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Hudson Nuclear Power Plant

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Hudson Nuclear Power Plant
Hudson Power Plant

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The Hudson Nuclear Power Plant was designed to be the world's first completely safe atomic testing center. Physicist Martin Stein spearheaded the team that ultimately brought the plant online. Aiding him was an unscrupulous assistant named Danton Black. Black hated Stein and he began stealing the Professor's notes with the intent of publishing them under his own name. Stein discovered that Black was stealing equipment from the plant and promptly fired him. Danton swore revenge and plotted a means of bringing Stein to ruin.

Meanwhile, an anti-nuclear activist group known as the Coalition to Resist Atomic Power had plans of their own. Protester Eddie Earhart had garnered a reputation for himself by having his coalition speak out at various high schools and college campuses. Bradley High School student, Ronnie Raymond, joined the Coalition believing it to be nothing more than a harmless activist group. The Coalition's true motivations however, were much more insidious.

Eddie Earhart led his team into the Hudson plant with the intention of blowing it up. They raided Stein's office and knocked him unconscious. Ronnie Raymond realized that his new friends were really nothing more than terrorists and rebelled against them. Eddie Earhart knocked Ronnie out and left him to die inside the plant's reactor core, along with Stein. The activists then planted TNT explosives throughout the facility and vacated the premises.

Ronnie Raymond awakened in time to drag Professor Stein away from the power core. The bombs exploded and both men were bathed in deadly nuclear radiation. Rather than kill them however, the atomic blast fused them together into one composite being. This being, would later become known as the super-hero, Firestorm. What neither Raymond nor Stein knew at the time was that Danton Black was also present inside the plant when the bombs exploded. Likewise bathed in atomic radiation, Danton Black gained powerful fission abilities and took to calling himself Multiplex. Multiplex was destined to become one of Firestorm’s most troublesome foes.

Shortly after this incident, the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant was closed down. Professor Stein eventually returned to the labs and made certain that the reactor core was secured and that there was little chance of another meltdown. Although the plant was no longer a threat, its reputation as being the world's safest nuclear power facility was forever devastated.


  • The story of the Hudson Nuclear Power Plant destruction was written only a few short months prior to the infamous Three Mile Island power plant meltdown on March 28th, 1979.

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