pure Neitiznot Main
Combat level
10 60
1 1
40 53.25 53
40 37 37
59 46.1 46


Combat level
55 99
70 1
75 103.8 103
99 95.35 95
99 95.35 95


Exodus Tank
Combat level
1 60
44 1
40 53.25 53
65 52.27 52
59 49.35 49
Ranged/2h Pure
Combat level
1 99
44 1
40 75.67 75
99 78.6 78
55 57.15 57

(Exodus Tanks commonly form clans of 3-5 people)


Two or more similar pures that have similar names are sometimes called twins. Twins may player-kill with each other. Similar named accounts may cause confusion for another group of pkers that these twins are attacking, while the twins can synchronise their efforts on one target at a time. A very useful way to kill while twinning was for each twin to get a Dragon dagger and both attack and use the special attack on a player at a time. This requires 60 attack. Sometimes twins will both wield Dark bows. They require 60+ Range to use. When both twins are attacking something at the same time, they can kill it within the first few seconds of combat.


Main article: Skill pure

A skiller is a player who does not train combat stats, but does work on other skills. Common skillers may be woodcutters, miners, fishers, etc. Skillers can also train Slayer and still not get combat levels. They normally do this with Rings of Recoil, experience lamps and books. They can also train Slayer with penguin points or Soul Wars.

Classic Pures

In the days of RuneScape Classic, the term "pure" was much more defined. 8 Magic or Prayer levels was equivalent to a single combat level.

Typical Low Level Pure

A typical classic pure was around 30-40 combat with 40 Attack, 1 Defence, 54+ Strength, 1-14 Prayer and 1 Magic. Many pure account makers would train on dummies in Varrock, causing their attack levels to rise, without the extra hitpoint levels (these accounts were given the name wined pure). Wined pures were very criticised, as many people believed that hitpoints were much more useful than the bonus strength they got in turn.

Plate Pure

In the days of RuneScape Classic, there were also a very rare breed of pures, named "Plate Pures". Plate pures were defined as pures that had 1 Magic, yet could wear a Rune Platebody. On RuneScape Classic, the only way to obtain the map piece from Wormbrain was to retrieve the map with Telekinetic Grab. These pures were very highly prized accounts, as they only possible way to obtain them, was from either:

  1. Originally when the quest was released, quest items were still tradeable, so some players would trade a map piece to an account they wanted to keep 1 magic on, thus allowing them to finish Dragon Slayer.
  2. The second way to obtain a plate pure was by trading RuneScape 2 items back to RuneScape Classic. Some people logged on to their RuneScape 2 account, killed Wormbrain, and grabbed the map piece on RuneScape 2. Jagex allowed 1 week for players to swap items from RuneScape 2 to RuneScape Classic, thus some people traded the map piece back to their RuneScape Classic pure.

They still exist, however most players won't admit that their account is a plate pure, because they enjoy the advantage of a rune platebody over a rune chain, while retaining the combat levels that would have been given to them because of 33+ magic.


Some players argue that because pures only work on few skills, they are weak in different aspects of the game. Other criticisms against low-level pures include the belief that making a skiller is seemingly pointless since they can do similar things on a player's main account. Also, many criticisms are directed towards the Ranged Pures, hence Ranging and Magic take the longest to increase a full combat level.

Many pures, due to the extremely competitive nature of player killing, may insult others, for example by calling them noobs. Sometimes they do it so much, it almost becomes a personality trait and is carried out of the wilderness and into the rest of their gaming life. This is where people often get the idea that pures are mean, disrespectful, selfish, etc.

For anyone who uses a more balanced character to make and give things to their pure fighter, attention must be drawn to Rule 8 of the rules section on

Rule 8.
You may create more than one RuneScape account, but if you do, you may not log in more than one account at any time, and they must not interact with each other in any way. This includes 'drop trading' or any other method of item transfer.

Summoning tank

Though Summoning tanks are considered a form of a Combat pure, the attack styles, skill affiliation, combat levels, and equipment notably distinguishes them. See Summoning tank for details.

See also

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ST Expanded

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A hybrid either describes:

  • The interspecies reproduction between two or more animals, alien races, or plants; or
  • The intraspecies reproduction between two or more races or ethnic populations within the same species.

As most humanoids share a common genetic ancestor, the ancient humanoids who seeded the Milky Way Galaxy with genetic material, interspecies reproduction can occur between many races. (TNG: "The Chase") Interspecies reproduction can be difficult between some species as not all species have their genitals in the same place. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Starfleet Academy offered an Interspecies Protocol course, and various doctors and scientists continuously researched the topic. (TNG: "Timescape"; VOY: "The Disease")

Hybridization is not without risk. Several anatomical, physiological and psychological abnormalities can occur. Kowalczyk's Syndrome affects the nervous system in hybrids from two or more telepathic species. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Through the Looking Glass") Vulcan hybrids could suffer from Vulcan Hybrid Societal Maladjustment Syndrome. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Bitter Sweet") They could also suffer Jaren's Hybridic Lupus, a manageable but incurable disease in the 24th century. (Star Trek: Liberty: "A Room of Her Own")

Some species are also nearly or totally incompatible. Interspecies reproduction between some races requires genetic engineering to assist the process. Without such assistance, reproduction between a Klingon and a Trill would be impossible. (DS9: "Tears of the Prophets") Bolians have very different blood chemistry than most other species, and extremely different blood chemistry than Vulcans. (VOY: "Prototype") Sexual relations between a Bolian and a human would have unfavorable symptoms for the human, including fatigue, nausea and joint inflammation. (VOY: "Life Line")

It can be assumed, and has been discussed in several Pocket Books novels, that a Vulcan-human hybrid would require at least some amount of genetic assistance, due to the incompatibilities between copper- and iron-based blood.

Genetic hybrids sometimes have heightened strength or senses, gaining the advantages of both parent species without most of their weaknesses. Occasionally, the opposite is also true. Attempts to create a breed of enhanced hyrbids were made by the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire in the 23rd century on the planet Chal. The result was a hybrid species called the Chalchaj 'qmey, or "Children of Heaven" in the Klingon language. (TOS novel: The Ashes of Eden) A century earlier, the Klingons experimented with human Augment DNA resulting in a viral mutation that effectively created a sub-species of human/Klingon "fusions." (ENT: "Affliction", "Divergence")

In addition to the potential physiological difficulties, some hybrids suffer from the cultural prejudices and taboos of their parents' societies. The hybrid children of Bajorans and Cardassians were often rejected by both sides, due to the strained relations borne from the Occupation of Bajor. (DS9: "Indiscretion", "Return to Grace")


Examples of hybrid humanoids



Kal-Dixas Spaceport

Star Trek: Black Hawk

  • The Cha'ouw race: Klingon/Romulan hybrids
  • Stormclaw: half-human, one-quarter Klingon, one-quarter Romulan

Star Trek: Daedalus

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier

Star Trek: Lambda Paz

Star Trek: Liberty

  • Sera MacLeod: half-human, half-Vulcan

Star Trek: Marine

Star Trek: Pendragon

Star Trek: Phoenix-X

Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions

Star Trek: Sigils and Unions Catacombs of Oralius

Star Trek: Zealous

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A Hybrid was an individual with parentage from more than one sentient species.



The Human species was able to interbreed with the Coynites,[1] Hamadryas,[2] Kalai—with the resulting offspring known as Lethagoe[3]Kiffar,[4] Nagai,[5] Sith,—though only through the use of Sith Alchemy[6]Theelin[7], Echani[8], Ferroan[9], and Miraluka[10] species; however, it was unable to inter-breed with the Qiraash, Rattataki, Umbaran or Anzati species without genetic manipulation,[11] or the Twi'lek[12][13] and Bothan[14] species. Other compatible hybrid combinations included Etti with Borneck.[15] Other incompatible combinations included Gotal and H'nemthe.[16]



Notes and references

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A hybrid was the result of interbreeding between two different species. It was more common to find hybrids of species that were genetically similar to each other than it was to find hybrids of incompatible species. Common hybrids included Theelin/humans, Near-human/humans, Zeltron/humans, and Sith/humans. Hybridism could be found in other species as well, but not to same extent.

Several conditions existed limiting the success of hybridization, most obvious being the genetic diversity between species. For hybrids of species that were more closely-related, the differences would have included changes in morphology, breeding, fertility, and physiological rejection of sperm cells or embryos. For hybrids of species that were vastly different, genetic defects would result and the offspring would most likely be infertile.

Known hybrids

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From Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki

Hybrid Monsters are colored dark green, not to be confused with Spell Cards. But like Fusion Monsters and Synchro Monsters, they may only be included in the Extra Deck, and cannot exist in the hand or Main Deck. If a Hybrid Monster is returned to its owner's hand or Deck, it is instead sent back to the Extra Deck.

A Hybrid Monster is a card that consists of 1 Monster Card and 1 or more Spell or Trap Cards. A Hybrid can only be Summoned by having the required Hybrid Material Monsters in your hand or field, and then activating "Molecular Fusion." Hybrids will always have an effect, usually a combination of the monsters and other Hybrid Material cards' effects. Hybrids are immune to the Spell/Trap Card that is the other Hybrid Material card. Hybrids were first introduced in the FTCG Booster Pack, DNA Experimentation.

A Few Examples of Hybrids Are:

Facts about Hybrid MonstersRDF feed

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