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Members only? Yes
Level 68
Runes 1 Astral, 3 water, 1 fire
Spellbook Lunar
Experience 65
Quest Dream Mentor
(plus Lunar Diplomacy)
Lectern None
A player casting the Humidify spell.

The Humidify spell will fill all empty water-carrying vessels in your inventory with a single casting, including Buckets, Fishbowls, Jugs, Vials, Watering cans, and Waterskins. You receive 65 experience regardless of the number of vessels you have filled. Fishbowls and watering cans are not tradeable if they contain water.

Players travelling in the desert may find this useful so they can refill their waterskins without cutting cacti. Farmers on Lunar spells also find Humidify useful when farming multiple allotments, and may use Cure Plant and Fertile Soil hand in hand.

Casting humidify can also be a good way of training magic while making a fair profit. This can be done by buying empty Vials from an NPC store such as the Shilo Village General Store or the Lunar Isle General Store and converting them into Vial of water. Players need a steam battlestaff for maximum effectiveness.

You can also use humidify to help save time when making Soft clay by having vessels in your inventory along with clay. Casting then turning the clay soft, this eliminates having to fill the vessels with water at a pump or well.

To maximise training with this spell it's best to use a Fishbowl and set it underneath the spell spot (as if you were high alchemising) and to use the "f1" and "f4" keys to switch back and forth between spell and inventory. This makes it extremely easy to empty the fishbowl (since it is a 1-click empty) and cast the spell. Doing this is cheaper than high alching, but you gain no profit. It is at the same speed as well as alching since both spells give 65 experience. When you first hear the sound effect, it means that whens all vessels will be filled. If timed correctly you can bank or train with the fishbowl with ease.

  • A note about the above method: Windows users can save their poor mouse's left click buttons by using a function known as MouseKeys. XP users follow this direction to find the menu: Control Panel -> Accessibility Options -> Mouse -> MouseKeys (turn it on). Vista users might have a harder time, but the process is best explained on the Microsoft website. What this allows a player to do is use the 5 key on their number pad as a left-click button. You can also set the mouse aside so the cursor doesn't slide around. It makes the process a little less painful.

Humidify costs 330 coins for each cast, or 211 coins if a Steam staff is equipped.

You gain/lose, using a water staff, 642 coin(s) per cast when using the spell to fill

and 680 coin(s) when using a steam staff to fill 27 Vials.


  • Using Humidify used to be a common spell used irrelevantly in the Soul Wars mini game, when it was first released, until Jagex fixed it that players trying to cast the spell receive the message: "You're here to crush souls, not to play with pretty clouds!"
  • Humidify will not fill a Bailing bucket.
  • Although you cannot cast Humidify in Soul Wars it is possible to cast it in Castle Wars by entering the portal with a filled water vial not an empty one.
  • Humidify can be cast inside Pest Control for the full 65 exp. One could do 50 damage and then cast humidify with a fishbowl to gain the normal magic exp and pest control points at the same time, which can be used on void knight armour or more magic exp.
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