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Hurley is Lucky

  • In the alternate timeline, the bomb destroying the pocket of energy altered the numbers so they are no longer cursed. This is why Hurley is lucky, and may also explain the other changes, like why Shannon was apparently not on the plane and why Charlie was in a bathroom behind Jack's seat instead of ahead of it.
    • It doesn't matter what happened according to the interference of the island, pre-crash, all things that have happened in the losties lives happened out of fate and not control, which is to say that Hurley is to always win the lotto whether he has the Valenzetti Equation or not, such as how Sawyer will always write the letter to the man that ruined his family, whether Jacob handed him a pen or not, and Cooper would have always pushed Locke out of the window rendering him paralytic, whether he was to walk again or not. The island only dictates what happens to them once they have entered it's realm, like drawing a hand in poker, you can't controll how the cards are delt to you, but once you have a hand, you mold it, adding and subtracting cards untill you fabricate them in your favor.
    • If the numbers were no longer cursed, why would he use the numbers. Leornard kept repeating them because, they were cursed. Maybe he used different numbers. But why would he win, again.
      • He won again because it was part of his path to win the lottery, regardless of where the numbers came from.
      • He didn't. He still won the lottery, but not by using those numbers. This is why he is not cursed.
  • It's possible that in the new timeline Hurley won with different numbers. If the island blew up the numbers never would have been transmitted, Leonard Sims never would have learned them, and so on. Just like in the alternate timeline all of the same things are happening, but there are subtle differences. Jack still ended up saving Charlie after he was choked to death, it just happened in a slightly different fashion. Jack and Locke ended up meeting, and I am willing to bet that Kate is going to deliver Claire's baby, just like she did in Season 1. Whatever Happened, Happened...
    • On Hugo being Lucky, he always was after winning the lottery yes bad things happened to those around him but nothing ever straight to him, I recall a scene when he is talking to his accountant, after his chicken place was destroyed, explaning that his stocks went up. So he could think he is lucky since only those around him have bad luck. Just an idea.
      • If Hurley is truly lucky in this timeline and is the owner of Mr. Clucks, then that would certainly mean that the meteorite never crashed into the Chicken Joint in this timeline. This begs the question: How did the swan station/island existing in the original timeline influence events of such epic scale? Certainly gives credence to a greater external influence sending the meteorite in the first place (God/Fate?).
        • So is Tricia Tanaka still dead?
          • Most likely not, unless it was somehow her destiny as Charlie's. On the same account, Hurley being so cheerful about his good luck, it's very likely that the accident were 4 people were killed because a pier crashed under Hurley's weight never happened and that he never was interned.
  • SCENARIO: Hurley won the lottery with the numbers. Tito died, the house caught fire, and all the other people known to have died still died. The only person hurt who was personally important to Hurley was Tito, and he was old and had a heart condition. Hurley flies to Australia to talk to Martha Toomey; when she tells him he makes his own luck, he listens. He comes to terms with all that has happened and can honestly say that he's the luckiest man alive. It's bland, but it a different world and Hurley's major problem is that an "unidentified company" is complaining about his use of "outback" in his advertising.
  • I don't know why everyone is assuming that Leonard heard the numbers after 1977. It could very well be that he heard it still, before the bomb went off, and the bomb going off changed the equation. Thus, the same numbers that Hurley would hear would not be 'cursed'.
    • I don't know how this would fit in, but Parallel Jack's row number was 24 instead of 23.
  • The character page for Leonard Simms reads that the listening post where he was stationed picked up the broadcast of the numbers in 1988.
  • Hurley never was cursed, he just thought he was. The house going on fire, the cops being called on him, his fast food restaurant blowing up, etc.--that's not bad luck. Someone or some group deliberately did these things to him. They were after him because of some connection to the Island. Now in the sideways timeline, the Island is underwater and under no control, and no one is after Hurley.
    • The meteorite that hits Mr. Cluck's is visible. Also, how does this theory account for Sam Tooney's bad luck? Or Hurley's grandfather's death? Or his sister-in-law leaving his brother? Plus the numbers showed up in the lives of a lot of Losties. Clearly the numbers hold real power.

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