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In Vana'diel, humans are called Humes, originating from the Bastok region but having spread to the farthest reaches of Vana'diel. The race is characterized by its equally balanced abilities, moderate intelligence, and high level of skill in numerous areas. This combination of traits has played a large role in Bastok's growth into a prosperous nation of technology and industry. The Hume race has balanced stats that make it able to play any job well, but not as well as one of the races that specializes in that job. The home kingdom for Humes is Bastok. Hume players starting there are given a Bastok Ring (+3 HP, +1 Dex, +1 Vitality).




Job Statistics

Race Comparison

  • HP: Galka > Elvaan > Mithra = Hume > Tarutaru
  • MP: Tarutaru > Hume = Mithra > Elvaan > Galka
  • STR: Elvaan > Galka > Hume > Mithra > Tarutaru
  • DEX: Mithra > Galka = Hume = Tarutaru > Elvaan
  • VIT: Galka > Elvaan > Hume > Mithra = Tarutaru
  • AGI: Mithra > Tarutaru > Hume > Galka > Elvaan
  • INT: Tarutaru > Hume = Mithra > Galka > Elvaan
  • MND: Elvaan > Galka = Hume > Mithra = Tarutaru
  • CHR: Hume = Tarutaru = Elvaan > Galka = Mithra

Plot Details


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