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House Beoulve appears in Final Fantasy Tactics. House Beoulve is a distinguished noble family who had served the kingdom Ivalice with loyalty and justice for generations, producing leaders of the Order of the Northern Sky.

Just prior to the beginning of the game, it consists of Barbaneth Beoulve and his four children; three sons and one daughter. His eldest son is Dycedarg, a prominent war leader and confidant to Duke Larg. Next is Zalbaag, also a war leader. His other two children are from a different wife of the commoner Lugria family. Ramza, the hero of Final Fantasy Tactics is the third child of Barbaneth, and the only girl Alma is the youngest.

House Beoulve has adopted Delita Heiral and Tietra Heiral, children of commoner lineage into the family, and had given them the privilege of learning in aristocratic schools, such as Delita in the The Akademy in Magick City of Gariland. Still, Delita and Tietra had to face the difficulties stemming from differences in rank and blood. Ramza and Alma, however, were supportive of their plight and had been their best friend since.

In the course of the story, Barbaneth succumbed to death, leaving his eldest son as heir to lead the House Beoulve. Ramza was fledgling cadet along with his childhood friend Delita.


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