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Hubris Comics terminal entries are a series of Fallout 3 terminal entries found in the Hubris Comics building in Washington, DC.




Hubris Comics Press Release

For Immediate Release:


The very best in Invincible Entertainment and Inpenetrable Vaults team up to bring comic fans a gripping grimoire of greatness!

From their headquarters in Washington, DC, Hubris Comics announced today plans to bring a beloved American Icon into the Hubris Comics Universe - none other than the beloved Vault Boy Character.

"Vault Boy was the perfect choice for our new Hell's Chain gang series", says Hubris Comics Chief of Publishing Peter Shiner, "In which those Valiant Vigilantes take on Chairman Cheng's Commie Cyborg Corps - after all, Vault Boy knows a thing or two about going up against that Red Menace!"

The five-part miniseries will feature an alternate future in which Chinese Communists have invaded America. Vault Boy and Hell's Chain Gang are the last, best hope for America to break free from the shackles of Communism in this cautionary tale of vigilance.

"It has always been Vault-Tec's mission to educate and protect our Countrymen from the Communist threat", commented Vault-Tec Public Relations Executive Joanne Strausser, "This exciting project is a perfect opportunity to thrill young Americans while sending home an important message for us all: Every good American must help shoulder the burden of freedom, and always be wary of the Communist Threat".

The first issue of this miniseries will be available on newsstands everywhere this Holiday Season.

About Hubris Comics
Hubris Comics, a branch of Hubris Publishing, headquartered in Washington, DC, has been producing printed entertainment since 2021. Hubris Comics are known for such popular properties as Grognak the Barbarian, Hell's Chain Gang, and The Inspector.

Beta Testing Notice

***Beta Testing Notice***

Ms. Granier -

Beginning Monday, members of the Grognak's Lil' Heathens Fan Club will begin visiting the offices to participate in beta-testing our Reign of Grelok software. Participants must fill out our participation agreement, and should be directed to the testing station fifteen minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. Just follow the main hallway all the way to the end and go through the door on your right. From there, the Beta Testing Area is just down the smaller hallway to your right.

Rebecca, a personal note - some members of the Fan Club may be a little... exuberant. We realize that you are not a baby-sitter, and appreciate the extra trouble you'll be going to this week. This beta test is very important to getting our Hubris Software venture off to a good start, so please do your best to keep things under control out front. You will be compensated at time-and-a-half for the week as a token of our gratitude for your trouble.

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 2077

"Requiem for an Antagonist"

Grognak the Barbarian is an excellent comic for many reasons, but one of the most widely-respected ones is the depth of its villains. From the cold-blooded manipulations of the Man-Saurian to the love-hate romance with Femme-Ra, the stories of Grognak's enemies are every bit as fascinating as his own tales.

But, for my money, no tale is more tragic and more fascinating than that of the AntAgonizer. While never developed as fully as major villains like Skullpocalypse or Mastadonald, the portrait of the orphaned girl raised by ants and instilled with a bitter hatred of humanity has tremendous potential for reader connection and possible redemption.

However, in "Grognak and the Ants of Agony," Mr. Neptura threw away all of that potential by simply treating the AntAgonizer as a two-dimensional villain with a futile and pointless grudge against mankind. His writing replaced her subtle undertones of lost humanity and tragically lost innocence with the worst sort of mustache-twirling cliched dialogue. It was an offense to a deep and tragic character.

How a hack like that continues to find work in comics is beyond my comprehension. Hubris Comics should fire him and return the series to the capable hands of Mr. Moorellis. Until that time, I REFUSE to buy another comic from what USED to be my favorite publisher!

Obsessed in Oakmont

Hubris Comics Publishing Schedule, Summer 2077

Hubris Comics - Summer 2077 Schedule
A Glorious Summer for Hubris and America!

Captain Cosmos: Truth, Justice, and the Space-American Way
Kid Wacky's Zany Hi-Jinks
Grognak the Barbarian: Revenge of the Man-Saurian
Tales from the Front: Alaska Unbowed

Grognak's Salute to the Troops
Tales from the Front: Liberated Canada
Captain Cosmos: Invasion of the Black Planet
Drake Tungsten, Chrono-Cowboy

Tales from the Front: the Red Terror
Underground Life: Vault-Boy Special
Grognak the Barbarian: An Axe For All Ages
Captain Cosmos: the Radioactive Space-Men from Space!

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