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A hovertank was a type of tank that ran on repulsorlifts, and was usually more heavily armed and armored than a combat landspeeder, such as the Flash speeder used by the Naboo Royal Security Force.




Clone Wars

Some models of hovertank were relatively fast and agile, such as the TX-130S fighter tank employed by the Grand Army of the Republic and the Ground Armored Tank used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems[1], while others were much larger and sluggish, but very powerful, such as the Dreadnought battle tank and the Protodeka.

Galactic Civil War

Other models included the HAVr A9 Floating Fortress that was utilized by the Galactic Empire.[2]

Colonel Zel Johans was the Commanding officer of the 112th Repulsorlift Armor Regiment known as the Hell's Hammers and was also instrumental in the development of the repulsortank and its deployment tactics in the Imperial Army.



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