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Up to date as of February 01, 2010

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Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that allow the user to perform various actions in the game without using the mouse or using menus.

A partial list of default hotkeys for English keyboards appears below. You can customize your hotkeys in the in-game options menu (F11) on the Control tab. There are many additional commands that you can set to a hotkey that are not mapped by default.

  • ` or ~ - Toggle the chat window
  • 1-8 - Activate skills 1-8 on your Skill Bar
  • Enter - Activate text-entry mode for chat in last-used channel, or send message if already in text-entry mode
  • ! (shift + 1) - Same as Enter, but activates Local channel
  • @ (shift + 2) - Same as Enter, but activates Guild channel
  • # (shift + 3) - Same as Enter, but activates Team channel
  • $ (shift + 4) - Same as Enter, but activates Trade channel
  • % (shift + 5) - Same as Enter, but activates Alliance channel
  • " (shift + ') - Same as Enter, but activates whisper channel
  • ; - Target item
  • ' - Target self
  • [ - Target previous
  • ] - Target next
  • B - Observer Mode
  • C - Target Nearest Enemy
  • V - Target Nearest Ally
  • F - Target Self
  • G - Guild panel
  • H - Hero Panel
  • I - Inventory panel
  • K - Skills and Attributes panel
  • L - Quest Log
  • M - World Map
  • N - Friends panel
  • P - Party Search panel
  • R - Auto-run
  • T - Select called target
  • U - Mission Map
  • X - Reverse Direction
  • Z - Reverse Camera
  • F1-F4 - Switch to Weapon Sets 1-4
  • F5-F8 - Select specific bag on Inventory panel (opens Inventory if not already open)
  • F9 - Inventory Bags panel (shows all bags at once without the paper-doll section)
  • F10 - Help panel
  • Space - Equivalent to double-clicking the highlighted target
  • Shift+click - highlight target without performing any action
  • Ctrl+action - Calls the action in the team chat window
  • Ctrl+Shift+H - Toggle the User Interface. Useful for taking multiple UI-free screenshots.
  • Shift+Printscreen - Makes a screenshot without the User Interface (equivalent to "Ctrl+Shift+H, PrintScreen and Ctrl+Shift+H")
  • Shift+F10 - FPS graph


  • If using a Windows operating system, be aware of your settings for "sticky keys" as they will affect in-game hotkeys - for example, "sticking" the Shift key will cause keys 1-4 to open Chat instead of activating skills.
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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Shortcut keys are keys assigned to perform specific tasks quickly in place of mouse clicks or a longer series of keystrokes. The following keys or key combinations are assigned the following functions in the Runescape user Interface.

The "F" keys are found at the top of most 101 key keyboards, and are numbered F1 through F12

Key Function
F1 Switch to the Inventory (backpack) Menu in the lower right Game control window.
F2 Switch to the Worn Equipment Menu in the lower right Game control window.
F3 Switch to the Prayer Menu in the lower right Game control window.
F4 Switch to the current Spellbook or Summoning screen in the lower right Game control window.
F5 Switch to the Attack Style Menu in the lower right Game control window.
F6 Nothing.
F7 Nothing.
F8 Nothing.
F9 Answer to a Quick Chat phrase or question said by another player.
F10 Quick chat (area specific) options display in the game message box below the main screen.
F11 Repeat last Quick Chat dialogue
Insert Switch to the Clan chat Menu in the lower right Game control window.
Ctrl When held down and the mouse is clicked on the main screen or in the Minimap window, Run is turned on for that movement only.
Up Arrow Pan the camera up and overhead, looking down
Down Arrow Pan the camera down, looking horizontally
Right Arrow Pan the camera to the right, rotating on the player character
Left Arrow Pan the camera to the left, rotating on the player character
Esc Close the Quick Chat dialogue box and return to the regular game messages
Alt-F4 Close browser window
NOTE: <ALT-F4>, <CTRL-F4>, <ALT-ESC> and <CTRL-W> immediately logs you off Runescape, even if your character was in combat. The combat continues, and if the monster dies any monster drops are immediately available to other nearby players.

If you die from the combat, you drop all your items under a Gravestone, based on the rules for items carried and for your current location, and when you will log back in you will be at your respawn point (Lumbridge, Falador, or Camelot). An update has made it so that gravestones will not disappear when you log out, however the timer will still run.

Otherwise, you will log back in to the location where you were standing when you logged off using <ALT-F4>, <CTRL-F4>, <ALT-ESC> or <CTRL-W>.

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From TibiaWiki

Hotkeys allow you to speak, cast spells, or use runes or items by simply pressing one button. You can assign hotkeys to every "F"(unction) key at the top of your keyboard.

Ever since the Update 7.8, hotkeys can also be used to use items. For example, you can drink a manafluid, eat a ham, use a healing rune on yourself or SD your target using hotkeys. The items used in this process don't have to be visible in an opened backpack, as long as you carry them with you you'll use them.


Client Shortcuts

Note that shortcuts with a (*) are not shown in the official manual.

Text Editing

Ctrl+C Copy the selected text into the clipboard.
Ctrl+X Cut the selected text and put it into the clipboard.
Ctrl+V Paste text from the clipboard to the current cursor position.
Ctrl+A Mark the whole text in the current entry field.
Scroll up or down text you have previously.
You can position the cursor in the message line.


Tab /
Switch between channels.
Ctrl+D Switch to the default channel.
Ctrl+O Open a new channel.
Ctrl+E Close the current channel.
Ctrl+M Show server messages in the current channel.
Ctrl+I Open the ignore list.

See also: Chat Commands.

Help and Report Functions

Ctrl+H Get online help for the client.
Ctrl+T Open the Help Channel to get help by tutors.
Ctrl+R Send a rule violation report to the gamemasters.
Ctrl+Z Bug Report (only tutors/senior tutors/gamemasters).
Ctrl+Y Name Report (only tutors/senior tutors/gamemasters).
Alt+F8 Show current framerate (frames per second) without having to open the options panel. (*)


Alt+Home/End Zoom the automap in or out.
Alt+Cursor Keys Scroll on the automap.
Alt+Page Up/Down Switch the automap to a higher or lower floor.

Control Buttons

Esc Stop any character action.
Ctrl+Q /
Log out from the game.
Alt+F4 Try exit game. (*)
Ctrl+G Log out and switch to another character of your account.
Ctrl+P Open the VIP list.
Ctrl+B Open the battle list.
Ctrl+S Open the skills window.
Ctrl+K Assign texts, spells or actions to hotkeys.

Game Window

Ctrl+W Remove statements from the game window.
Ctrl+N Hide the names and the status bars of the creatures on the game window.
Ctrl+F / Alt+Enter Switch to fullscreen mode or back to windowed mode.
Ctrl+Left/Right Click
(Classic Control off)
'Use' or 'Open' any item, container or object.
Right Click
(Classic Control on)
'Use' or 'Open' any item, container or object (*).
Shift+Left/Right Click
(Classic Control off/on)
'Look' at any item, object, monster, NPC or character.
Cursor Keys Walk (not diagonally).
Numpad Cursor Keys
(Num Lock off)
Walk (also diagonally).
Shift+Numpad Cursor Keys
(Num Lock on)
Walk (also diagonally) (*).
Ctrl+Cursor Key Change the direction your character is facing.
Ctrl+Moving stacked items The whole stack will be moved at once.
Shift+Moving stacked items You will only move one stacked item at a time.
Alt+Left/Right Click
(Classic Control off/on)
Start or to stop an attack to a monster or character.
Right Click
(Classic Control on)
Start or to stop an attack to a monster or character. (*)


Shortcuts List
How to Write Messages
Help and Report Functions
Basic Controls
Moving Your Character
Moving Items

Hotkey Template

Below is a template that you can print, cut-out and place above your keyboard as a quick reference. It has places for you to write in the hotkey assignments you have. NOTE: Be sure to print it in "landscape" instead of "portrait", or you will not print the entire table.

If you are having trouble finding places to fit all of your hotkeys, the different vocation pages (Druid, Sorcerer, Knight, Paladin) have some ideas that might help.

Note: Use the printable version to print it if you wish, since this is only a example on how the hotkey template look like.

Healing/Support Attack
F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12
Mana Potion Light Healing Intense Healing Ultimate Healing Energy Strike Flame Strike Death Strike Ice strike Haste Levitate Up Invisible Magic Shield Standard
SHIFT+ Cancel Invisibility Antidote Find Person Creature Illusion Terra Strike Fire Wave Energy Wave Energy Beam Strong Haste Levitate Down Magic Rope Summon Creature Powerful
CTRL+ Destroy Field Magic Wall Desintegrate HMM GEB Hell's Core Rage of the Skies Sudden Death GFB Explosion Stalagmite Wild Growth
Missing Spells:
Missing Runes:

Click here for a printable version.

Client Features: Game Window | Automap | Console | Inventory
Windows: Battle | VIP | Skills

Miscellanous: Quest Log | Framerate | Hotkeys

This article uses material from the "Hotkeys" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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