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  1. Ask Zudash Dejarin about a place for the Sunspears to hide.
  2. Journey to Ronjok and ask Elder Jonah about a sanctuary for the sundered Sunspears.
  3. Speak with Guardsman Bahsi to gain access to the underground complex.
  4. Clear the area of monsters and establish a Sunspear Command Post.
  5. See Lonai for your reward.

Obtained from




Preliminary Dialogue (Sunspear Modiki)

"<name>! Thank the Five Gods you made it out alive! So few of us survived! Ahtok was killed in the assault, and Rojis, Koss, and Kormir are all missing and presumed dead. Nerashi got away with Lonai, but Lonai's nerves have been shattered. We must keep a low profile. Kournan troops are hunting for us everywhere!"
Player response: "Wait a minute. What happened to Koss?"
"After the demons attacked, he retreated from the city. The last anyone saw him, he was holding off a horde Kournan guards to give Nerashi time to escape! You won't be able to adventure with Koss again unless we find him!"
Player response: "This is horrible! What's our plan?"
"We can't use Yohlon Haven as a rally point; there are just too many Kournan patrols around. Nerashi headed north to scout other locations. Maybe you could check with Zudash Dejarin. He's a cranky, old merchant, and has no love for the Sunspears. But he may know a safe place to hide. I'll stay here and send any other Sunspears along."
Player response: "Sounds good. You never fight alone, Modiki!"

Initial Quest Dialogue

"Our assault on Gandara was thwarted by Varesh Ossa and that demon army she somehow conjured. But, all is not lost. We are regrouping. First, we must establish a base of operations here in Kourna. So, pull yourself together. You can't afford to grieve over the loss of Koss and the others yet. There will be time for that later. The sunspears need your leadership now.
Zudash Dejarin, a local merchant, may know a suitable place we can use as a command post. Can you consult with him while I tend to the other survivors?"
Accept: "Koss would want us to kick Varesh's butt for him. Yeah!"
Reject: "I'm going to hide under a rock for now."
When asked about quest: n/a

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Zudash Dejarin)

"Sunspears, eh? I heard about your debacle at Gandara. Varesh smashed your forces pretty good, and now you're scattered throughout Kourna. Poor, idealistic fools! You bring nothing but misfortune to all around you.
It would be best for us all if you were elsewhere. Let me think. I have an old comrade, Elder Jonah, who may be able to help you. He's in Ronjok. Go be his headache!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Elder Jonah)

"So you are the Sunspears who challenged Varesh? I'm not surprised Zudah [sic] fobbed you off on me. He's been bitter about Sunspears for years. But I'm afraid you cannot stay here, either. I put my village at risk simply by talking to you. Unless... Yes. I think I know the perfect place. There are some caverns behind the village. They were part of a temple complex once and flowed with sweet water, but they've since become overrun with vile creatures. Cleanse that place of its current inhabitants, and it will serve as a sanctuary for your group. Talk to Guardsman Bahsi. He will direct you on your way."

Intermediate Dialogue 3 (Guardsman Bahsi)

"Tread carefully. As Elder Jonah always says, we have more to lose than our hides if we don't do what is right."

Cinematic Dialogue

In Sunspear Sanctuary:

Melonni: "Praise Melandru! The purity of the water is restored!"
<party leader>: "And with it we gain a base of operations."
Tahlkora: "A place to rest."
Dunkoro: "A place to plan."
Melonni: "A place from which to strike back against Varesh!"

In Jahai:

Bayel: "General Morgahn."
Morgahn: "General Bayel. How goes the search for survivors?"
Bayel: "Those traitorous Sunspear dogs are scattered across Kourna! We are picking them off one by one!"
Morgahn: "Do you need any reinforcements from Jahai?"
Bayel: "Reinforcements? They are broken. No threat at all."
Morgahn: "No threat? I have always found the Sunspears to be very resourceful."
Bayel: "Don't worry, General. They have no place to hide, unless the ground itself swallows them up!"

Reward Dialogue

"This place isn't a palace, but at least we're safely hidden from Varesh's forces. We've set up a Command Post in the northern end where you can confer with your allies. With all of the events of the past few days, Kormir missing, and now being hunted by the Kournans, we'll need a strong new leader to guide us. It is only natural that you've ascended to this position. We must tend to the wounded now, but I've heard Nerashi has returned with word of Koss's fate. So much to do..."


The Great Escape


After talking to Zudash Dejarin, head to Marga Coast and follow the quest marker to the village of Ronjok, Melonni's birthplace. There, talk to Elder Jonah, who will direct you to Guardsman Bahsi. Guardsman Bahsi will offer a dialogue option that will teleport you to an explorable version of the Sunspear Sanctuary where you must defeat 5 groups of insects. They are easy to defeat for most groups, although be wary of the group that contains the boss Eshau Longspear. Although, that group has no Veldt Beetle Queen to heal its members, so it should be an easy win like the others. There are also several Bladed Veldt Termite patrols, which you do not need to kill to complete the quest.



  • After completing this quest you will be at Sunspear Sanctuary.
  • This quest allows Elonian characters to change their secondary professions and enter the Realms of the Gods. (This is the equivalent of Ascend in Prophecies and become Weh no Su in Factions.
  • Be sure to obtain the Bounty from the Wandering Priest at the resurrection shrine, found on your left after you enter the Marga Coast. With the blessing, you can kill an insect and get double experience points and 4 Sunspear Promotion Points. On the mainland, Kourna, all characters can now obtain bounties. (In the Nightfall Island province of Istan, advanced characters from Factions or Prophecies and higher-level characters from Nightfall were denied bounties.)
Image:Bug.png Bug! This quest is described (incorrectly) as being obtained from Zudash Dejarin in the quest log.
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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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Hunted is a TV ad, part of the Believe series and follows one Marine's story of fighting and hiding from Covenant forces. First aired on September 22, 2007, the video later appeared on the John-117 Monument flash site at on September 25, 2007.


In the video, an unnamed veteran UNSC Marine describes a harrowing night he and his unit spent out in a group of woods, as he walks through them several years later. Pausing to point out plasma scoring on a tree trunk caused by a Plasma Rifle, he then approaches a clearing where he and his unit hid throughout the night and described how they hid from the group of Covenant soldiers who were hunting them. The interviewer turns the lights of the scene off with the Marine's permission, and he describes the sounds of the Covenant forces moving through the woods.

He concludes the interview saying that during that night, his unit had no choice but to be still and quiet in the clearing, "and wait for Master Chief." After seven hours of hiding, the Chief finally showed up to rescue them.


Veteran: This was made by a Plasma Rifle.

Veteran: This is it. Right here. This is the spot. I bet I can remember every one of these trees.

Interviewer: How did your platoon get pinned down?

Veteran: We got word the Covenant was out here hunting us, and that Master Chief wouldn't be able to rendezvous with us dawn, so, we had to go dark.

Interviewer: Go dark?

Veteran: Uh, it's no helmet lights, no read-outs, nothing that would give away our position. Like rabbits down a hole. Invisible.

Interviewer: Do you mind if we turn the lights off?

Veteran: Okay, alright.

Interviewer: What happened then?

Veteran: (whispering) For seven hours, we couldn't do anything, but be still and listen to them hunting us. All we could do was sit... and wait for the Chief.


  • The veteran states that they couldn't do anything for seven hours, an obvious seven reference.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Boba Fett: Hunted

Elizabeth Hand

Cover artist

Peter Bollinger

Publication information


Release date

October 2003

Media type







Rise of the Empire era


22 BBY (2 months ABG)


Boba Fett

Preceded by

Maze of Deception

Followed by

The Clone Wars

Boba Fett: Hunted is the fourth in a series of young reader novels that chronicle the adventures of Boba Fett during the years between Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.


Publisher's summary

His first mission may be his last.

On the barren planet of Tatooine, young Boba Fett is surrounded by criminals, mercenaries, and thieves. In his quest to become a bounty hunter, he is searching out the greatest crime lord of all—Jabba the Hutt.

But Jabba the Hutt is not easily found…or easily impressed. When Boba finally tracks down the crime lord, Jabba has an offer for him: one assignment, one chance. He must capture a deadly bounty…or else.

It is the biggest test Boba Fett has ever faced—one that will determine his future.

Plot summary

Boba Fett is searching for Jabba Desilijic Tiure. Upon finding him he is hired along with Durge to take down Gilramos Libkath, wanted for stealing from Jabba and torturing children, including giving them devices that kill them if they ever leave Tatooine. Boba steals Libkath's hat while Durge opens fire on Libkath and shoots some crates which blow up taking out Durge, Libkath, and his droids. Boba gives Libkath's hat to Jabba to complete the contract.


By type
Characters Creatures Droid models Events Locations
Organizations and titles Sentient species Vehicles and vessels Weapons and technology Miscellanea



Droid models



Organizations and titles

Sentient species

Vehicles and vessels

Weapons and technology


Cover gallery

This is a gallery of the different cover variations of Boba Fett: Hunted.

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From TibiaWiki

Also called Player Hunt. When someone says you are "hunted", that usually indicates that they and/or some of their high-level friends will look for you and kill you whenever possible.

This usually arises from some kind of poor or inappropriate action on your part, but may not be for any specific reason. Most times, it is simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sometimes, people will say "You are hunted" just to intimidate you into giving them things or to make you leave an area. Be careful that you do not give anything away for no reason, but also be careful as you could actually get hunted!

The person who hunts someone generally asks for a payment. Generally 10k or equipment. So if you pay you won't get killed, or sometimes, if you pay, you can be killed and asked for another payment. There are many power abusers in all worlds.

To avoid being hunted, your best bet is to follow the suggestions for avoiding Playerkillers.

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Bumblebee to the rescue!

Published in: Transformers Annual 1986
Preceded by: And There Shall Come...a Leader!

N.B. No credits are given at all.


Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans
  • Doctor John Butler (1)


In a jungle in South America, a man has been on the run for days when he breaks his ankle. Suddenly, his pursuer reaches him—it is Ravage! The man hits Ravage with a branch, dislodging a small piece of metal, but is soon overcome. Ravage advances on him...

Bumblebee and Prowl have been left in the Ark to monitor human news reports for Decepticon activity whilst the other Autobots are out on a mission. Bumblebee is frustrated with being given a boring task instead of being in action. Suddenly, Prowl spots a news report about the man in the jungle being rescued. Prowl studies the image for ages and spots the piece of metal. He explains that the man is Doctor John Butler, a member of an expedition team that recently disappeared. But more importantly, the piece of metal comes from Ravage's hide, meaning the Decepticons are active in South America. Prowl tries to call Optimus Prime, but something is interfering with the radio transmission. Prowl is furious at the prospect of having to wait, but Bumblebee insists they must go to South America to stop the Decepticons. Prowl is concerned about their small numbers, even though Twin Twist and Top Spin are also aboard the Ark.

Later, Prowl finds himself in a jungle for the first time in his life, wondering how he let himself get talked into this. The four Autobots see an army roadblock, and despite Prowl suggesting going back, the Jumpstarters insist on going forward. The four Autobots transform to vehicle mode, and Twin Twist destroys the barrier with his drills as they speed through. They reach the clearing, and Prowl uses his sensors to track Ravage's exhaust fumes. After hours of working their way through the jungle, Bumblebee has fallen behind. A boa constrictor coils itself around him, but suddenly, the other Autobots arrive, and Top Spin stuns it with his blaster. The four Autobots continue onwards for days.

They come to a part of the jungle that has been cleared to make room for a building that Top Spin identifies as a replica of Megatron's fortress on Cybertron. Beyond, Prowl spots a mine shaft. The Autobots have no time to wonder what is being mined, as Megatron and Ravage emerge from the jungle. The Autobots hide, and Bumblebee uses his spying sensors to eavesdrop. He discovers that the Decepticons are mining for crystals not yet known to humans, crystals that Megaton plans to give artificial intelligence and use to create new Decepticons. The missing expedition team found the Decepticons by accident and were captured, though John Butler escaped, and clearly Ravage wasn't as efficient as he thought. The Autobots agree on the need to destroy the mine but get bogged down debating their strategy.

Bumblebee eavesdrops further and realises there is no time to wait, so he charges in. Starscream and Thrust start firing on him, and the other Autobots charge to the rescue. Suddenly, they find themselves gripped by fear—because Dirge has arrived! Prowl fights to overcome the fear and blasts Dirge with acid pellets. The Decepticon spirals out of control and crashes. The other Autobots attack the Decepticons, and Starscream is shot down. He hits the ground and destroys Megatron's mine in an explosion.

Megatron leaves but tells the Autobots he's planted a bomb in the fortress where the expedition team are still held captive. Bumblebee races in and frees the team. Together, they escape just before the bomb explodes. As Bumblebee rejoins the other Autobots, he feels a little ashamed by his rash actions, but there will be other battles with Megatron.


  • Topspin is called "Top Spin" throughout.
  • Top Spin is described as using "his drill" to clear a path through the jungle. It's Twin Twist who has the drills and used them earlier in the story. But to be fair, this is not the first time the two Jumpstarters have been confused.


As with many stories in this annual, it's very hard to place "Hunted!" in the continuity of the regular comic for sure. The story was written without consideration as to how and when several of the characters (Twin Twist, Top Spin, Thrust and Dirge) would be introduced. The Jumpstarters were never based on Earth at all in the comics. Additionally, by the time Thrust and Dirge arrived on Earth, Ravage and Starscream were out of action.

Items of note

  • The first illustration is of Ravage confronting John Butler. And guess which pose Ravage is in.
  • Prowl is able to identify a small piece of metal on a television picture as being from Ravage.
  • When trying to radio Optimus Prime, Prowl says "Autobot Prowl calling..." No one's told him that his name doesn't need this kind of protection.
  • It is never established what is blocking the radio transmissions or at which end.
  • All Decepticons emit exhaust fumes, and these can be tracked.

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