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The elite and Johnson.
Hugging Sangheili
Biographical information


Date of death

September 2552

Physical description









N/A (appears to have lost it in combat)


Stealth armor (deactivated)

Eye color

Navy blue

Chronological and political information



The fan-named Hugging Sangheili can be seen in a special non-canon cutscene at the end of Halo: Combat Evolved by beating The Maw on Legendary difficulty.

A Stealth Elite is seen wrestling with Sergeant Johnson over an MA5B Assault Rifle. They abruptly end their fight when they hear a rumble and realize the nearby Pillar of Autumn is beginning to explode. Johnson then spreads his arms, saying, "Oh shi--" and then "This is it, baby. Hold me." Before the ship's reactor detonates, the Elite obliges and hugs Johnson.

The cutscene, while only viewable on the Legendary difficulty setting, is not considered canon in the Halo universe, since it was specifically made as fan-oriented humor. This contention is supported in the fully-canon novel Halo: First Strike, which states that Johnson and a few other survivors made it onto a Pelican just in time to escape the explosion, which throws the existence of this specific Elite into doubt.

According to Bungie members commenting on the Halo: Combat Evolved cutscene, its original concept did not involve the Hugging Sangheili at all; Johnson would be shown on board a Pelican dropship. It is assumed this was omitted so as not to demean Johnson's character.


  • The Hugging Sangheili's attempt to take the Sergeant's MA5B is unusual, as in several Halo novels it has been stated that members of the Covenant would rather fight unarmed than use human weapons. It is likely that the Elite simply wanted to disarm Johnson.


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