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A large bird nicknamed the "Hurley Bird" has made two appearances in Lost. According to the producers' May 4th, 2007 podcast, it has a 16-foot wingspan and cannot be found living in Los Angeles.

While in the Dark Territory, Hurley saw a huge bird, convincing him that whoever came up with the name Dark Territory was "a genius". ("Exodus, Part 2")

Later, traversing through the jungle, Michael, Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley had a seemingly giant green bird swoop down over their heads that screeches what sounds like "Hurley." Hurley asked if the bird screeched his name and Sawyer replied, "Yeah, it did. Right before it crapped gold." Michael attempted to shoot at the bird, revealing that the gun Jack had given him was unloaded. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

According to the DVD subtitles, the bird's screeches say "Hurley" in both appearances.

After Sawyer escaped from his polar bear cage on Hydra Island, he ran past an aviary, possibly where the DHARMA Initiative kept the bird. ("A Tale of Two Cities")

Altjira, the australian aboriginal god of dreamtime


  • In Australian Aboriginal mythology, Altjira is the sky god of the Arrernte. He was the central god of the Dream time (called Alchera by the Aranda) who created the Earth, then retired to the sky. It is depicted as a large green bird with emu's feet, much like the one seen in "Live Together, Die Alone".
  • After Jin told Hurley a story in Korean while they were camping, Hurley said, "Dude, I love the part about the bird. It was a bird right?" ("Catch-22")
  • In the 3/20/08 Podcast, Prominent Lost writer Damon Lindelof does not want to comment on the significance of the Hurley bird
  • One form of the Egyptian god Horus is a green falcon. This fits with the Egyptian themes of the show.

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