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The Hourglass in Final Fantasy VII.

Hourglass is a recurring attack item in the Final Fantasy series. It usually is used to slow down or halt the enemy. More commonly there are two or three Hourglasses, titled Gold Hourglass, Silver Hourglass, and Bronze Hourglass. Each usually have a similar effect but with different strengths and targets.



Final Fantasy II

The Hourglass inflicts Stop on all enemies.

Final Fantasy IV

There are three types of Hourglass, all of whom give the Stop effect. The Bronze Hourglass only inflicts Stop for a short time, Silver inflicts Stop for a longer period, and the strongest, Gold inflicts Stop on all enemies.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The three types of Hourglass are reused in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years with little change to their effects.

Final Fantasy VII

The Hourglass inflicts Stop on all enemies.

Final Fantasy X

The Gold Hourglass inflicts damage on enemies and delays their next turn. The Silver Hourglass has the same effect but without dealing damage to the enemy.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Gold Hourglass delays the actions of all enemies. The Silver Hourglass has the same effect, but only works on a single enemy.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Gold Hourglass is an enemy-only skill that belongs to the Keeper and some other enemies in Brightmoon Tor. It attacks all opponents and inflicts Slow.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Both the Silver Hourglass and Gold Hourglass are accessories obtainable from the shop. The Silver Hourglass lengthens EX Mode duration by 10%, while the Gold Hourglass lengthens it by 20%.

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The Temple
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The Temple


The Temple is a mysterious structure on the Island that is approximately a day and a half walk from the Barracks. It is a place of special significance to the Others and is described by Benjamin Linus as a place of sanctuary. The Temple is surrounded by a massive, crumbling wall at a distance of about a half-mile. An extensive network of ancient tunnels and chambers exists beneath the Temple. One of these chambers in particular appears to have some connection to the Monster.

The Temple is located in or near an area of the Island referred to by Danielle Rousseau as "Dark Territory" - an area where the Monster is known to be highly active.



The origin and history of the Temple is unknown, although given the age of the surrounding wall, the hieroglypics and the inscriptions found within the chamber beneath the Temple it seems quite likely the Temple is of similar age to the Statue of Taweret. ("Dead Is Dead")

The DHARMA Initiative

Although located in "Hostile territory", it appears the DHARMA Initiative was certainly aware of the existence of the Temple. In 1977, the Initiative appeared to be conducting remote video surveillance of the Temple ruins from The Flame. Additionally the appearance of a distinct DHARMA logo designating the Temple's location on Ben's map suggests some DHARMA presence at the site. ("Namaste")  ("Through the Looking Glass")

An initial draft of The Truce makes a mention of both sides protecting "shrines and sanctuaries" on the Island which is likely a reference to the Temple.

Richard takes Ben into the Temple

The Others

The Temple appears to be a place of special significance to the Others. It is described as a place of sanctuary. Richard Alpert brought a young, dying Ben here to be healed at the spring in 1977. Richard describes that the process has side-effects: that young Ben will lose his memory and his innocence. "He will forever be one of us." It is implied both Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore are aware of the Temple.("Whatever Happened, Happened")  ("Dead Is Dead")

The existence of the Temple appears to be something of a secret even within the hierarchy of the Others, as not everyone was aware of its existence in 2004. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

The French Science Team

Not long after arriving on the Island in 1988, the French science team was attacked by the Monster. One of their members, Montand, was dragged a long distance through the jungle -- and down into a dark hole in the ground beneath the outer wall of the Temple, losing an arm in the process. Hearing his cries for help, the other members of the team, with the exception of Danielle Rousseau, descended into the darkness attempting to rescue him. It is not clear what happened to them beneath the Temple, although Danielle later attributes this encounter to the start of their "change" or contraction of the Sickness.

Several months later, a changed Robert claimed the Monster was a security system charged with guarding the Temple just before he was shot by Danielle. ("This Place Is Death")

In meeting the survivors some sixteen year later, Danielle describes the area where Montand lost his arm as "Dark Territory". She also describes the Monster as a security system for the Island. ("Exodus, Part 1")

Recent Events

Season 3

In "Left Behind" the Others abandoned The Barracks, traveling across the Island on foot to The Temple. In "The Brig" Ben tells Locke that they are "going to a new place. Well an old place actually". This is the first mention of the temple. At the conclusion of Season 3, Ben asked Richard to continue to take the rest of the group to the Temple while he and Alex attempted to intercept the survivors before their arrival at the radio tower. ("Through the Looking Glass")

The Temple on Ben's map

Season 4

With the imminent arrival of the mercenary team and fearing for Alex's safety, Ben directed Danielle Rousseau to take Karl and Alex to The Temple, describing it as possibly "the last safe place on this island." Ben gave Alex a map indicating the Temple's location marked with a unique DHARMA logo. When Karl asked if the other survivors could join them, Ben refused, stating that Temple was only for the Others. The significance of this statement or why he would permit Rousseau to accompany the two of them to the Temple is unknown. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Season 5

In 2007, The Smoke Monster, appearing as John Locke, brought Ben and Sun to Temple. Arriving at the outer wall, Ben told them the wall was originally built to hide the Temple from outsiders, and that the Temple itself was located half a mile inland from the barricade. "Locke" told Ben they were not going to the Temple itself, but were instead going underneath it—indicating the dark opening beneath the wall: the same opening the science team entered many years before.

Sun waited outside while the two of them descended into an ancient series of tunnels and chambers leading beneath The Temple. Becoming separated from "Locke" within the tunnels, Ben found himself in a chamber with a large central engraving depicting what appeared to be the Egyptian god Anubis confronting the Monster at that spot. Moments later, the Monster crept out of a vent beneath the engraving and surrounded Ben, displaying events from his past relevant to his relationship with his daughter, Alex. Moments later, the smoke retreated back into the vent, and the Monster appeared as Alex in the room with Ben. Tranquil at first, she slammed Ben into a pillar and told him she knew Ben was intending to attempt the murder of Locke again. She then cautioned him against this, threatening to destroy Ben. "Alex" made Ben promise to follow "Locke's" every word before releasing him and vanishing mysteriously. ("Dead Is Dead")

Later, Richard reveals to "Locke" that a second group of Others were at the Temple at that time. ("Follow the Leader")

Season 6

Acting on Jacob's orders, Hurley, Jack, Kate and Jin take an unconcious Sayid to the Temple to heal him. Attempting entry via the tunnel system, they are captured by the Others and taken before their leader, Dogen. The Others are on the verge of executing the four of them, when Hurley saves the day by announcing that they were sent by Jacob. Reconsidering after finding Jacob's message, the Others bring Sayid into springs within the Temple. Dogen is surprised to find that the waters in the springs have gone dark. Despite this, Sayid carried down into the pool and forcibly submeged by several of the Others. At the same time, Dogen produced and hourglass and flipped it over to begin running. Reviving in the pool below and thrashing violently, Sayid was held beneath the surface water until the grains of the hourglass ran out. Motionless on being removed from the water when the time in the hourglass expires, he is pronounced dead. Jack briefly attempts to administer to him unsuccessfully -- believing his friend is gone.

A short time later Sawyer and Miles are brought into the Temple, having been caught out in the jungle by the Others. In talking to Hurley, Dogen is horrified to hear the news that Jacob is dead and immediately sounds an alarm. The Others leap into action, appearing to be securing the Temple against imminent attack. Dogen orders guards to their positions along the walls. A line of ash was drawn across the entrance of the Temple and the door barricaded, campfires were extinguished and a flare-rocket launched into the sky - while the survivors from 1977 watch with bemusement, not understanding what is happening. Lennon explains to Hurley, that they are not being locked in, they are attempting to keep "him" out.

Later, Lennon appears requesting to speak with Jack in private. Jack resists and begins fighting with several of the Others, but the conflict is cut off short when Sayid sits up, apparently very much alive. Sayid pauses, seeming confused, and asks "What happened?" ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")


Jin discovers the wall around The Temple.

The Outer Wall

Main article: Temple Wall

The Temple Wall is built at a distance of about a half mile around The Temple. Ancient, crumbling and overgrown, the exterior of the wall is adorned with hieroglyphics appearing similar to those found on other ancient ruins across the Island. These hieroglyphics in some places appear rudely carved over otherwise delicate and intricate decorations in the stonework. Ben indicated the wall's function is to keep outsiders from seeing or approaching the Temple. The wall has at least one stone door allowing access to the interior.

At one location along the outer wall, near a corner, is a large opening leading downwards into a series of tunnels beneath the Temple. This opening has existed since at least 1977. ("Whatever Happened, Happened") In bringing Sayid to the Temple to be healed in 2007, Jack, Kate, Jin and Hurley found the skeleton of Montand lying near the opening. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")

The Temple

Surrounded by jungle, the Temple stands at the center of the mile-wide circle created by the outer perimter wall. It is an immense ancient stone ziggurat of some five tiers standing at one of a large pool. Based on the height of the figures near the entrance, the structure is perhaps some sixty to seventy feet high. The Temple appears to have one main entrance and two small alcoves on either side containing Buddha-like statues seated in a cross-legged position. Above the main entrance a very steep stairway ascends to a dark doorway in the final tier high above. The structure is slightly overgrown with vines hanging down in numerous places.

Opposite the main entrance, several small steps lead down into the outer pool.

Temple Courtyard

The main entrance of the Temple appears to provide access to some type of corridor passing completely through the ziggurat and emerging through a door into an adjoining courtyard structure on the far side. This courtyard appears to be a central living area for the Others inhabiting the Temple. Several doorways disappear into adjoining stone buildings and a large steep stairway ascends through the tiers up the rear of the ziggurat from here. Close to the ziggurat is a large metal gong suspended from a post.

The Spring

The dark spring inside The Temple.

On passing through an arcade at the far end of the courtyard, a door gives access to a large chamber containing a bubbling spring of water set into the floor. Several stone stairways descend into the water below. Numerous hieroglyphics cover the columns of the arcade and at least one of the stairways. On bringing Sayid here to be healed in 2007, Dogen and Lennon were surprised that the water in the pool had turned dark.

The spring itself appears to have healing effects although, as described by Dogen, there can be risks. On one side of the pool is a short pedestal atop which sits an ornate hourglass which is usually kept covered. It appears the healing process requires the patient to be forcibly held beneath the surface of the water until the sands of the hourglass expire - and they will either drown or survive and be healed of their wounds. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")

Richard Alpert previously indicated that there may be other side-effects as well to the healing process. In taking young Ben to the Temple to be healed in 1977, he told Sawyer and Kate that the boy would lose his memory and innocence - and that he would always be "one of us." ("Whatever Happened, Happened")

Dogen's Garden

Located somewhere else in the Temple compound, Dogen appears to occupy a sizeable stone chamber lit by oil lamps and daylight filtering down through openings in the ceiling. The room seems to be dedicated to the careful cultivation of small potted plants or herbs - which cover several shelves, racks hanging from the ceiling and a large table in the middle of the room. Other dried herbs hang over a stone bench nearby.

Beneath the Temple

An extensive network of ancient tunnels and chambers on at least two levels exists beneath the Temple which were first seen in "Dead Is Dead". There are at least two known entrances to this maze-like area: a large opening leading beneath the Temple Wall and a second passage leading to the surface inside the perimeter wall. This second passage is closed by two heavy wooden doors. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2") These passages are similar in design and are linked with The Tunnels located beneath The Barracks - a journey said to take a day and a half traveling above ground.

The mural from the Cerberus chamber [1]

The Cerberus Chamber

A large central chamber, located somewhere deep beneath the Temple. The high ceiling is supported by four columns covered in ornate hieroglyphics. Central at one end of the room is a large stone engraving of The Monster and the Egyptian god Anubis. Beneath the carving lies a large angled stone slab perforated with a myriad of tiny holes. This slab forms a vent allowing the Monster access to the chamber.


  • The Truce stipulated that the DHARMA Initiative entering or violating any ruins on the island was a violation.
  • In the Official Podcast for "This Place Is Death", the producers confirmed that the walls seen in the episode were merely an outer perimeter, and that one would need to hike past the walls to reach the actual Temple itself. They also referred to the area where the monster dragged Robert as 'the declivity of the Temple wall'. [1]
  • The blast door map drawn by Kelvin and Radzinsky made several references to a "Cerberus vent". ("Lockdown")
  • The set up of the Temple compound is similar to the description of the temple compound of the Egyptian god Set.
  • The inhabitants of the Temple all appear barefoot, much like the deceased Jacob. This is also in keeping with their previous ragged appearance in Season Two.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: The Temple/Theories
  • Who built the Temple, when, and why?
  • How were the Spring's healing properties discovered?
  • Why does the Temple have its own DHARMA logo on Ben's map?
  • What happened to Rousseau's team underneath the Temple?
  • Why do the Others feel it is important to keep outsiders from seeing the Temple?
  • How does the Temple provide sanctuary?
    • Why does Ben state that the Temple is only for the Others?
  • What is the Monster's connection to the Temple?
  • Why did the spring change color?
  • Why does the process of the healing spring cause a loss of memory?

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  1. Grobler, Zach. (2009) Enter: The Tunnels. Lost: The Official Magazine. 25:28-31.

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A detailed image of the Hourglass

The Hourglass is an item needed to be found on the shelves and then relocated to the fishtank in the 2007 Halloween event.

It also appears in the Recruitment Drive quest as an "examination" testing patience. Players should not try to pick it up as you will fail the examination and you will have to start all over again.

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