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House Melantha
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House Melantha was coalition of noble families that ruled the Melantha Province, which was located in the Tapani Sector. The most famous member of the house was Shey Tapani, who united the Tapani Sector, and House Melantha ruled the sector for 16 generations. By the time of the New Order, House Melantha had declined, though it was still a force in Tapani politics, considered second after House Mecetti. However, under the leadership of High Lord Bal Jaset, a former advisor of Emperor Palpatine, House Melantha was closely allied with the Empire, and was believed to poising to take control of the Sector in the event of an Imperial occupation. It was rumored that Melantha provided several Dark Jedi, further drawing them into Palpatine's favor. The Covert Activities Cadre was formed to secretly advance the goals of the house.


Notable Members

Behind the scenes

  • Grand Admiral Grant was a member of the Tapani nobility during the Galactic Civil War. Although it is unknown which House Grant belongs to many have speculated that it was House Melantha because of their strongly pro-Imperial stance.


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