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The Hutet was the prototype vessel of the Cardassian Hutet-class dreadnought. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Over the Horizon")

The Hutet was part of the Eighth Shodar during the Battle of Guyra. At the start of the battle the Starfleet commanders considered that it was highly likely that Gul Deerjal had transferred her flag to the vessel.

Late in the battle the Hutet attacked Guyra III and was engaged by the USS Ambassador and USS Swiftfire-A. They were unable to prevent the Hutet from launching an orbital bombardment of the surface of Guyra III that saw the death of over 5,000 Federation civilians that were attempting to evacuate the colony.

The Hutet was able to critically damage the Ambassador causing it to crash on the surface of Guyra III. It also damaged the Swiftfire-A before it was driven away by Starfleet reinforcements.

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