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A map of Hutt space.

Hutt Space was a region of the galaxy on the border between the Mid Rim and the Outer Rim Territories, near the entrance to Wild Space. It encompassed the Si'Klaata Cluster, and bordered on the Tion Hegemony. Hutt Space was named for the Hutt species, who dominated the region. Differing accounts attributed different numbers of planets in Hutt Space, but reasonable estimates range from a few hundred to a thousand inhabited worlds. The far end of Hutt Space tapered into The Maw.



Hutt Space was formed by the Hutts of the Hutt Empire in 25,200 BBY and Varl became the capital, for the next two centuries, they were the most powerful goverment in the Galaxy. Hutt Space was what remained of the ancient Hutt Empire, which existed in the times before Xim the Despot. The Hutt Grand Council controlled the region by overseeing the activities of the Hutt clans (kajidics) and their criminal syndicates. As a result, Hutt Space was not the most lawful place in the Galaxy.

When the Republic was formed, their dominace fell by the way side. Ten millennia during the Old Republic era, the Galactic Republic sheltered those who wanted protection against the Hutt Empire, away from Hutt Space.

Later, in 15,000 BBY, Varl was destroyed by a supernova and Nal Hutta became the new capital of Hutt Space/Hutt Empire. During the ninth millennium of the Old Republic (beginning in 15,000 BBY) Hutt Space was located on the popular Ootmian Pabol trade route, with Nal Hutta as the center and Nar Shaddaa by its side, thus began its affiliation with the Republic, in which its capital rivaled Coruscant as a centre of installer trade. However some time later the trade lanes shifted, to undocumented locations, thus all of Hutt Space began to fall into ruin and disrepair.

During the rule of the Galactic Empire, Hutt Space was reduced in size to what was called the Hutt Sector; it was governed by Moff Sarn Shild, and later by Moff Yref Orgege, though their authority was weak at best. The heart of the region contained the Bootana Hutta, the "Garden of Hutts", an area containing the various kajidic throneworlds. Even in the Empire's days, this area remained secretive to outsiders, who knew it only through rumors.[1]

From the fragmentation of the Empire to the Yuuzhan Vong War, Hutt Space seemed to have remain largely autonomous, and was sometimes still referred to as the Hutt Empire even during this period. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion in 26 ABY, Hutt Space was devastated in retribution for the Hutts' double-dealings with the Yuuzhan Vong and the New Republic.

The Hutt Empire was destroyed in the process and the Yuuzhan Vong Empire took advantage of power vacuum created by the Hutt Empire's demise. With the Yuuzhan Vong's defeat in 29 ABY, the Yuuzhan Vong abandoned all of Hutt Space leaving no one in control of the Oversector, thus it was in a state of anarchy for 11 years.

In 39 ABY, Hutt Space refused to join the Five Worlds and remained independent from both the Five Worlds and the Galactic Alliance. However in 40 ABY, when the Confederation was formed, Hutt Space joined the organization, and eventually the Hutts themselves joined the members of the Oversector during the great conflict.

By 137 ABY, a New Galactic Empire under the control of the Sith had userped control of the Galaxy. For unknown reasons, Hutt Space provided covert help to the Galactic Alliance Remnant, one of the new Empire's major opponents.





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