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Humbarine was an ecumenopolis planet in the Core Worlds and much like Coruscant, one of Core Founders of the Galactic Republic.


The world, and its sector, was named after the illustrious Humbar family.[3]

In the years preceding the Clone Wars, Humbarine was guarded by fleets of warships far larger and more powerful than the Acclamator-class Assault Ship.[1] Barrow Oicunn served in the local defense forces during the Clone Wars.[4]

The planet was left with inadequate defenses during the conflict,[4] which saw General Grievous leading Separatist forces in an hour-long bombardment from his flagship the Invisible Hand. This act completely depopulated the planet and melted its crust.[2]

Humbarine was abandoned as a lost cause when its sector was overrun with Separatist forces and its senator, Bana Breemu, lost her influence within the Senate.[5]

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Humbarine was a grand Core World founded in the beginning of the Republic. It was one of the core writers of the Constitution of the Galaxy.

It was later melted to slag during the Clone Wars by General Grievous and the Invisible Hand.

Humbarine was also home to one of the galaxy’s oldest working Atom Clocks, located in the Grand Capital Building. The clock, who only had one other surviving twin on Coruscant (two other existed, but broke and were never restored, they were on the planets Duro and Corellia) was worth its weight in gold to anyone who could reclaim it.

In about 31 ABY it was recovered and restored by a little-known smuggler named Regs Tii, who gave it to the Coruscanti Senatorial Hall, where it hung for eons.

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